похудение во время сна

To grow thin in dream - who does not dream of it? About a half of Russians is dissatisfied with the weight. They with pleasure would become more slender. And there was dream of weight loss during dream. Good news to these people: it is not dream, our organism really burns at night fat and therefore weight loss in dream — at all not utopia.

But nevertheless, needless to say, excessive and undesirable fatty deposits in our body do not disappear only thanks to dream, and we do not become that harmonous. Unrealizable dream of many: to fill in the evening the paunch to dump different delicacies, and then to go to bed with hope to wake up in the morning harmonous and beautiful.

And nevertheless the one who pays attention to the biorhythms eats and lives according to them, can really grow thin in dream to reach thus desirable ideal weight and according to the status "harmonous".

Symmetry thanks to dream

While we have a rest at night in dream to receive new charge of energy next day, our organism works. Cages are cleaned, under repair, and also are formed again, toxic agents are filtered, removed outside, the lymph flow accelerates and pulls thus connecting fabric. For all this our organism, naturally, needs energy. And this energy, just to us on advantage, it takes from the available fats. At the same time, however, it is very important that he really could be engaged in it. Our organism needs for this purpose sufficient dream (at least 6, and ideally 8 hours).

Also important: it is necessary to reduce load of our gastrointestinal tract. The organism should not be occupied in addition with digestion and processing of food. And only in this case combustion of fats will become optimum at night, and process of cleaning of organism will be able to reach the highest heights, and we will slim in dream. This positive effect can be supported by own way of life. It is much easier for the one who watches own inner clock to grow thin.

Insulin separate food and weight loss

Инсулиновое раздельное питание и похудение Presently brisk discussions about interrelation between biorhythms and combustion of fats in dream are conducted. Nutritionists and sports scientists recommend so-called insulin separate food which in combination with sufficient dream, and also the daily movement can lead to desirable results in weight loss.

Insulin is hormone which can activate combustion of fats and manage of Insulin is also responsible for transportation of nutrients in cages for their further use in obtaining energy. If the cage has received enough nutrients now, then all remains of these substances will remain for a while in blood. Now the pancreas starts over again producing insulin - up to triple weight.

But as our cages have in it no requirement any more, the available insulin is laid in the form of fatty tissue. Eventually, it can lead to excess weight and even to diabetes. From this conclusion follows that it is necessary to avoid daily work of pancreas at full capacity.

Therefore, by means of insulin separate food it is possible to achieve supply of organism only with that energy which it needs at present. During the day it is carbohydrates, and at night - fats. Thus our organism will be able to work in the best way, providing us desirable combustion of fats at night and, respectively, weight loss in dream.

Food and sport in due time

In order that insulin separate food brought benefit, it is necessary to adhere to the accurate schedule in what time of day what foodstuff approaches. Besides, the movement plays crucial role in becoming harmonous. Three meals a day with the minimum interval between meals of 5 hours are taken into account.

Small snack at such food are not allowed as the pancreas at this intermediate meal will have to work again, and the level of insulin will not decrease. The one who at the same time feels hungry should drink cup of green tea as it gives the additional dehydrating effect. Besides, green tea reduces cholesterol level.

For breakfast everything is allowed, except the products supporting squirrels - such as cheese, sausage, yogurt or eggs. It is important that the breakfast was saturated and containing enough carbohydrates which our organism will be able to transform to energy for the first half of day.

At midday use combination from carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

In the evening fish, salad, and also crude food are ideally suited. In the evening, at insulin separate food, under absolute prohibition there are potatoes, noodles, rice, generally all that contains many carbohydrates.

Sport and the movement are also very important: in the mornings training on endurance, and in the evening - training is ideally suited for development of muscles.