Bread - important component of diet

Хлеб - важная составляющая диеты

The major food product is bread which takes the special place in diets. It is impossible to imagine without it food allowance both the person healthy, and the patient. Not without reason the national saying says: "Bread – to all the head". It has property, quite rare for foodstuff, – it never bothers, does not become boring and therefore it can be used in daily diet.

Variety of products from bread allows to apply them in diets, not only considering useful properties and chemical composition, but also flavoring advantages of different grades of bread.

As foodstuff, bread is rich with carbohydrates. Bread is also important source of vegetable protein (on an equal basis with grain, potatoes, bean) which contains a number of necessary amino acids (methionine, lysine, threonine). In white bread of protein it is more, than in rye.

Also, bread – the daily supplier irreplaceable to organism of mineral substances – calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins of group B, iron, vegetable cellulose.

Rye bread has smaller caloric content and its thicket should use, than wheat to people of advanced age and those who is inclined to completeness. At the same time bread from grubopomoloty flour is very useful. The matter is that the composition of vitamins, salts of minerals, vegetable cellulose in bread depends on grade of flour of which it is made. In rye and white bread from grubopomoloty flour there is more cellulose, mineral substances and vitamins. In bread from tonkopomoloty flour of these elements it is less.

In what bread there is more advantage?

Rye bread which is made from grubopomoloty flour is very useful to many healthy people. In medical foods and diets physicians use this bread at extra kilos of patients and locks more often.

Of course, it is necessary to take into consideration that rye bread cannot be applied at exacerbation of stomach ulcer and duodenum, chronic gastritis and at many other diseases when this bread is badly perceived by organism. At the same time also cookies are possible only bread from wheat of baking of previous day or slightly dried, crackers lean.

The choice of dietary types of bread which is intended for prevention and treatment of some illnesses, constantly grows.

Small loafs doctor's bake of the premium of wheat flour with additive of wheat bran (20%). In their structure there are many vitamins. They are intended for people of advanced age at diseases of atherosclerosis, hypertensive illness, at locks.

Bakery products with sea cabbage and fosfatidny concentrate are necessary for medical and preventive foods at diseases of heart and vessels, and also for people of advanced age.

Grain products with the lowered acidity are shown those who has gastritis with the increased acidity of gastric juice.

Crackers from wheat are important product for many diets. Crackers give in to influence of gastric juice better, are digested rather and are more simply acquired by organism, unlike fresh bread. In this regard physicians recommend lean wheaten crackers at problems with stomach and intestines, especially when for digestive organs the sparing mode is necessary (at exacerbation of chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer, colitis).

That who needs the strengthened food, recommend rich crackers from wheat flour of the premiums with additive from fat, eggs, sugar. In their structure there are a lot of digestible carbohydrates and they are much caloric. So, for example, in 100 g of creamy crackers 397 kcal contain.

In theories, bread it is possible to exclude all from food. But, in this case it is necessary to take care of that the organism had all those important elements which are contained in bread from other products.

In practice, as usual, doctors do not advise completely to carry corn from food. At the expense of bread the human body somewhat makes up for the losses in mineral salts, such as, salts of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron.хлебная диета In its structure not only carbohydrates, but also important proteins on the amino-acid structure. In the rye bread made from grubopomoloty flour there are a lot of vitamins of group B.

People who are inclined to completeness at application of diets at first need to refuse sweet – candies, cakes, cakes, jam. The amount of the eaten bread is possible 2-3 pieces a day, and better rye.