польза кефира

One of products on the basis of which the balanced food allowances are under construction is kefir. The reasons of it are not accidental. The demand of kefir is caused, in addition to its fine nutritiousness, also unusual medical qualities. Extraordinary useful properties of kefir root in the process of formation of kefir of milk.

The technology of kefiric production is concluded in milk souring by introduction of special microorganisms – yeast and lactic bacteria. Process of transformation of milk into kefir approximately such is. Milk proteins are split by bacteria to the lactic acid which is easier acquired by organism and serving as nutrient for barmy fungi. Barmy fermentation leads to formation of alcohol and release of carbon dioxide, in easy degree of irritating stomach wall that involves strengthening of gastric sokoobrazovaniye and increases intensity of secretion of digestive enzymes. Working jointly, barmy fungi and lactic bacteria destroy large molecules of milk protein. Therefore in comparison with whole milk kefirs are acquired several times quicker.