Kallanetika for weight loss

калланетика для похудения
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For anybody not secret that each representative of fine half of mankind dreams to have beautiful figure. All nutritionists for achievement of the best result in fight against extra kilos recommend not only to adhere to special food allowance, but also to be engaged in fitness. But, unfortunately, not all suit aerobics, shaping or power loadings, and occupations kallanetiky in that case will be quite pertinent.

Kallanetika is special system of the stretching exercises for all deeply located groups of muscles which causes improbable working activity of muscles. It is some kind of slow slow gymnastics giving enormous static load. Only one hour of occupation kallanetiky on the load of organism and overall effectiveness is equal to seven hours of shaping or twenty four hours of usual aerobics. Each exercise of kallanetika is developed in such a way that simultaneous loading is received at once by all muscles of body.

Kallanetika can become favourite type of fitness for those who prefer measured, thoughtful and quiet occupations to dancing and mobile techniques, mobile and difficult concerning coordination. Such program of trainings as kallanetika, promotes creation of harmonious balance between reason and body, allows to take good physical shape and to avoid injuries, develops ability of the person to concentrate on itself.

By means of occupations kallanetiky it is quite real to achieve the following:

  • to reduce body weight and to reduce its volumes in desirable places
  • to completely recover metabolism (and it will promote maintenance of the necessary weight)
  • to learn absolute possession of the body
  • to bring into necessary tone and to strengthen muscles

Kallanetika is the complex consisting of 29 static exercises which are based on yogic asanas. Such unusual complex allows to train all parts of body which demand improvement: hips, buttocks, hands, forearms and shoulders, abdominal tension, back. This system of not power extensions is considered in the good way to correct figure, to give symmetry and elasticity to the most "problem" places.

Kallanetika is often called by "special gymnastics of inconvenient poses". And this expression really has justification: during occupations poses are accepted and the movements which nobody ever executes in everyday life become. These poses also promote training of muscles which have got used "to sleep". And the beautiful figure is created at those moments when all muscles are put into operation. It is impossible to improve, for example, shape of breast if not to train pectoral muscles, but any woman does not use these muscles in usual life – therefore, they do not train in any way. In the same way it is impossible to create slender waist if not to strain stomach muscle. And it is enough such here "sleeping" muscles at each woman. It is enough to put all muscles into operation – and magic changes will not keep themselves waiting long.

If the part of muscles, as they say, "sleeps", then fatty tissue begins to take their place. Weak and thin muscles at regular trainings become beautiful and strong. Kallanetika trains all muscles, but at the same time exercises of this technique are not directed to accumulation of muscle bulk, as in case with power trainings. At regular jobs of kallanetiky muscle develop to certain degree and give to female body the beautiful form without any relief excesses.

A little interesting about kallanetika

немного интересного о калланетике As the fitness technique of kallanetik has appeared already at the beginning of the 80th last century. But this type of physical training has come to Russia not so long ago. American Kallan Pinkni (on her name and the technique is called) is considered the author of kallanetika.

Kamchatka beaver Pinkni was born with number of diseases and physical defects. But being optimist, the woman just preferred not to pay attention to problems and to lead full life. However such relation has ended is deplorable – after 11 flyings of travel on the world the American has come back home with completely upset health, and the biggest difficulties have arisen with backbone.

Cheeful Kallan has decided not to be upset and has created own system of original exercises for all muscles by means of which she not only has recovered herself health, but also has given chance to thousands of women to forget about indispositions and to find slim figure.

In the technique the emphasis on weight reduction is not placed, but for a long time it is noticed by many: occupations kallanetiky anyway lead to considerable reduction of fatty deposits. During performance of exercises process of metabolism begins to accelerate, and at the expense of it in body adjournment of fatty tissue while muscle bulk gradually grows stops. Cases when as a result of such interconnected women have been forced to change completely clothes are frequent, buying clothes two-three sizes smaller, and weight at the same time remained the same.

The foundress of this system – Kallan Pinkni – is live confirmation of high performance of the developed trainings: in 60 years the woman has figure to which young girls can envy. Also Kallan looks much younger – she explains this phenomenon with regular trainings kallanetiky too.

The Kamchatka beaver guarantees that after ten school hours kallanetiky the woman will begin to look eight-ten flyings younger. It occurs due to activation of all muscles and acceleration of process of metabolism.

"You derive pleasure, find symmetry and look younger directly in the eyes", - Kallan tells. By the way, the spouse of the younger son of the British queen, Iorn Sar's duchess famous became the big fan of kallanetika it is more under the name of Ferdzhi. Ferdzhi has very strongly recovered after the delivery, but invited as the consultant in Buckingham Palace Kallan Pinkni could help young mother – the duchess has brought herself into the necessary form for only a few weeks.

What the success of kallanetika and its wide circulation consists in?

First, the kallanetika for weight loss, unlike many types of fitness, does not demand visit of the gyms which are specially equipped for occupations. Everyone can learn on himself all delights of such gymnastics in house situation, without acquiring expensive subscription in sports club, special sportswear and footwear. It is enough to put on convenient things, to turn on the quiet music – and everything, you are ready to be engaged.

Secondly, on the one hand it is quiet and slow gymnastics, but to another – during occupations kallanetiky there is very intensive, just enormous work of all muscles. At the same time the gymnastics is developed on the basis of not straining static loads, poses of classical yoga and extensions after each executed exercise which in complex prevent muscular pain and do not allow excessive relief of muscles.

Static exercises are directed mainly to micro reductions of muscles. There are no jumps or breakthroughs, there are no differences of tension of the next groups of muscles. During occupations all muscles, and small are involved including. The exercises based on extension and statics cause the increasing activity of the muscular groups located rather deeply to cause changes in the deepest layers of stale fatty tissue.

The fine physiological effect is based on the following: during static load, long on time, for muscle the level of its metabolism (i.e. metabolic rate becomes more) strongly increases, and it is much more effective, than training of muscles during cyclic loading, and what is important, is burned the bigger number of calories. As a result muscle bulk is not built up, but muscles are given from flabby inert state to natural, esthetically attractive form which is compliance for healthy organism.

Thirdly, the kallanetika is called the talented sculptor who is capable to mold ideal figure with faultless forms: the bearing will be corrected, osteochondrosis will disappear, the breast will beautifully rise, the stomach will become flat and tightened, buttocks will gain rounded shape. You will be surprised to the changes which have happened for short term. And your movements will gain smoothness and feminity. After classes on all body ease will spread – exercises possess the surprising weakening and revitalizing influence.

One more advantage of this technique of trainings – it can successfully be engaged both the young girl, and the elderly woman. The main thing – that was not contraindications in the anamnesis. Kallanetika – one of the few gimnastik to which, as they say, "all age are obedient".

успех калланетики и ее широкое распространение

Than occupations of kallanetiky are useful?

Regular trainings of kallanetiky bring a lot of benefit for all organism. And the longer you will do this simple gymnastics, the result will be more notable. In several weeks of continuous trainings you will find out that:

  • Your bearing has improved, you have forgotten about back pains, and osteochondrosis has simply disappeared from your life
  • the metabolism has considerably improved, immunity became stronger
  • weight has gone towards decrease
  • the skin tone has improved
  • You became more flexible, and muscles were extended without unnecessary volume
  • Your joints became stronger, and muscles – stronger
  • You began to be exposed less to stresses and negative influences of external factors, and your self-assessment promptly grows

Quite so the kallanetika works – responses after classes on system of exercises Kallan Pinkni strike with unambiguity: all being engaged women have achieved excellent results.

Who will suit kallanetika

Kallanetika – just ideal way of correction of figure and maintenance of in tone for those who:

• wishes to dump from 10 to 20 kg of excess weight and to correct defects of figure;

• has short wind at intensive physical activity, considers for himself difficult to hold fast speed during trainings;

• does not love long and wearisome physical trainings;

• has feeling of boredom in gym, not to like to swing muscles and "to squeeze out" press;

• has bad coordination of movements;

• it is limited in time or just does not want to spend a lot of time for trainings;

• loves slow rhythm of occupations and the quiet movements, and also prefers to carry out exercises which mean smoothness and grace.

When kallanetiky cannot be engaged

Kallanetika, as well as any other technique, has the contraindications. It is necessary to treat it rather seriously, the main principle of any occupations – do not do much harm. Despite the seeming simplicity of static exercises, excessive hobby of kallanetiky can lead to not really good effects.

And classes in technique Kallan Pinkni in general are contraindicated to some:

  • that who has undergone operation or surgical intervention (has to pass not less than a year if it was Cesarean section, - at least one and a half years)
  • that who has poor eyesight (consultation of the specialist who will be able to estimate your condition is obligatory and to pass the decision – it is possible to be engaged kallanetiky or not)
  • that who has asthmatic diseases
  • that who has any problems with backbone
  • that who has gemorroidalny nodes (it is strictly forbidden!)
  • that who suffers to varicosity of veins imposes some restrictions: performance of exercises on strengthening of muscles of legs, in particular, semi-squats and full squats is forbidden

Advice to beginners of occupation of kallanetiky

• Carry out only those exercises which you can, and do not force body at all to do what it simply is not ready to yet.

• It is the best of all to carry out exercises, watching themselves in mirror. Then mistakes and inaccuracies are noticeable, besides, practice shows that the movements are better fixed in front of the mirror.

• It is more preferable to give classes kallanetiky in silence – otherwise it is possible to lose the set rhythm, and it is undesirable.

• Be not frightened if at once you not only do not begin to lose weight, but also you will add a little. Continue studies – the trained muscles weigh more than flabby. The same touches not beefy muscles of stomach – at first the stomach can grow slightly. Do not worry: everything will return to normal soon.

As it is correct to be engaged in kallanetiky

как правильно заниматься калланетикой According to Kallan Pinkni, it is necessary to begin occupations kallanetiky with three weekly, and training has to last not less than an hour.

After the result (it will occur in two-three weeks of regular trainings) is visible, the number of trainings can be reduced to two. Also breakdown of one occupation on three-four mini-trainings for 15-20 minutes is allowed.

When the necessary stable result (the body will decrease up to the necessary volumes, the health will improve, problems with health will disappear) is achieved, only one hour a week for maintenance of muscles in tone suffices.

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