How to make female figure harmonous

как сделать женскую фигуру стройной

Many women, referring to thickness of so-called "frame", do not try to change the constitution towards improvement of proportions and symmetry of body. There is a wish to notice that actually such opinion is wrong as there is no dependence between symmetry and width of bone. Besides, it is necessary to notice that in the real situation "skeleton" of the superstout woman does not differ from "skeleton" of the slender woman of the same physical parameters (growth, width of pelvic bones, etc.). Therefore, there are no such reasons which could prevent the embodiment in life of ideals of female beauty. The only obstacle is stereotypic thinking and unwillingness something to change in the way of life.

Thus, it turns out that to begin to change, it is necessary to be adjusted on achievement of result and to do everything that for this purpose will be required. Of course, it is important to remain within reasonable and to keep sensible has washed away, it is very easy to damage health, and it will be very difficult to recover it then. We suggest not to be beyond technique which will be described below as it is based on achievement of the advanced scientific thought confirmed with many people in practice.

First of all, it is necessary to set clear aim for himself. Let it will be the most cherished dream. Despite of everything, it is necessary to set such purpose which is the embodiment of the most treasured desire.

Further, after have put ultimate goal, it is necessary to break it into smaller tasks which performance will not make special work. However and it is necessary to break these small tasks into smaller, not performance of which can be explained only with availability of laziness and anything else. It is important to realize that performance of all these tasks will depend directly on availability of discipline. It is possible to tell that the discipline in this case is cornerstone – basis of all process. However, as well as in any other business, the discipline depends on motivation. Availability of motivation – personal record of everyone: what it will depend on is necessary to solve independently. However women inclined to completeness need to change outlook on life if, of course, they want to achieve success in this difficult business.

Can seem to many women that there is some vital injustice: there is category of women who are not engaged, eat much and do not grow stout. However, as well as it has been told above, it is necessary to get rid of this pressing feeling of vital injustice and the it is rather, the better. That, this category of women was lucky – they have inherited metabolism with high speed. And it is not reason for despair and pelting of the begun business because the woman who has begun to take care of the own life has to realize that she has will power, and its this main difference from all others. Who knows, maybe, those not growing stout girls, having got into such situation, are not capable at all even to think of any undertakings and not that to realize them. Besides, as incentive for occupations by also the fact that, having achieved state close to ideal, the organism will reconstruct all the functions has to serve and will also possess the raised metabolism and will be able quickly to burn calories, without managing to postpone them.

So, to start implementation of the conceived plan, it is necessary to reconstruct the way of life. Changes have to concern first of all process of food and physical activity. At once it is necessary to understand that loss of weight within physiological norms will make from 0,5 to 0,7 kg a week. This figure, besides, is quite real and achievable. The volume of circles of parts of body will be one more parameter which shows dynamics of process of changes. Both of these parameters need to be measured once in two weeks. Such control measurement will be additional incentive on the way to goal. And also it will serve as the indicator of all those actions which are taken in two weeks. Thus, it will be necessary to make corresponding changes to food and trainings, proceeding from these indicators.

Food has to be based on diet of the products balanced on structure by all necessary substances. No diets, monodiets and to that similar methods are capable to yield the recorded and long-term results. It is necessary to base the choice of products from the following food groups: vegetables, fruit, milk, seafood, grain, etc. Besides, it is necessary to take from the diet such products which contain in large number sugar, fat, and also products of flour group and semi-finished products. Only the healthy food will bring benefit in the course of creation of the necessary figure. It should be noted that it is important to consume so much protein how many the physiological norm at such way of life as the muscles which are actively working need in demands it is mute as in construction material and power source.

как сделать женскую фигуру стройной In general it is necessary to consider that the muscle bulk will be more active, the fat as it is the regulator of metabolic rate will be burned more actively. And it, in addition to frequent food by healthy food, the physical trainings directed to study of all groups of muscles can make active. Physical trainings have to be carried out both in anaerobic, and in the aerobic mode.

The anaerobic mode is power trainings (on exercise machines, with dumbbells, etc.), aerobic – walking, easy jogging, swimming, etc. You should not be afraid to be engaged in power exercises – at women of muscle are not capable to growth without additional pharmacological support and the special food directed to set of muscle bulk. So, following all above-mentioned rules, the woman is capable to change the figure, it is worth wanting to make it.