How to grow thin in month and to remain healthy

как похудеть за месяц
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As it is correct to choose diet

At once I will make a reservation - this way not for those who look for "that to eat it to grow thin". Here it is necessary to work.

This method "how to grow thin in month" is directed to reduction of fatty weight with preservation of muscle bulk. In lexicon of the real musclemen there is such word - to "zarelyefitsya".

Usually it becomes before competitions because between them bodybuilders are usual, a few large people, but not smeared with oil of antique statues.

Because if is able to behave "0,5 mm of fat on the press" that all the time or it is necessary to live in the gym, or you will become star of TV show of anorexics.

Very much, by the way I recommend to look to fans of "hungry" diets. 

The first general advice to everyone to grow thin - NOT to GUZZLE

It does not mean that it is necessary to limit itself, just very many people, having taken seat in the evening after work before TV set with bowl of pelmeni, stop only when the bowl becomes empty. And while there is reflection "but whether not to impose still, the program to end only in half an hour" rolls feeling that has eaten at least twice more than wanted. It is the biggest mistake because of which half of the planet has obesity.

Eat exactly so much how many for you it is necessary to gorge on right now, but not till the morning. Get habit to switch off TV set in the course of dinner. In general, the family dinner is time of discussion of family problems, but not pleasant additive to evening TV show. "Wonder" after each eaten spoon - but whether you were saturated, my dear organism? Do not impose "as usual" and the more so "eat up everything that remained, not to throw out". Over time you will begin to prepare less, or in family somebody (doggie) will eat up.

Very effectively it turns out if you begin to eat with sticks, especially if before never did it - you receive time to think. In general, try to feel the body, and not just flavoring receptors. 


тренировки It is the general vital principle. You want to change - get up. Judging from the fact that you read this article - for big-time sports you are already lost, and Olympic champion, seemingly, to you not to be. And to pofig. The main thing that now you will be able to run on the twelfth floor without elevator and you will be able to get into jeans which three years you store "as memory". By the way, the last has also roused me to begin to be engaged. Then it was necessary also on belt to jeans of hole to transfer - was not enough.

The schedule of trainings - every other day. Not more often! The last is very important because increasing the number of trainings, reduce their effect, the organism needs time for recovery. As the real musclemen speak - muscles grow between trainings. We have other purpose (growing thin, you will not build up muscle bulk) but it is necessary to follow this rule - differently syndrome of "overtraining" and early refusal of the program.

Training duration - of 45 min. till 1.5 o'clock. At the first training have to "die" in 45 minutes. In week after the beginning time will increase - the organism will be reconstructed for work, indicators will grow, and weight will begin to decrease.

Best of all intensive trainings are suitable for dumping of weight. Intensive - means on limit. If after training from the squeezed-out t-shirt has not poured out quarter of glass of sweat - this training means has taken place in vain. The main not spent time and distance which you have run - the main thing intensity. In principle everyone can independently pick up to itself(himself) running loading, but if it you complicates - there is the general way. Find route, convenient for you, from entrance around which to pass quiet step will take slightly more than an hour.

At the first training I advise to run minutes five for warming up with the maximum speed, then three minutes to walk quickly, then to run. It is necessary to run so far you can, will not pin up in side yet or legs will not part - otherwise you deceive yourself. Then we continue to walk quickly no more than ten minutes - that the organism has saved up forces for the following throw. No more - not exactly\about ten minutes mean no more, and. If you begin to feel cold ("cool down"), means there are you already too long, the following walk has to be shorter. By the way, do not forget to put on hours - very conveniently to control the training.

The human body is capable of miracles, only his laziness is capable of big miracles. If you do not think of how you were already tired - will be able to run many times further and longer. Drive in the head what most of all distracts you (family \working problems, plans for evening or days off) if you like to dance - earphones in ears and music are more vigorous. I was helped by such way. The main thing to distract from what now you do and to run just mechanically. Without stopping I have run the first five kilometers for the second week of trainings. At any deal (even if you could not run longer than five minutes) you have to pass all distance without stops fast pace. Remember that fat begins to be spent only in 20 minutes of the non-stop movement, before the organism works at what is already dissolved in blood.


диета на белках At first there is a little theory - in general. Our cages work not at proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and at glucose. And nervous cages - in general only on it. Glucose, is in turn made from carbohydrates. Speed of this process is measured by the glycemic index (GI) of product. If we eat products with low glycemic index, then glucose comes to cages with one (small) speed and is completely acquired. If the glycemic index of product is high, then the speed of intake of glucose in cages is very high - much quicker, than the cage can process it. The exception is made by only fatty cages - they can acquire glucose in much bigger volumes, increasing in the amount of and without entering then favourite jeans. Our task - not only to reduce this process, but also to process what has been saved up earlier.

Therefore: we eat more protein (to 4 grams on kg of body weight), it is not enough carbohydrates and fats. At intensive training large amount of glucose is spent, and at lack of carbohydrates the organism itself will produce glucose, and not from the roll eaten at breakfast, and from the protein and fats reserved in organism just on such case. Speaking to language of science, at lack of carbohydrates the liver processes proteins on alanine, and fat - on glitserol, making from this glucose which will be processed then into glycogen (fuel for muscles). It is not the only effect of diet directed to reduction of amount of fat, but quantitatively the strongest. Such diet should not be applied more than one-one and a half months, and of course is not suitable for diabetics.

Any reference books in what products how many what on the Internet more than is enough, plus on each packaging it is painted, how many in product of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Plan that you will eat in shop. From myself I will add that there is a lot of carbohydrates in dough products, sweet, starchy vegetables (potato, etc.) and fruit (bananas, etc.). Squirrel - in low-fat meat (in fat there is a lot of too, but also you should not forget about fats), cottage cheese and egg whites.

From own feelings from such diet I can tell that the first three days you dream of sweet. It even to dream. Then you cease - process of processing of fat means came to working power.

So, you have come running from the first jog. At first - in shower, then to table. Not to plate, and to table - the matter is that the so-called "protein window" (time of intensive assimilation of food) is open for recovery of muscular tissue only hour after removal of loading. If to spend this time in hungry state, then muscles will not be recovered and it will lead to injuries and other unpleasant effects over time.

In respect of the schedule of food I can advise to prepare something quickly warmed before training because is before training (at least in three hours) it is forbidden. In general to go in for physical culture with the filled stomach it is unreal. During posttraining food it is necessary it (is vital) to dare to eat something uglevodsoderzhashchy. But, I will repeat, not to gobble up, having filled stomach, namely to eat to condition of easy saturation.

In about 2-3 about a weeks (not earlier!) will very strongly pull you to high-carbon food. Arrange yourself small one-day holiday - with cake, well or to what pulls more. It will stir up your organism and will allow to complete planned with enthusiasm.

So, the next month your life has to look as follows:

старые джинсы 1) Eat slowly, carefully chewing food to condition of easy saturation. You sit down to eat only when are rather hungry. Switch off the TV for the period of meal.

2) Trainings every other day of 45 minutes till one and a half o'clock, without stops. Main not time and result, and intensity.

3) Vysokouglevodisty food only within hour after training.

4) Day of unloading in 2-3 weeks after the beginning of trainings.

This program will help you to grow thin in one month and again to become happy not only own figure, but also itself - sport lifts tone and does life brighter. p advised you to run as it is the simplest sport which is not demanding anything except convenient footwear, however not only run, but also the any kind of sport meaning intensive physical activities - different combative sports, rowing, driving the bicycle will approach. The main thing - intensity with which you work and the result will be obvious.

So, now you know what to do to grow thin and to break your organism in process. Further everything depends on you. For increase of motivation I advise to get those your old jeans with which everything has begun and to hang up them on look. They will be useful to you soon!

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