How to grow thin without diets

как похудеть без диет
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The diet does not exert permanent impact on our weight. When we strictly limit ourselves in even, the organism perceives it as threat and passes to economical expense of calories. And even if the food starts over again arriving in the necessary quantity - it continues some time to work by inertia in "the slowed-down mode". From here and fast return of weight which in dietology is called "effect of pendulum".

Similar happens even to those who after diet begin to watch the size of portions. The only real way to grow thin - to move and adhere more to the principles of healthy food. And slightly to accelerate process, it is possible to resort to some cunnings.

For example, weekly to introduce the new rule in the menu. The first week it can be such: in addition, you eat 5 fruit and vegetables in day. The purpose of the next week - not to drink aerated water and alcohol. The following step - is farinaceous food and sweet less: if to cease to eat every day on cake (500 kcal), then in week it is possible to lose 0,5 kg.

Choose those dishes which are prepared in grill, in oven or on couple, avoiding fried and fat sauces. Watch the size of portions.

Each of us, gradually gaining weight, it is absolutely convinced that he will be able to grow thin at any time, it is worth wanting. There is mass of efficient preparations, devices, tablets, powders, drinks.... Yes, how many diets, eventually, have helped to grow thin as it seems to us, to very many people! Only when there comes time to begin to get rid really of extra kilos, the real understanding of all futility of ongoing efforts comes.

Any person who reads this article now can ask question: "And how many diets you have tried? On how many have grown thin and for what time? And after wearisome diet you have gained additional kilograms?" Unfortunately, the majority of you have decided to experience all available methods. And only now, after the organism finally refuses to submit to all your whims, gaining weight even from ordinary water, time of the real work on itself has come.

You are among those people who have understood in time - it is necessary to grow thin correctly, without wearisome diets and big physical activities. Any diet is shock for organism. You voluntarily subject yourself to additional stress which result will by all means be reflected in the general health. How to grow thin without diets? Give, for a start, just we will find out - from where excess weight undertakes and who is guilty of it. Often the understanding of own mistakes helps to understand in the circumstances and to timely take necessary measures.

Why we get fat?

почему мы толстеем At each person who wants to eat with own explanation for why he quickly gets fat and weight loses very slowly. Genetic predisposition, the broken metabolism, age, slow-moving way of life, addiction to "sweet" and many other things serves as quite reasonable and clear justification. Actually main reason of fast set of weight, in most cases, consists in violation of internal balance of exchange processes in organism (except genetic predisposition).

What does it mean? For ensuring the correct work of all functions of organism useful substances and energy resources which arrive from food constantly are required for us. What is food? It is, first of all, energy for each section of our body. It is necessary to consider food from this point of view. However uncontrolled consumption of the most various products leads to the fact that instead of necessary set of the necessary substances we simply "overfeed" organism such amount of excess fats, proteins and carbohydrates which there is no place to put more except how to create fatty layer. From the total amount of the arriving substances our organism selects the most necessary, and all others "postpones in reserve".

At the same time it is good if you watch that at food there were all necessary microelements. The balance is broken in that case when food uniform and in it is present at bigger quantity something one - protein, fat or it is too much products with carbohydrates. If the organism lacks something, work of internals suffers from it and the general state of health worsens. Therefore, if you want to grow thin without diets, it is necessary to eat and review properly correctly the addictions to favourite products.

Clarification of organism at diets

очищение организма при диетах

Nutritionists consider clarification by enterosorbent Enterosgel necessary stage in any program of weight loss as it actively absorbs in itself(himself) the slags and toxins a lot of getting to organism when splitting fatty deposits.

When fatty deposits are intensively split, toxins get to blood, causing exacerbation of chronic diseases, nausea and unpleasant smack in mouth, gastritis and violations of chair, dimness of skin with emergence on it of spots and spots.

People mistakenly consider that these phenomena are connected with decrease in caloric content of food, but actually problem in toxins!

Also the fact that Enterosgel well fills stomach is important, thereby creating feeling of satiety, and at the same time soaks up excess of gastric juice and enzymes. Their irritant action on stomach walls is so neutralized, that is weight loss will not end with gastritis.

In what weight loss secret without diets

секрет похудения без диет Everything that it is necessary for us, the nature has put in us since the birth, it is necessary to dispose of it only correctly. Nevertheless, habits from which we do not want appear and collect with age, or we cannot any more, refuse. One of such habits - tasty food. It is very difficult to refuse voluntarily something tasty only because in excess candy or in piece of cake too many calories, and your limit of calories is already reached for today. Nothing terrible, many people calm themselves in this case, tomorrow I will not eat so much.... And tomorrow there is new temptation by which it is so difficult to pass.

The energy received with food, the person spends for intellectual and physical activity, for recovery of cages, for ensuring operability of all internals, etc. Each product is energy or, in other words, it is the calories providing us opportunity to live. When the person receives calories more, than spends organism - he recovers. Respectively, it is easy to draw conclusion that when calories are consumed less, than it is spent, the person grows thin. It is possible to call this rule the simplified answer to question: "How to grow thin without diets?". The number of calories has to be less than necessary standard daily rate.


Today absolutely simply independently to count the daily diet on the maintenance of calories in it. On the Internet (including on this website) there is huge number of resources, well and consistently explaining all process of calculation. However do not forget not to do much harm to the health, it is necessary to consider the age, way of life, state of health and other factors influencing the optimum number of the consumed calories.

The weight loss mechanism without diets and heavy physical activities

Without diets Механизм похудения без диет two main rules - the balanced food and consumption of smaller number of calories are the cornerstone of weight loss, than it is necessary for organism. At first sight, apparently, that is rather simple to follow these rules. Nevertheless, very often people make the mass of mistakes which nullify all attempts to return themselves slender beautiful body and, at the same time, not to lose health.

In what main difficulties? The main difficulties, as always, consist in extremes. Having set before itself the accurate purpose - to grow thin at any cost, the person begins to reduce sharply the number of calories, limiting himself in food and drinks. It is extremely wrong approach of which it is necessary to be careful. Your organism will not be able sharply to be reconstructed and "will state" the discontent with the most unexpected image (nervous breakdowns, skin rashes, unpleasant painful symptoms in stomach or intestines, etc.).

If you really are interested in long, steady result begin to be engaged in the body, consciously considering each step. Carefully think over the daily menu in which necessary microelements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates will be harmoniously combined. Count the minimum consumption of calories and reduce them gradually.

Not to doubt the choice of products consult with the competent nutritionist who will help you to pick up correctly product basket and will prompt what high-calorific products should be excluded from the diet completely and what can be replaced less harmful. Surely review the habits and draw the corresponding conclusions. That way of life which you conducted still has led you to excess weight, and, as a result, and to the worsened health.

The quicker you will begin to listen to the organism, the quicker will become the slender, beautiful and cheerful person. Excess weight always leads to problems in cardiovascular area, to violations in the musculoskeletal device, in the sexual sphere and in respiratory system. Whether it is possible to call similar life full? And you have everything that is necessary for improvement of quality of the life.

How to be adjusted on weight loss without diets

настроиться на похудение без диет Everyone who at least once in life tried to limit himself in something very well knows as far as it can be difficult. Especially hard restrictions in food are given. Having never got used to itself to refuse anything, the person appears - to grow thin or lose health and beauty in situation where he is morally weak before the risen choice. What to do in this case?

There are several simple receptions thanks to which you will surely find forces and you will bring the matter to logical end. Later a few time, having made some efforts, you already will be able to tell people around how to grow thin without diets. First of all, it is important to know precisely - right now there has come that moment when it is necessary to refuse something and to endow something. It is impossible to tighten and postpone problem "for later" longer.

If all of you still doubt - just undress and look at yourself in mirror to the utmost. Impresses, isn't that so? You are sure that you want "to be impressed" further with the drooped grease layers, friable skin, extensions and the blurred forms? As a rule, such show quickly helps to place all main life priorities. And that it was simpler to you to be adjusted psychologically, use such psychological receptions:

☀ do not torment yourself with daily calculation of calories, think over and count the menu for several days at once - so it will be simpler to you to get used to new diet;

do not lose favourite products - just replace them low-calorie;

☀ perceive weight loss process as fascinating game - every day set before yourself the purpose, and having reached it, surely award yourself (award it is possible to think up any, connect the imagination);

visualize yourself in the thoughts - every day, having closed eyes for several minutes, represent yourself harmonous (or harmonous if you the man), with flexible, beautiful, elastic body, in stylish refined clothes;

during meal you do not hurry, carefully chew and "listen attentively" to taste of each product;

☀ take for the rule to move more, elementary squats or inclinations can be done not only in time, specially allotted for occupations, and and speaking by phone or during advertizing (if you watch TV);

☀ pay attention to the environment, people with whom you communicate shall support your aspiration;

in shop you do not go shopping on hungry stomach, it will help to resist temptation to get "harmful" products and will save to you means.

Under no circumstances do not refuse conceived and conform to own new rules of life. After you will grow thin, you not only will get beautiful figure and will restore health, but also lift the self-assessment. Pride of itself, of the iron will power will give you forces for new acts.

That to you prevents to grow thin

Most of people, having opportunity in time to think of the added extra kilos, for some reason do not do it. What prevents in time to begin to keep the figure? Each person with excess body weight on this question has the own answer. As a rule, answers often are not the real reasons, and it is rather the excuses which are thought up for justification of own inaction.

One of widespread justifications - feeling sick and state of health. Certainly, if you have really heart troubles, with lungs or with stomach, you should not change the habits and way of life too sharply. Nevertheless, it is not occasion to refuse weight loss. Excess weight most often also leads to violation of work of internals of organism. If you have managed to bring yourself to such state, have courage and find forces to grow thin. Especially as you will correctly grow thin, without diets and without heavy physical activities. Remember yourself the full-fledged healthy person and discard all doubts aside.

The following excuse which allows to gain further weight - qualitative products cost much. And this is true. But therefore they and expensive that qualitative. And how many there are drugs which with each extra kilo will be required for you more and more? And then, to eat qualitative products, it does not mean that you should buy them in tons. Even if you very much will want to eat something more, at you nothing will leave, otherwise you receive more calories, than it is necessary. Besides during weight loss the standard daily rate of calories does not increase, and decreases.

One more common cause not to grow thin - lack of free time. Some people sincerely believe that they have no time to be engaged in such nonsense how to think over for themselves the balanced food and to count calories in each dish.

Что мешает похудеть At the similar relation to excess weight, such people will have quite enough free time not only for weight loss soon, and and for treatment of the diseases accompanying excess weight.

Sooner or later at each person there comes such time when it is necessary to admit to himself own mistakes. In case with excess weight it is better to admit it early, than late.

While there is opportunity to grow thin without excess psychological shocks and physical restrictions, it is necessary to work resolutely, without feeling sorry for itself and without indulging the whims and whims.