As Ksenia Borodina has grown thin

как похудела Ксения Бородина
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How Ksenia Borodina has grown thin? This question to themselves is asked by many girls and women who have been dumbfounded by changes of figure of the favourite TV host of the most popular and scandalous House-2 project in due time. The young girl has achieved stunning results for rather short time, and it taking into account that has given birth to the first baby. After long-awaited pregnancy and childbirth weight is gained even by thin persons and what already to speak about young ladies who and during the prenatal period did not differ in model parameters. It directly concerns Ksyusha as the girl was always inclined to completeness. About it she has mentioned in one of interview, having added that it has tried many diets during all the time, but all it is vain: weight "floated" and noticeable results were not.

After the daughter's birth the young leader outright was frightened, now from specular reflection other girl who was not painted at all by excess 12 kilograms looked at her absolutely. "It is necessary to work immediately", - Borodina has thought and already for rather short period has reached the: kilograms "have thawed", on site folds of fat graceful forms which have caused general delight in men have appeared. Women could not believe the eyes: "How?", "It is simply unreal!", "Liposuction? Yes, is not present, to that it is not similar", - such phrases were at the tip of the tongue, but Ksenia Borodina did not hurry to open weight loss secret.

Ksenia Borodina's diet

Later pretty short period the leader after all has told to the world secret of the amazing transformation. Actually Ksenia did not think out the bicycle and did not pursue modern diets, and has just developed the power supply system which she has added with some procedures.

Ksenia Borodina's diet is based on cucumbers, they were certain period basis of its diet. Diet variations in open spaces of the Internet have appeared much and to tell which of them is true, difficult. But main rules are as follows:

- in day it is necessary to eat from 1 kilogram of fresh cucumbers, it is desirable that they were house, but not magazinsky. The maximum number of consumption of pimply vegetable is not limited;

- in day to drink 2-3 glasses of the purified water or tea;

- salt and sugar (its substitutes) are completely excluded for the maximum effect;

- not to allow emergence of feeling of hunger;

- during the day it is possible to eat boiled egg, small piece of whole-grain bread, unlimited number of greens and a little fast meat. It can be chicken (turkey) or low-fat beef;

- salads from cucumbers can be filled with sour cream with the minimum content of fat or olive oil (no more than 1 tsp). You should not forget also about lemon juice which perfectly supplements taste of any salad;

- at desire it is possible to cook vegetable soups, and it is desirable to eat them during the lunchtime;

- Ksenia Borodina's diet, as well as any other has to be supported with the obligatory use of complexes of vitamins and minerals, in spite of the fact that cucumbers contain a lot of cellulose and vitamins, it is absolutely not enough their quantity for normal functioning of organism.

диета Ксении Бородиной That after diet weight has not returned prompt rates it is necessary to limit itself in food, not to use at first anything fried, excessively sweet and flour, and also alcohol. After six-seven hours it is desirable not to eat, it will yield positive results too. There is one rule which Ksenia Borodina has withdrawn for herself: to eat everything, but Pomala and not to fill stomach to limit. If so to eat, then later short period results will have an effect.

Such diet of Ksenia Borodina can be easily available to everyone, it is not difficult to adapt to such diet, the main thing that there was huge will power and desire to find model parameters. By the way say that Ksenia Borodina's diet still carries the name "Erotic Diet". And all because the young girl has had desire to present to the beloved husband gift – herself, but without extra 5-7 kilos (for a start) and at her it has turned out, gallantly!

But there is more to come! Ksenia Borodina has listened to councils of the colleague, the second host of the House-2 project, Ksenia Sobchak who advised to enter in the form of compulsory procedure of enema. At first the girl did not use information in practice, but has noted council. As soon as the first steps to weight loss have been taken, Ksyusha decided to connect cleaning also.

Enemas became daily procedure, and, according to Borodina, they to it have helped to get rid of significant amount of kilograms. The volume of enema made no more than 2 liters of water on once, was also added steam of drops of lemon juice which helped to wash away slags from intestines to water.

It would seem, excellent method, but all who will decide to try it on themselves have to understand that frequent enemas can have pernicious effect on health: the flora of intestines will be broken, washed simply up, also development of bulimia is not excluded. Everything always has to be moderately.

Throughout the entire period of weight loss Ksenia was supported by her little daughter Maruska who, as well as all children is very mobile and fervent. Young mother hardly managed to keep up with the baby who rushed on the house as if motor. Any gym will not offer such physical activities, and house efforts and care of the child demand big expenses of calories, and it very well helps with weight loss. To all girls and women who have not given birth the baby more time yet to give to cleaning cooking which take away not only precious time but also burn hundreds of calories. And money for fitness to spend there is no need, than not charm?

It is worth noticing that Ksenia after the delivery literally from the first days has begun to feed Marusya with artificial mixes not to spoil appetizing shape of breast. It is possible if the girl fed the daughter, then excess weight has left quicker, not for nothing breastfeeding helps to recover prenatal form to many young mothers and health of the kid will be much stronger.

диета Ксении Бородиной How Ksenia Borodina still has grown thin? She just has not refused addiction to smoke. Many know that frequent and active smoking suppresses hunger therefore it is possible to eat less freely. Also smoking accelerates processes of metabolism, and it also is the defining factor. As a result weight or stands still or slightly decreases. Not for nothing the former smokers after refusal of addiction quickly gather two-three of kilograms.

Of course, this point does not oblige to begin to smoke at all especially as on health it is negative to be reflected. Ksenia puts priorities a little in a different way therefore does not see in smoking anything bad, the main thing that weight is normal.

Here such it is system of weight loss from Ksenia Borodina. Someone will consider it unreasonable, such approach very strongly and "painfully" beats health, and the person with any violations of life activity can appear on hospital bed at all.

Any sharp losses of weight not of pokhvalna, long weight loss which is based on fundamentals of healthy nutrition and sport is welcomed. Ksenia Borodina's diet, in general, is acceptable and balanced, cucumbers are well of useful elements, but other councils should be reviewed repeatedly.

according to information from open
sources in the Internet,
does not apply for truth

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