How to prepare figure for beach season

как подготовить фигуру к пляжному сезону

There is such statement: "… I eat to live, but I do not live in order that is". Women who want to eat the next candy or cake have to remember this statement.

Especially actually it for those who have tendency to corpulence.

It is necessary to aim to follow some rules always.

It is necessary to try to eat regularly, adhering to one time. In intervals between food it is not necessary to have a bite candies or cakes. During meal it is not necessary to be nervous, be distracted by any another matters. During meal there has to be quiet situation.

The food needs to be chewed long and it is not necessary to hurry. The more slowly you eat, the quicker there is saturation.

Appearance begins with stomach therefore it is necessary to increase consumption of fruit, vegetables, mineral salts. It is very useful to drink broths of spinach, carrots, cauliflower, parsley.

At food there has to be measure. It is useful to eat often and gradually, to pass to four - five times food. The dinner has to be not later than 19 hours. For the night is it is impossible.

It is necessary to begin meal with fruit, juice, salads, vegetables as they contain vitamins.

Vitamin A is in vegetables and fruit of yellow or red coloring (carrots, tomatoes, melons, and also green peas, spinach, sorrel, cod-liver oil, cottage cheese, liver).

B1 vitamin – liver, mushrooms.

B2 vitamin – liver, mushrooms, milk, cheeses.

Vitamin C – potato, sauerkraut, citrus, dogrose.

Vitamin D – oil, eggs, sour cream, milk, cod-liver oil, mushrooms.

Very often the set of weight is influenced by misoperation of stomach and intestines. For quarter of hour before breakfast it is necessary to drink 250 ml. cool water. It is still recommended to wet several plums, to spread them with honey and to eat. That the stomach and intestines correctly worked, it is necessary to try to move more.

It is necessary to limit the use of bread, sweets. Usual bread can be replaced with bread with bran. pblok can be eaten in unlimited number, it is especially useful before going to bed.

To throw off weight without prejudice to health, it is necessary to limit the use of fats, fancy bread, sweets and there are more greens, boiled meat, to drink skim milk. It is also necessary to move more. After food, it is the best of all to go to walk or make simple physical activity.

Recipes which help to grow thin are included below.

pponsky Diet

Such diet is applied two times a week. It is necessary to observe it during two – three months.

  • 8 - 00 – 250 ml. kefir
  • 10 – 00 – two hard-boiled eggs
  • 12 – 00 – 200 g of cottage cheese with low fat content
  • 14 – 00 = 100 grams of the chicken cooked without salt
  • 19 – 00 – 250 ml. kefir

In the rest of the time it is possible to drink unsweetened tea, water or freshly squeezed juice.

Tea for weight loss

To take 100 grams of dried camomile, St. John's Wort, birch kidneys, immortelle. To crush all ingredients in powder and to mix properly.

It is necessary to prepare as tea, at the rate of 1 tablespoon of mix on 500 ml. the boiling water.

To use in the morning and in the evening on glass (it is possible to dissolve honey teaspoon). In the evening, after taking the medicine, nothing is and not to drink till the morning.

Valuable diet

The first week the breakfast, lunch and dinner has to consist of 2 oranges and 3 eggs. it is necessary to cook pyets 12 minutes. In the following several weeks are the same, in the same quantity, but besides it is possible to eat crude vegetables and crude fruit in unlimited number.

This method was many times applied with great success. In this diet citrus gives vitamins, and eggs – proteins and proteins.

Holiday diet

From it strongly you will not grow thin, but 2–3 cm from hips and waist can be cleaned in one-two days. During the day it is necessary to eat: apples (4 pieces), lemon (1 piece), fast meat (small piece), crackers (3 pieces).

Diet at which it is impossible to eat salt and bakery products

Also it is impossible to use liquid during meal.

Breakfast – 250 ml. tea or cup of black natural coffee (a little sugar is allowed).
The 2nd breakfast – 40 g of cheese.
Lunch – hard-boiled egg, 120 g of meat, fried on frying pan without oil; cheese (20 g).
The afternoon snack repeats the first breakfast.
Dinner – 120 g of meat; vegetable vegetable oil salad; before going to bed to drink 250 ml. mint broth.

In week it is possible to dump up to 4 kg. If there is a wish to grow thin a little more, then in 14 days it is possible to repeat diet.

American diet

It proceeds 1-2 weeks, depending on required result. It is impossible to have a bite during this diet. To muffle hunger, it is necessary to drink glass of water. Drinks need to be drunk low-calorie, to use coffee without caffeine.

Options of breakfasts:

как похудеть к пляжному сезону Small loaf or piece of otrubny bread; the baked tomatoes; cheese (it is the best of all house).

The dried wheat flat cake, banana, 125 ml. curdled milk or yogurt.

Options of lunches:

Broth cup (chicken or beef), bread with bran, the banana watered with lemon juice.

Broth cup (chicken or beef), bread with bran, salty tuna (50 g), lemon juice.

Broth cup (chicken or beef), bread with bran, haricot boiled (2 tablespoons).

Options of dinners:

250 g of chicken meat (boiled, or prepared on grill), vegetable salad.

150 g of fish (boiled, or prepared on grill, 2 small potatoes in uniform, siliculose haricot, vegetable marrows).