How to get rid of cellulitis

как избавиться от целлюлита
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This article tells about that how to get rid of cellulitis in house conditions or with the professional help.

You learn from what there is cellulitis, its types what main ways of treatment of cellulitis exist. Learn to do gymnastics, exercises and special anticellulite honey massage.

What we have before beginning to get rid of cellulitis

Today many young girls and mature women suffer from the same problem, with the scary name cellulitis. It has awful property – to spoil appearance disgusting hillocks and hollows standing, stomach and hands. But it not only cosmetic problem, also illness of which it is necessary to get rid everything is not so harmless as can seem first. Let's find out what is it, what harm and how to get rid of cellulitis.

In translation from Latin cellulitis means two words which all explain: "cage" and "inflammation". That is we have inflammation of hypodermic fatty cages which have for various reasons begun to zashlakovyvatsya, save excessive fat and water. The organism becomes powerless in fight for beauty and health, the metabolism is broken that anemia, varicosity, numbness of extremities, back diseases, the zashlakovannost leads not only to "orange-peel", but also some other diseases, such as. It is not all list of problems which you can face if you consider cellulitis for trifle.

Cellulitis arises at women and girls of absolutely different age and constitution, fatties or lean – it the disease reaches all, but as surprisingly avoids … men. Doctors and many specialists have drawn monothematic conclusion: to all problem women's hormones under the name are oestrogenic. They "block breath" to subcutaneous fats and cork blood vessels. As a result of these processes fatty cages do not absorb enough oxygen and many nutrients which are necessary for normal life activity. Gradually, very slowly cellulitis absorbs beauty of your body, beats health. At first it it is not noticeable, but it only at first. There will pass certain time and if you do not begin treatment of cellulitis at early stages, then then can be late.

Of course, emergence of "orange crust" is influenced not only by hormones, but also some other factors. What? Let's get acquainted with them further.

From what cellulitis develops?

от чего появляется целлюлит 1. Heredity. If your mother has faced cellulitis problem, then in most cases he also will not avoid you, and will simply clasp in the strong arms.

2. Age. How old are you? 15? 40? Yes, it is of great importance, over the years skin loses collagenic fibers, so and elasticity. And on flabby skin there will always be place to cellulitis. The most interesting that this illness in 15% of cases overcomes very young girls during sexual formation, in 25% - girls meet IT before pregnancy, well and another 15% of women suffer from cellulitis during menopause. Such is statistics.

3. Unbalanced food. Problems with healthy nutrition concern very many girls, the modern way of life and its rhythm not always allows to eat at the same time food which is vitamin-rich. As a result we go to fast food and other haunts of vice where there is a lot of greasy, junk food. Perhaps, if we ate vegetables and fruit in enough, drank clear water and used vegetable fats, then would be healthier and more beautiful. But the fact remains: the diet is broken, there is a lot of consumed fat, actually, as well as cellulitis on your skin over time.

4. Nicotine addiction. When smoking vitamin C which we and so use not much actively collapses, agree. As a result of it blood circulation is broken, and the metabolism, naturally, is broken. Maybe you should not smoke? Reflect.

5. Lack of physical activity, slow-moving way of life. When your muscles stay idle, inflow of blood worsens, and we actively "stock up" with slags, toxins, there are hypostases and skin becomes "friable", flabby.

6. Violation of hormonal background. Violation of functions of ovary, and also adrenal glands direct premises to cellulitis which in such cases overcomes zones of hips and stomach.

7. Violation of functions of thyroid gland. At the same time processes of exchange are slowed down also fatty not exception.

8. Violation of blood circulation in fatty tissues. It is, perhaps, the most unpleasant reason which brings in heavy fibrous cellulitis. All the matter is that blood badly circulates in the squeezed sites thereof there are hypostases which squeeze fabrics even more and oxygen already almost does not come to blood, and slags and toxins accumulate in these parts.

9. Violation of water and salt exchange. In consequence we have liquid in organism which causes hypostases, deterioration in inflow of blood to vessels and, of course, cellulitis.

10. Stress and depression. Well, here everything is clear: hormones play pranks and break exchange processes, and it is the same cellulitis. Learn to relax, if necessary to meditate and take heat baths with lavender. It is, of course, only prevention, but how to get rid of cellulitis?

Treatment of cellulitis

Actually disposal of cellulitis process long, demands considerable efforts and desire of victory. If you intend to get rid of it, then go all the way, without lowering nose, and we will help you and we will give practical advice on fight against "orange crust".

Here that you think, first of all, when you notice the slightest inclinations of cellulitis? Of course, that the diet is necessary, and it is urgent, and the most rigid and here the grandiose mistake is made. Yes, the power supply system needs to be changed, but it is not sharp, and gradually.

And so, we begin treatment of cellulitis!

First of all it is worth refusing too salty and greasy food, and to place emphasis on vitaminchik: berries, fruit and various vegetables. Carrots, green salad, citrus, eggplants, vegetable marrows, red grapes and cranberry – your active assistants in fight against cellulitis, bring fats out of organism.

The separate attention should be paid to cellulose which contains in bakery products of rough grinding, grain and bran. Drink milk and use phosphorus with which fish is rich.

Nobody cancelled "golden rule"drink more than the purified water, not less than two liters a day. For conclusion of slags you will be helped by natural vegetable and fruit juice, warm green tea with honey and dogrose broth. Not to confuse hunger and thirst, in intervals between food drink water, gradually. It both hunger will satisfy, and will gradually remove slags.

We speak strict "No" to fast food, sandwiches and lunches from bag! But also you should not starve: take with yourself fruit for having a snack, drink natural yogurt and eat salads. Try not to drink alcoholic beverages and if you drink, then moderately, alcohol detains slags, salts and water.

If you consider that it will not help you, then you are mistaken, the princess Diana quite so also has left in due time terrible cellulitis. But it was also helped by physical exercises. What? Let's talk also about it.

лечение целлюлита

Exercises from cellulitis

Fight against cellulitis is impossible without fitness if there is opportunity – register in fitness club and visit him regularly.

If overcomes laziness, urgently motivate yourself with something very desired, for example, fashionable dress - pass in which your harmonous legs, without drop of cellulitis will be just potryasny, and you are princess!

But if your schedule is painted on minutes and time for fitness is not present, then do simple gymnastic exercises from cellulitis independently, it is not difficult, and the effect will not keep itself waiting: cellulitis will thaw directly in the eyes. The truth is simple: if you look after the body and give it "health drink", it will be grateful to you smart forms and graceful bends, and about cellulitis and the speech cannot be!

How to get rid of cellulitis in house conditions – gymnastics

You want not to see cellulitis as long as possible, and even to forget about it forever, it is worth being engaged in any type of cardio-loadings. It can be run, swimming, jumps on jump rope or just walking on long distances.

That, and now we will pass to exercises.

1. Squats. It is worth carrying out them on conscience: do deep prisest, hands equal, before yourself. Repetition – 10 times.

2. Attacks. Put the right leg back, having made basic left. Put hands on knee of the left leg and stand for 15-20 seconds. Back equal. Repetition of 10 times, serially changing legs.

3. Lay down on back. Extend hands for the head on breath, and exhaling, reach for them, having a little raised trunk. Be late for 20-30 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

4. So far we lie on spin. Throw the right leg on the left knee and raise the left hip up. Work for full devotion. In such situation stand for about 20 seconds and lower legs. On each leg exercise is done 5-7 times.

5. Moves. Lay down on the right side, put basic hand under the head. Begin to do moves by the left leg, with the maximum amplitude, without lowering it up to the end, carry out everything to canopy. Repetition – 10 times.

6. Legs at shoulder length, stomach (attention!) – to make buldge out and transfer all body weight to the right (left) leg. Stand so to full fatigue, then replace supporting leg. Repetition of 3-5 times.

7. Squats on invisible chair. Do poluprisest "sit on stool" 20-30 seconds. Repeat prisesta of 10 times.

As you can see, fight against cellulitis is not so difficult. Doing such gymnastics every day, you will forget about cellulitis, will become vigorous and cheerful. And now it is a high time to indulge himself with "tasty" honey massage.

How to get rid of cellulitis in house conditions – honey massage

медовый массаж Is told about advantage of honey much and even the small child knows that it is well of vitamins and microelements which help to cope with many illnesses. Content of useful substances in honey is equated to their content in our blood – it helps "sweet vitamin" to be acquired and bring benefit maximum better.

Still in ancient times honey was used as powerful antioxidant, means for rejuvenation and raising of tone. Directly massage by honey improves blood circulation, strengthens walls of vessels, removes slags and toxins which were reliably fixed in fatty tissues, having caused cellulitis.

For the maximum advantage of honey massage consults to add to the honey which is in advance heated to room temperature several drops of essential oil, for example citrus or eucalyptus. Attention! Honey has to be not candied!

When mix is ready we start massage. At first we warm and we prepare problem zone easy strokings, puddling and in blows palm edge. After such simple actions disposal of cellulitis will be quicker and more qualitatively. On one problem zone there is enough 2-3 teaspoons of honey.

Technology of massage by honey:

Apply honey on problem site with the easy driving-in movements, as if pasting it to body. The part of honey will remain on skin, another – on palms.

Now strong press hands to zone of cellulitis and sharply and tear off. Continue to make such actions with different extent of pressing and otryvaniye. Over time honey will turn into more viscous substance of gray color – it means that the organism comes out slags, salts and toxins.

On each part of the body allot 7-10 minutes of massage. This procedure in the first sessions will seem to you painful, can even will appear small bruises, the aching pains, but then everything will pass.

On the end of massage wash away honey warm water without application of bast. And for strengthening of effect and bigger advantage use additional resources from cellulitis, for example, anti-cellulite gel. You apply gel with easy roundabouts from below-up, and cellulitis will be won.

You want anything to do and to see how cellulitis is dissolved on your legs, hips and tummy?
There is nothing more simply!

средства от целлюлита There are such cellulitis medicines as wrappings and their big set: acetic, the same honey, clay, on the basis of seaweed and other. The main thing stock up with food wrap, couple of warm blankets and patience.

Apply the chosen means (honey, clay, the dissolved vinegar) on skin and densely wind problem zone with film. Then make to yourself cup of fragrant tea and you lay down under blankets. Within half an hour the organism will come out all toxins and stagnant liquid, and warm tea will accelerate this process and will relax you. You see as it is pleasant and it is possible to spend time with advantage?


p I think at anybody now there is no doubt left that at complex fight against the worst enemy cellulitis victory not far off? And the most attractive that everything becomes in house conditions and it is not necessary to spend fantastic sum for beauty shops. The result will come without delay: you will see as cellulitis "slips" from body, leaving the gentle, smooth skin capable to submit pedestals and hearts of men.

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