How to get rid of extensions on skin

как избавиться от растяжек
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You can provide what throughout all life your skin will remain invariable and to look ideal, how at the baby? It is impossible?

Unfortunately, it is really impossible. Skin which is important external body of our organism carries out set of functions and all changes which happen to our body, both external, and internal, are instantly reflected in integuments.

It is especially difficult to reconcile to skin defects in that case when they distort and deform appearance of skin. Extensions belong to similar shortcomings.

What is extensions on skin and why they appear

Striya - extensions in official medicine quite so are called. Small pale hems very ugly look on skin and spoil its surface.

There is a wish to note that extensions do not bring discomfort, do not cause unpleasant feelings and do not hurt. The main harm which is done by striya is esthetic changes of appearance of integument. Emergence of extensions can become the present tragedy for the women belonging to the body with special attention. Female beauty always aims at perfection. At the same time removal of extensions demands great patience and application of special procedures.

Hormonal violations of organism, sharp change of weight (set or decrease) are considered as the most common causes of emergence of extensions, pregnancy, chest feeding, too active sports activities etc. Besides, of extension can speak the low hereditary content of elastic fibers in skin.

The origins of extensions are rather simple - excessive stretching of integument leads to the fact that cages of epithelium do not manage to compensate the missing cellular weight because of what the integument becomes thin, is as a result torn.

Extensions on skin become pale not at once. Originally hems can be different flowers, from red to dark blue. It is connected with the fact that the connecting fabric which is in internal skin anguishes originally has small blood vessels. After a while the given vessels are devastated and extensions become white. Similar hems against suntanned body are very noticeable. As in connecting fabric the pigment completely is absent, even under the influence of ultraviolet rays of striya remain white.

At hormonal violations in human body there are changes in synthesis of proteins of polymers of collagen and elastin. These two substances provide elasticity of skin, its elasticity, distensibility and contractility. The lack of collagen and elastin instantly affects internal processes which happen in integuments. At the same time skin gradually loses the properties and becomes thinner.

The national saying - "Is torn where it is thin" - it is quite applicable also to this problem. Unfortunately, practically always striya appear at women during pregnancy. Those at whom elastic skin, will be able to endure this state with the smallest damages. However most often problem with extensions on hips, buttocks, breast, stomach etc., everyday occurrence at pregnancy. Afterwards to return skin to initial state it is necessary to pay to this question the closest attention.

Methods of elimination of extensions in house conditions

The modern cosmetology offers set of methods for fight against extensions. Nevertheless, before stopping the choice on some one, it is desirable to get acquainted previously with each of them in more detail.

Depending on that, skin is how strongly injured apply these or those procedures. At the same time removal of extensions can be carried out both in house conditions, and in salon. However before going to salon any woman at first wants to learn the answer to question - how to get rid of house extensions, independently, without intervention of the cosmetologist.

Basis of disposal of striya in house conditions it is possible to call three-stage system of care of body skin:

  1. application of srub
  2. curative rubbing in
  3. regular massage of problem zones


скраб By means of srub the upper layer of cages peels that does skin surface much more exactly both on structure, and on color. Moreover, elimination of this cellular layer starts process of active production of elastin and collagen. At similar mechanical influence skin has stress and will mobilize work of biologically active agents. The more deeply the srub gets into skin, the quicker there is its updating.

For preparation of srub in house conditions it is possible to use salt, sugar, ground coffee etc. Grains of the applied product will become basis to which add vegetable oils, sour cream, etc. Besides, it is recommended to use srub with addition of essential oils during acceptance of shower. Within 10 minutes rubbing srub in problem sites, it is washed away under contrast shower and grease skin with nutritious cream or curative mix.

Simple structure of srub:

- 1 glass of sugar
- 1 glass of salt
- half glass of any vegetable oil

To carefully mix all ingredients.

Mix mass skin sites with extensions, washing away srub after procedure by warm water. Repeat action several times a week, depending on depth of extensions.

Curative rubbing in

целебные втирания This procedure promotes faster recovery of integument.

For preparation of curative mix it will be required to you:

- 10 drops of extract of rosemary
- lavender extract
- lemon juice
- jasmine
- orange oil
- 100 ml of oil of jojoba

All ingredients carefully to mix and leave in the closed capacity in the dark room for days. To rub in skin after application of srub or during massage.

Curative mix on the basis of mummy:

in the 1st tablespoon of warm boiled water dissolve 1 gram of mummy, add 80 grams of children's cream and carefully mix.

Mix is rubbed in the skin injured by extensions after application of srub once a day.

Very effectively eliminate striya and reduce them in sizes oil of hazelnut and almond oil. Vitamin E - fat-soluble vitamin which is antioxidant is part of these oils, slows down disintegration and cell aging of skin. Oils add to structure of srub, use during massage or just rub in skin one-two times a week.


массаж On removal of extensions a lot of time sometimes leaves. At the same time very important regularly, diligently and consistently to carry out all necessary procedures. Massage is one of means thanks to which time for correction of such lack of skin as extensions can be reduced considerably.

During massage rich with vitamin E use oils. This component does skin elastic and elastic. Such oils are considered the most widespread:

  • rosemary oil
  • oil from wheaten sprouts
  • almond oil
  • orange etc.

Besides, the massage movements have to be very careful, delicate, without possible stretchings of skin.

Methods of elimination of extensions in salon

If you have tried the mass of national ways, but still do not know how to get rid of extensions, the help of professionals is necessary for you.

In modern medicine and cosmetology special methods of fight against striya are developed. As a rule, in salon successfully eliminate pronounced extensions, using, at the same time, the most advanced technologies. Efficiency of elimination of extensions in the conditions of salon is guaranteed by big practice and proved by practical consideration.

Treat the most popular and demanded methods:

  1. the mesotherapy and bezinjektsionny mesotherapy - to the patient under skin enter special composition of biologically active agents by means of injections or under pressure of oxygen
  2. chemical peeling - for peeling of cells of skin in this case fruit acids use
  3. wrapping - special preparations which basis seaweed, essential oils and medicinal herbs enters are applied at the fresh, recently appeared extensions
  4. therapy microcurrent - is directed to forming of new connecting fabric
  5. therapy laser - grinding of extensions with use of laser beam
  6. micropolishing - by means of flow of fine abrasive particles level the damaged skin surface
  7. plastic surgery - address this method as a last resort if all above-mentioned methods have not brought desirable result

Before beginning procedure of elimination of extensions, it is necessary to consult with the cosmetologist who will pick up individual complex especially for you.

Preventive measures for the prevention of emergence of extensions

If to follow certain rules and to try to lead healthy lifestyle it is possible to avoid emergence of extensions which so ugly look on skin.

- It is necessary to monitor the food very carefully. Improper feeding can lead to metabolic disorder that, in turn, will lead to sharp fluctuations of body weight. Pay attention to balance of your diet. The daily menu shall include useful microelements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. следить за своим питанием

посещать кабинет массажиста - It is desirable to visit the massage therapist's office as often as possible. If you have no opportunity to carry out massage, it is possible to manage simple tinglings of skin in problem places. Use at the same time special massage oils and creams from extensions.

- The contrast shower not only will help to strengthen health, and and will relieve you of emergence of extensions. Alternate massaging of problem sites stream of cold and warm water tones up and strengthens integument. After acceptance of such shower pound body towel then grease skin with the structure intended for the prevention of extensions. Контрастный душ

плаванье - Very popular prophylactic in fight against extensions swimming is considered. Try to visit regularly the pool with frequency not less than one-two weekly.

- It is no secret that pregnancy promotes emergence of striya. Not to think further of how to get rid of extensions, during "interesting" situation you wear special bras and bandages. These devices will not allow excessive stretchings of skin and will help to get into condition quickly during the postnatal period. специальные бюстгальтеры и бандажи

эфирные масла - Use for care of the skin of means with the content of elastin, collagen, vitamins E, And, Page. From time to time do compresses with broths of medicinal herbs, essential oils or fermented milk products.