As nutritionists treat starvation and post

как диетологи относятся к голоданию и посту

Not food enemy of the person

Even at perfect health starvation is big stress for organism, and they in our life and so are enough. Therefore nutritionists categorically against full hunger.

Neither proteins, nor fats, nor carbohydrates but only water come to organism at starvation. Sometimes and it is absent if there is a speech about dry starvation. It means that the organism has to provide some time the internal needs for power sources at the expense of own reserves because to take them any more not, from where.

"Revolution" in such cases happens both in bodies, and in blood. Most of all the endocrine system suffers. The person can even fall in coma from hypoglycemia (low contents of glucose in blood). Iodine is sharply lacked by thyroid gland. And to the seventh day of starvation it is possible "to get" even pancreatitis.

During starvation the organism uses own muscular tissue as protein source for construction and resuming of fabrics, synthesis of hormones, digestive enzymes and other necessary substances. Than it "will halloo" afterwards - nobody knows. Except loss of extra kilos, you have chances to get avitaminosis, the general decrease in immunity and organism tone are high.

And here the post is some kind of diet. Notice, in religions not there is a speech about full refusal of food but only about restriction. Restraint in food as on me, confirms the level of good breeding of the person. Not food enemy of the person, and its wrong preparation and excessive use. Therefore it is better not to starve, and to change the mode and quality of food, to increase physical activity and expense of calories. That is, there is less meat, sausages, canned food, and it is more than simple food - crude and fermented vegetables, porridges, fruit.

It is not necessary to experiment

In posts there is nothing bad. Besides, they are very necessary to each of us, the human body will not be prevented by some kind of fasting days from time to time.

However, though we also refuse in post certain products, all the same with food we receive necessary vitamins and microelements. If we do not eat some meat, then we eat fish (that is even useful), we use more vegetables and fruit.

And at starvation there is no it. However, the organism functions and has to receive some substances for resuming of the reserves. And they do not arrive because we eat nothing. Therefore I also did not make over myself such experiments, and I do not advise others it to do. Especially it concerns those who already have problems with gastrointestinal tract.

Not method of self-treatment

Starvation is at all not method of self-treatment because everyone suits it not. Also you should not apply it at all diseases in a row. The main thing - is correct and obligatory to do everything under the supervision of the doctor.

Sometimes starvation in general is contraindicated, for example, at oncological diseases, tuberculosis, even some sharp infections. When the person starves, its improvement happens thanks to removal of toxins, and it occurs against exacerbation of chronic diseases. Therefore immunity, that is ability of organism to resistance to diseases decreases.

The easy, simple food is much more useful to organism. Vegetables and fruit deliver vitamins and microelements. And it increases immunity.

Hunger suits not all

The good health, high spirits, high performance depend on condition of organism. We have to get rid of harmful substances and slags which in it collect regularly. How? It depends on how we feel whether we have disease of internals. Therefore starvation suits not everyone. It would be advisable to reduce the use of animal fats and proteins much. The post as restriction in certain food as it is possible better meets these requirements - the organism receives necessary and does not suffer from redundancy.