We improve quality of dream


Fully to work, it is necessary to have a rest fully. And it is subject of special care too.

One of main types of rest is the dream. It recovers power reserves of substances of nervous system which are spent during wakefulness.

During dream there is approval of physiological, biochemical and exchange processes, alignment of the ratios broken as a result of overloads between functions of internals.

The dream refreshing, calming and curing - indispensable component of cheerfulness and health, high professional activity.

The first sign of overfatigue of nervous system - emergence of drowsiness, feeling of constant fatigue. Even insignificant sleep disorders at almost healthy people sharply reduce functionality of organism. The person feels day overloads more and more, it is reflected also in its rest. There is vicious circle, and the vitality shortly falls: all that is capable to strengthen health, is perceived as excessive burden. Complain of sleep disorders quite often. Statistically every fourth addresses specialists.

According to foreign researchers, in recent years among the population the use of sleeping medicines has grown more than five times. At the same time, as scientists consider, at the vast majority of the people trying to manage dream by means of tablets or other chemical sleeping medicines, violations have psychogenic character, and they can be helped the simple, natural means available to each family.

Sleep disorders can be not only at adults, they are observed also at children at frequent violation of day regimen, at excessive academic loads.

The dream is needs of nature of the person and takes away from it nearly a third of life. And how many it is actually necessary for time for dream?

This figure and for children is not identical to adults. Supervision of the English bioritmolog of A. Webb have shown that the normal duration of dream at newborns - from 11 to 23 hours. With age it, naturally, decreases, but fluctuates nevertheless in considerable limits.

So, at children till two years time of dream can fluctuate within 10-12 hours, and at children from 2 to 4 years - within 5-6 hours, at children of school age - within 4-6 hours.

At 20-30-year-old the need for dream differs within 2-5 hours. And already aged after 60 flyings the normal dream can proceed both 5, and 13 hours. Thus, there is individual, personal norm of hours which everyone needs to know. Let's notice that if the person sleeps in the fresh air, then duration of dream is reduced approximately by one hour.

People who for dream need not enough time meet. So, Peter I spent for dream no more than 5 hours, T. Edison - a little more than 2 hours, and to Napoleon there was to take a nap a little that he has felt slept enough.

It is simple to establish individual norm of duration of dream. For children it is defined as follows.

To the child allow to fall asleep in hours, usual for it. He has to wake up independently so that nobody awoke him. The average duration of dream during not less than 5-7 days also gives the necessary figure. It is necessary to define it at least, than time in two-three years.

Good rest of nervous system during dream allows the child to transfer different loadings which it is necessary to face in the course of training, to avoid emergence as a result of retension of functional neurosises or predisposition to their emergence.

At adults duration of dream is defined similarly, but it is better to do it when there is opportunity to be put to bed in certain hours and there is no need to rise in the set time. Most of all the period of issue or the day off approaches for this purpose.

The rhythm of activity is inherent in each person irrespective of age. One like to get up early and to go to bed early to have a rest, others prefer to sit up with the book late, to watch TV, to receive guests, is indifferent for the third in what mode they live. The first are usually called "larks", the second - "owls". And they very painfully treat sharp change of the usual schedule and the mode of dream. But it is even worse if any mode in general is absent. The chaotic way of life throughout long time, as a rule, leads to heavy sleep disorders, and it means overstrain of nervous system. There is difficult situation. To get rid of drowsiness, address stimulants - to strong tea or coffee. But thereby the sleep is even more interrupted, and for its recovery begin to use sleeping pill.

Where exit? First of all it is necessary to try to observe strictly day regimen, work and rest that the steady stereotype was developed. It is not necessary to be engaged before going to bed in the affairs capable to cause emotional loadings: not to read to children "scary" fairy tales, not to start hot discussions, not to indulge in alarming reflections. To eat food not later than 2-3 hours to dream.

To achieve dream depth from the child, he should be accustomed to so-called free pose. Many children like to sleep "kalachiky". Such situation pulls together points of attachment of muscles-sgibateley. By specialists it is established that if the child, lying on spin, puts hands for the head, then legs freely become straight. If to press hands to breast, then legs are, as a rule, tightened to stomach. That is why to children before going to bed recommend to put hands for the head - it will allow to cultivate steady skill of the free, developed pose during dream.

Both for children, and for adults there are physiological "somnolent" means which are desirable for applying more widely in life. Their advantage also that the organism does not get used to them unlike the majority of pharmacological means on which often lay great hopes unfairly.

Beneficial influence on dream is exerted by clean, cool air. It affects the person soothingly. That is why recommend to air before going to bed the room, and it is even more useful - to sleep in the open.

Everyone practically defines for itself(himself) as to it better it is slept - with the opened or closed window, on soft or hard bed, flat or high pillow.

Effective remedy of relaxation and shutdown, from day cares 20-30-minute evening walk is, it is desirable on quiet small streets. Such walk can be replaced with easy gymnastic exercises. At the same time it must be kept in mind that the late occupations connected with intensive physical activities despite muscular fatigue, excite more often, than lead to relaxation. And here exercises in the afternoon or in the early evening, in 4-5 hours before going to bed, promote improvement of dream.

Well bathing procedure calms. It will be out once a week, but not later than 2-3 hours before withdrawal to dream.

The simple and at the same time giving good effect means is massage of the head. Skin on the head is massed by about 2-3 minutes. To strengthen massage actions, after it the head is wrapped in towel, leave open only nose. The dream comes soon after procedure.

Sometimes effective is also the general short massage of body. Procedure is run dry hands or pure hair brush of average rigidity.

All movements carry out from the periphery towards heart. In the beginning mass legs, then hands, and then breast and back.

The efficient means improving dream is the room air bathtub which is carried out as follows.

Previously are warmed under blanket. After that get up, having covered it with blanket that it has not cooled down, and in room shoes stroll undressed 2-3 minutes on the room. The light is not turned on. Being afraid to come across furniture or any other objects, the person distracts from the thoughts disturbing him, and it has the additional weakening effect. Then go to bed and try to fall asleep. If the long-awaited dream does not come, then procedure can be repeated.

Long ago it is noticed that the person is calmed by water procedures: the general rubdowns by cool water, cold foot bathtubs, bathtubs for hands. Thanks to them the dream comes quicker and happens deeper.

The general rubdown is made as follows. The towel is moistened in the water having temperature of 20-22 degrees and wrung out then rub off all body from foot and to the head (except head of hear). Legs and hands wash in basin or bucket, and even just under the crane. All this takes 30-40 seconds. And then, without wiping the washed parts of the body, wrap up them with dry towel or woolen scarf and go to bed.

If before going to bed take bath or shower, then it is possible, without being wiped, to put on pajamas or nightgown wet body and to settle right there in bed, having taken cover warm blanket.

In scientific literature it is considered one of effective methods of regulation of dream.

Helps to recover normal dream also autogenic training - auto-suggestion.

The way about which we will tell is available practically to everyone. It is possible to seize it in 2-3 weeks, every day being engaged for 15-20 minutes. Not all manage to achieve at once the necessary result - many of us are not able to relax correctly. And for any relaxation of muscles (relaxation) it is necessary that the person has consciously disconnected impulses from muscles of skeletal muscles which form in the motive centers of brain. When it manages to be made, the feeling of languor, ease, rest appears.

Full relaxation is best of all reached in lying situation. At the same time it is not necessary to think of anything foreign. Each phrase of verbal suggestion is said about themselves several times. All attention is concentrated only on sense of the pronounced words.

Here approximate text of such suggestion:

  1. p I calm down. p it is absolutely quiet.
  2. Legs grow heavy. Hands become heavy.
  3. Pleasant heat spreads from finger-tips on the left leg, now it passes into the right leg, the left hand, the right hand, heat passes and covers all trunk.
  4. All body becomes warm.
  5. Heart fights quietly.
  6. Breath calms down. Breath is quiet.
  7. It is breathed easily.
  8. The trunk is completely relaxed. It has a rest.
  9. There is feeling of drowsiness which increases more and more. Drowsiness amplifies.
  10. Eyelids gradually stick together.
  11. p I fall asleep. p I sleep.

All phrases are repeated until begin to feel necessary effect. The last phrases are repeated monotonously till 15-20 times. The first 8 positions of auto-training can be used as the calming verbal suggestion for recovery of forces, for deepening of short-term rest. In this case the final part of formula will be such.

9. p has completely had a rest, it is full of energy and completely mobilized.

Special attention should be paid on how to remove muscular stress. Importance of it was emphasized still by K.S. Stanislavsky: "To assimilate when lying to children and to receive shape of body as in the soft soil, it is necessary to be exempted from any muscular tension - such state gives the best rest to body. At such rest it is possible to be refreshed in half an hour or hour as under other conditions it is not possible to achieve it during the night".

Let's notice, by the way, that it is not obligatory to go during short-term rest to bed at all. It is possible to have a rest and sitting. For this purpose it is necessary to weaken at first the pulling together clothes details (to unlace footwear, to undo belt, upper buttons of shirt), then it is convenient to sit down, leaning the elbows the body on back of chair or chair; hands are put at the same time on knees or armrests, fingers are in halfbent state, incline the head forward.

Specialists claim that methods of autogenic training are suitable for any healthy person. Contraindications can be found in patients. Cases when conscious delay of warm rhythm at patients with stenocardia was resulted by attack are known.

To the people having sleeplessness and other sleep disorders hardly happens to return to condition of normal good rest. To interrupt sleep, months are necessary, but also its recovery by time requires the same term. It is necessary to consider still that these violations can result from diseases. Then only the doctor can define as what to choose method for its recovery.

Human life in modern society is connected with constants nervous, and sometimes and physical overworks therefore it is important to be able to regulate the rest to keep working capacity and health.

But at the same time it is impossible to receive additional charge of cheerfulness and energy without systematic physical activities. It is good if the house, where do you live, is located near park, the wood, reservoir. Then occupations in the fresh air do not make problem. And if the apartment is far from such places and nearby there is no recreation area? In this case it is worth spending forces and time for that in the yard of the house or on the nearby waste ground to create the sports and game complex. Once you begin, and assistants among adults and children right there will appear, there will always be those who will come to the rescue in such important and useful issue which eventually concerns all.