How to get rid of completeness

избавиться от полноты

Hi everyone. I do not suffer from excess weight. Only I watch how people with this problem suffer. However, there was it, as I suffered a little. Has begun to notice that already on stomach and on sides the fat appears. To put it briefly, it is not necessary to me and I have understood that it is problem. Of which it is very difficult to get rid. It is easy to get, and difficultly to get rid. Therefore I understand those people who really have a lot of excess weight. I will tell about how I resolved this issue and as you can do it. Of course, I will tell nothing easy. Though, problem this serious and many give different advice, simpler, than mine. On the Internet we read about it. In the same place what principle that more people have visited the website, correctly?

People come where? Where it is easier. "Click on the advertisement, and you right there will lose two kilograms". That is it is such trick. And you never know. Perhaps, will help. Only will provide you some super means from which you completely will grow thin in week. And then, as you will cease to use it – again you will recover. All this wrong methods. Still I read often in advertizing: "Stop to eat two products and at once you will grow thin". But same nonsense, the complete nonsense. What we products would not cease to eat, it does not mean that from the others it is impossible to recover. It is possible to recover on one bread or potato if it is without measure.

By the way, measure it in our business the most important thing and the most difficult at the same time. I want to tell that without change of way of life, habits nothing will leave. So-so also know. If you think to grow thin without change of habits, then it will be not the real weight loss. – can be temporary or maybe that it will bring you diseases, such weight loss. By means of tablets weight loss attracts negative changes in organism and does it serious harm. Some even reach to the point of absurdity, settle worms in intestines which take away on themselves nutrients. Well, and then from them it is necessary to get rid of these worms. Generally, all this muck. And we need change of way of life without what there can be no change and in build of our body.

The first without what weight loss cannot be, heavy physical activities. This factor not only, though important. The more loadings, the better, but besides, moderately, on your forces. You have to be adjusted on the fact that just you will train. Best of all to play some sports which are interesting to you. Perhaps it is body building - for men? Perhaps it is martial arts - for women. The sport has to be interesting to you so that you could be engaged in it daily, including trainings in daily routine. It has to be the active sport. Perhaps, jogs outdoors if you live in such district where there is opportunity to enjoy the nature, simply, making jogs, not fixing foreign eyes are pleasant to you. Also driving the bicycle will approach. You for yourself choose sport. If you there is enough everything for two three days or for week, then to sense will not be. Here it is necessary to spend at least half a year to see result.

Sometimes change of type of activity helps. It is possible to leave on hard physical activity. To consciously carry out it as at work it is already impossible to shirk, and it is necessary to strain. Plus besides you can get additional profit. If payment from development, and you pursue the conscious aim of strong loadings, then will often not try to have a rest will earn more. Workers are inclined to frequent smoke breaks. You will not have it. The administration will respect you, the salary will increase, excess weight will leave, making profit financial. You will not try to dump on another the duties as you pursue the hidden aim. You understand that physical tension is your healing. And there it is imperceptible and you will earn money. Double or triple benefit turns out. Weight is lost inevitably.

Very well tourism helps with the matter. Pedestrian tourism to mountains: The Carpathians, the Crimea, to the Caucasus. Well, of course, where it is safe. In the Caucasus now armed conflicts, it is bad, and in the Crimea and in the Carpathians it is possible to walk. On the mountains it is difficult to go, especially with backpack yes to rise.

How still physical activities can achieve moral simplification? Find to yourself the company. In team always morally easier it is also possible to make more. Perhaps, the incentive requires the beautiful gym, beautiful form, viewing of special movies that will support you psychologically. You have to behave morally constantly in tone.

I will tell you that physical exercises in question of weight loss – not the heaviest. As a rule, the people having excess weight are accustomed superfluous to eat. They eat too much. Here difficulty as it will be necessary to limit itself is covered. To gradually get used to eat less. Make the accurate schedule in respect of quantity of food. Distribute the schedule for half a year with constants small, hardly noticeable reduction of volume of products. The volume of your stomach, and with it and the volume of the consumed food has to decrease. Not so that to starve, but is a little less. If you were full, then now it is desirable to rise because of table with easy feeling of hunger. Not with strong, and with lung.

Ideally change of way of life has to happen in eight directions. If we have excess weight, so our organism is not healthy. Some balance is broken. Respectively, there was it in violation of harmony on the basic principles of health of the person. It is necessary to review these aspects. I will list: sun, air and water, work, rest, food, belief, abstention.

As the poem – can be learned to check itself then.

Now is more detailed. Sun air and water. The sun moderately brings health. Fire on the sun without burns, breath by clean air, pure consumption. It is necessary to drink waters in hot weather 2-3 liters a day, and in the winter 1,5 – 2 liters a day. It is norm for the person. Then the organism will not accumulate water in itself, and will remove it. At the same time all systems and cages will be well cleared. You will never swell. Such use of water will be correct.

Further work, rest, food. We spoke about work – physical exercises. But also rest is important. It is necessary after trainings, after loadings to manage to be recovered. Now we pass to food. Already spoke about quantity of food, but it is still very good to practice vegetarianism. If you use animal protein, then eat them no more than 75 grams a day. For the adult it is safe norm. And it is the best of all, to replace them vegetable. Soy protein much more polezy. But also it cannot be abused 95 grams a day enough. Diet basis – carbohydrates. Well, and more fruit and vegetables crude, but environmentally friendly.

Two more points. Belief and abstention. The belief is faith in God without whom to sense will not be. Heard proverb – not bread one the person will be living. So its roots in the Bible. All processes of our organism are directed the Creator. He can make us thin and full though he, wants that we were healthy, so, had the correct weight.

And the last, abstention. Speaking to the modern language, it is self-checking. We do work – we control loading. We eat – we control quantity and quality of food. We have a rest – the same. All useful – moderately. Harmful – no gram that got to organism. You know about harmful substances: alcohol, tobacco, caffeine etc.

Here and all council. Be such that you were pleasant to yourself.