How to get rid of excess weight during chest feeding

избавиться от лишнего веса в период грудного кормления
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Often the young feeding mothers have problems with loss of excess weight. It is connected with the fact that for normal production of milk to you it is necessary to eat much and caloriely. But it does not mean that you will not be able to grow thin until the kid eats breast milk. It is possible to normalize the weight and it is necessary to begin right now.

1. Eat the balanced food with small doses, but it is frequent. Little children eat approximately time at three o'clock and your organism is already programmed on development of additional energy during these periods of time. Try to eat food with the same interval of time, as between feedings.

2. Drink a lot of water. Breast milk for 50% consists of water which is important part of process of metabolism in organism. Because of production of milk the organism loses liquid that slows down work of organism including process of digestion and assimilation of food. Having filled lack of liquid, you improve work of digestive tract and will prevent organism to lay slags.

3. About lack of energy the organism signals you by means of feeling of hunger. Do not ignore these signals at all even if you ate recently. Just try to deceive your stomach and instead of couple of cutlets give it juicy apple or something that contains large amount of carbohydrates. As carbohydrates are source of primary energy for organism, your body very quickly will process them and at the same time will not hide gram of fat anywhere.

4. As with the breast poured by milk it is heavy to be engaged in fitness or other active sports, it is possible to try alternative types of loadings. Daily two-hour walks with carriage will replace sports walking. If you want to sit instead of walk on shop in park, then it is necessary to remember at once as you looked before pregnancy and as you look now - it will serve as good incentive not to be lazy. If the kid already creeps, then mother cannot miss such opportunity to work. Creeping together with the child, you involve in muscle work of abdominal tension, coxofemoral muscles and muscles of hands. Twenty minutes of crawling on the room will replace to you the main exercises for reduction of muscles in tone. To put legs in order, try to poprisedat with the kid on hands. Depending on the child's weight, the number of squats can vary from 10 to 30. Such type of loading will help to tighten flabby skin on hips and to strengthen gastrocnemius muscles.

5. Try not to be nervous. If before pregnancy and childbirth sharp loss of weight could be effect of nervous stress, then now everything will be on the contrary. The feeding organism in stressful situation will begin to be protected and postpone reserves of fat "for the winter". Therefore try to behave in good psychological form and not to give in to any irritable factors.

6. Do not forget that you gained weight slowly. It means, as it is necessary to lose it slowly, otherwise the result for a long time will not be late and in month the lost kilograms will return back. Do not try to keep to hungry diets or to be engaged in heavy power exercises - it will only do much harm to your health. Let's themselves installation implement all above-stated recommendations and move to the purpose slowly, but it is sure.

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