History of one successful weight loss

история одного успешного похудения

the Photo of girls before weight loss

History of my weight loss has begun long ago, with school. With envy looking at the girlfriends who could dress everything that they wanted and did not hesitate of the body on the beach at all, I have come to conclusion that it is necessary to change something in image of the life. p has begun to take care of the own life.

Having registered in fashionable then aerobics and running in the mornings, I have not seen special changes in the figure.

I have grown thin absolutely unexpectedly for myself when I have married. The matter is that mine now the ex-husband had problem with stomach and therefore he ate very little, but is frequent. Having followed its example and having passed to fractional food, I have with little effort lost extra kilos.

The problem of excess weight has returned to me six years later after I have given birth to the child. I ate also a little, but my weight read off scale for norm framework. That's it then I have begun to try different diets, and between them ate, including calories.

Difficulties and restrictions

сложности и ограничения

Each woman who tried "to keep" to diet knows as it is difficult. It is necessary itself in something all the time to limit, that is impossible, it. Then I have counted that the plate of the porridge cooked on water on calories is proportional to small smoked sausage sandwich. I very much love sausage moreover and the husband as if scoffing, began to buy any delicacies, obviously knowing that they are impossible for me. For me it is still unclear why it did it since he disliked women in body and all the time said that I thick and to nobody except it am necessary. Most likely, he very much wished that to anybody it was not necessary.

I managed to lose weight after I have sent the husband to all devils and have got a job. My daily routine in root has exchanged. Since morning of the child in kindergarten which is located in 30 minutes of walking from the house, after also on foot for work. In the evening same history only on the contrary. Working, I began to eat twice a day, i.e. at 11:00 and at 18:00, the truth in days off and holidays ate as usual. I did not do restriction in set of products. Result – 16 kg for half a year.

Weight was simple to be held, it stood on one tag within 5 years since the new mode became image of my life. And so also proceeded, but I have again married and have again given birth to the child. Nursed about one year and during this period ate caloric products (that the milk was fatter). As a result from 50 kg I have said goodbye and has turned into the 77th kilogram matron. Once again, having looked in mirror and having terrified the look, I have decided that it is time to get it together again. Taking the former experience of weight loss and any will power in attention, I have found for myself optimum way which was efficient and has returned me practically my former weight. Today I weigh 52 kg and is happy with the appearance.

My way of weight loss

At once I will make a reservation that this way will suit not everyone since even partial refusal of food will bring stress to all organism and stomach first of all. So if you have problems with gastrointestinal tract, this way not for you. p to it has come, considering features of the organism plus unwillingness to refuse tasty, but not useful products.

Everything is extremely simple, it is necessary to eat every other day. One day you starve, but on following are able to afford to eat piece of cake, favourite sausage or smoked fish, i.e. any restrictions. At first you will eat approximately the same portions, as before, but over time these portions will decrease in two or three times since your stomach will become less. You will feel it when having tried to eat more norm your stomach will protest. You will feel in it weight as though have swallowed stones and after that you will not want to overeat any more.

How to begin

The most important at the initial stage not to break, and then everything will return to normal.

I remember what at first was very hungry me also I, in hungry day drank fermented baked milk. In general it is considered that it is possible to drink kefir liter, but as I do not love it, I drank on fermented baked milk liter floor. As soon as having very felt hungry, I poured floor of glass of fermented baked milk and very slowly drank it. The first two weeks I quite so also did, and then have felt that I can do also without it. In hungry day I drank water without gas, tea and coffee without sugar. So I have held on two months, having thrown off at the same time 10 kilograms.

Как начать

After that I had break somewhere for about four months after which I began to starve again. For the second time it was already much easier and I did not hunger such terrible. The organism has got used to such food and took it for granted.

Somehow my weight has risen on dead point, and I have applied small cunning – have eaten two days running, and then have again entered the mode. My weight has started being lost over again. As a result, I, not especially straining, lost 5 kg a month.

At such way of dumping of weight it is important to consider that longer than two months so it is impossible to eat, it is necessary to do break. It is necessary in order that skin managed to be reduced, and weight was fixed. In the period of break you can gain about a kilogram, but you should not be upset, you will dump them again. At such approach I in year have dumped 25 kilograms what I was immensely glad to. Now for keeping fit I try not to overeat and I do one hungry day a week.