The exception of some products of diet conducts to osteoporosis!

исключение продуктов из рациона

Many experts are sure that if you have decided to keep to diet, then first of all you need to address the specialist. Your organism has to be under constant control of the doctor. Because some elements, such do not enter your diet as, for example calcium, in the future can develop osteoporosis.

Earlier it was said that in 3 of 10 cases, the hobby for diets led to complete elimination of some products. But it is worth to remember that not only calories contain in food, but also vitamins and minerals which are simply necessary, for maintenance of health of your organism.

All know such phenomenon as osteogenesis. It is process on forming of bone tissues. But, this process can be broken, and then, bones become very brittle and thin, and it conducts already to more serious disease — osteoporosis! Not so long ago, one western actress admitted that she already observes osteogenesis violation. Also it connects it with what "keeps" very rigid diet which excludes such products as milk, cheese, bakery products, other fermented milk products. And they, are rich with calcium which promotes strengthening of bones and teeth and do them healthy.

All know that eating calcium, we care not only for bones and teeth, and also also for work of heart, we strengthen muscles, we improve coagulability of blood. There are also assumptions that the sour-milk food contains such useful substances which lower pressure and do not allow to develop to fatal diseases.

In Europe research was conducted. Have interrogated 4 500 women who ever in the life adhered to dietary food. And here that has become clear:

- 30% of women to dump all before some "sign" event, almost completely refuse food. Live "on water".

- 28% of respondents admitted that they from fermented milk products, eat only cheese.

- 11% - in general have refused the use in food of milk products

- more than 41% of girls refuse also bakery products, and it as it was told earlier, contains a lot of calcium too

- but what most of all strikes consciousness is that 26% claim that they are not interested in structure of product, they pay attention only to amount of fat and caloric content

- 12% the nutrition value, and as well as previous — only caloric content did not interest at all.

There are such unfavourable results. And all this while middle age keeping to various diets already has approached 14 years. Whether it is awful? The healthy, growing organism just has to receive all necessary minerals and vitamins for full development and growth. As if by 35 years the bone tissue has not managed to be created qualitatively is direct way to development of osteoporosis in the future!

Scientists and physicians, unanimously claim that the person who has reached certain age needs to use about 700 mg of calcium. This mineral contains not only in bread and milk, it also contains in such products as:

  • broccoli;
  • cabbage;
  • nuts;
  • dried fruits;
  • green vegetables;
  • etc.

Fish — here one more most useful product, it is very rich with calcium. But it is worth to remember that all is useful moderately. If you have decided to give to the organism more calcium, be not overzealous, and that side effects — pains and unpleasant feelings in stomach can appear.

In turn, the fat-free products, comprise as much calcium how many and products of usual fat content.