Achievement of ideal weight by means of diet of one day

достижение идеального веса
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For certain you will be pleased that the diet of one day not only will serve weight reduction, but also will be remarkable preventive and remedy, it will help to clear your organism.

Anyway, whether more desirable symmetry or on the first place for you maintenance of health - this diet for you concerns you. And for this purpose, and for another it is ideal means.

Clear the digestive organs

If you suffer from excess weight, it not only is reflected in your appearance. It also means that your organism is overloaded, and digestive organs need clarification.

There are many signs which are unmistakably let know that excess and incorrect food damages health. Treat them: fast fatigue, headache, cold, frequent colds and defects of skin.

Salutary rest for liver and intestines

Afford small excesses, but also do not forget and to help to protect the health, devoting one day a week post. Think only that your digestive organs work for you 24 hours a day! That is they are constantly busy, without having the one and only day off...

And you do not grudge the organism? It is unlikely! Therefore provide it one day off a week. At this time it will get rid of the available harmful substances and will have a rest from the aggravating food habits. Greasy food - French fries with mayonnaise, toast with ham and cheese or vanilla ice cream with cream - demands improbable expenses of energy and even one drop of alcohol leads to the fact that at intestines, liver and kidneys collect "overtime" for the raised loading and processing.

Slags are so formed

Usually human body very well copes with harmful substances. But because of improper feeding from year to year and from consumption of alcohol and nicotine slags are formed. Gradually them collects so many that also the whole team of cleaners would not cope.

Get rid of slags and harmful substances

The diet of one day will give one day for rest to all bodies of your body, having allowed them to supply with energy trillions of cages optimum. During post the program of distribution and development of energy is reconstructed: usually the food is absorbed, digested, split and brought out of organism. In days of post the organism is forced to address the internal stocks, consuming the available fats and proteins, harmful substances are removed by itself.

The central point of metabolism - liver

It is the largest internal body. In liver vitamins, sugar and iron collect, proteins are processed here and there is process of exchange of fats. The center of clarification of organism plays the central role in removal from organism of harmful substances.

The powerful filter - kidneys

For the unique day of kidney about 300 times filter all blood of your body. Kidneys are extremely important for cleaning of organism, with urine toxins are removed from organism. Not only in day of diet, but also every day it is necessary to drink rather large amount of water, thus "to wash out" kidneys.

The most loaded body - stomach

On gullet first of all the food gets into stomach. Gastric juice prepares organism for process of its assimilation. Thanks to the alternate squeezing and weakening reductions of muscles of stomach, the food carefully mixes up with gastric juice and slowly moves to duodenum, upper site of small intestine. If you have sensitive stomach, you should refuse coffee and always to show consideration for the consumed food extremely. In this case during diet of one day you are recommended to drink water, serum and tea and by no means juice as they are not so well had by organism.

The center of digestion - intestines

Intestines are the central digestive organ. It is subdivided into thin and thick intestines, In approximately four-meter small intestine the food carefully mixes up. After its compound parts are split by digestive juice, they get through mucous membrane to blood. In large intestine from the remains of food vitamins, mineral substances and salts are emitted. Unsuitable parts of food are brought out of organism through rectum.

The assistant in the course of clarification - skin

Skin is the largest human organ, its area averages about two square meters. Large amount of harmful substances, slags is brought out of organism through sweat and sebaceous glands. For skin it will also be very useful if you address diet of one day during which you will drink a lot of liquid. You will notice it on its healthy state.

Wake functions of skin

To accelerate clarification of organism through skin, you should refuse the perfumed means of hygiene and to give preference to neutral soap and lotion. Skin it is possible "to encourage" cold or contrast shower.

Weight reduction with constant success

The diet of one day will help you to lose weight with ease: when within one day you refuse food, on the one seventh part the weekly number of the calories consumed by you decreases. That is you save 2000 — 3500 calories! So in one day of post you will be able to dump about a kilogram.

The organism learns to adhere to measure

As in day of post you clear the organism, consuming a lot of liquid and the drinks burning fats, the arrow of scales can fall and is even lower. In addition the diet of one day develops in us sense of proportion so gradually you will begin to eat less and in other days of the week. Week after week all of you will observe more clearly results. But do not forget: the diet of one day does not belong to drastic remedies. Be patient! If you want to lose weight constantly, it is necessary to clear organism regularly, not one - few times, but week after week.

Even do not think of destructive diets

You think that it is too simple — to spend several weeks for reaching ideal figure and to get rid of accumulation of harmful substances, having only reprogrammed bad habits in the field of food? Then think that positive impacts of diet can be felt throughout all remained life. What several weeks in comparison with years or decades which you will live harmonous, healthy and active mean? Perhaps, all of you were not convinced of positive sides of diet of one day yet and do not believe that all of you will be able to reach ideal weight. And nevertheless we urge you to refuse radical diets, destructive for organism, forever! Read "Recommendations for impatient better" which you will find in the end of the book (see page 55). You much more will strengthen effect of weight reduction by diet of one day.

In shape, without being afraid to lose it

For certain the next unpleasant moment is familiar to all of you: after tiresome long diets the organism falls into such decay that protective mechanisms turn on and the reserve of fats is quickly postponed again. Even if after following to diet you continue to eat a little, the organism will include protection program and will try to stock up with fatty tissue for the future on case of repetition of the crisis caused by diet.

Uncertainty - scales shake up, down

When you try to overcome again gained weight with new diet, the arrow of scales begins to fluctuate, rising up, falling down. The most unpleasant that you cannot understand whether you lose weight or you gain it. The metabolism comes to condition of utter chaos. The diet of one day does not lead to the fact that the organism "rises" against your actions. On the contrary, the short post will be pleasant to it. Then the organism gets used to it and regularly begins "to demand" fasting days.

In one day without food the organism will not rock to sound alarm

One day without firm food was not wonder also for our ancestors from the Stone Age. Our body is well prepared for short-term deprivation of food whereas long diets cause stress. Besides it is not enough one day in order that brain "hunger" has given signal and has included the emergency protection program. Therefore the arrow of scales until you adhere to diet of one day, will constantly fall. It occurs without stress and danger again to gain weight, softly and gradually - and this effect will proceed until you decide that you have reached ideal weight!

Change way of thinking and lose weight

The reason that the diet of one day so well works is covered in psychology. Each effective diet affects advantage to the person, but not to the detriment of him. While you struggle with desires and requirements, you will never grow thin. For this reason it is possible to carry out so many radical diets how many want, all of you will equally return to what had in the beginning. Therefore it is very important at first to learn to think in a new way. The diet of one day automatically starts the reconsideration mechanism, exempting you from maniacal desire is.

Controlled pleasure

Perhaps, the word "mania" too cuts to you hearing. But it is valid, many of us are simply obsessed with thoughts of food! It is visible that we lose control over quantity of the absorbed food and we address harmful food, even realizing that they are absolutely unhealthy. The reason that such huge number of people gets to gluttony trap is covered, first of all, that the food can be very beautiful and refined. We not only are saturated corporally, but also we feel better, deriving from it esthetic pleasure. If you look at the newborn who has clung to mother's breast, you will notice at once that the food brings to him and moral satisfaction because process of acceptance of food is associated with heat and safety.

Danger to gain excess weight arises when signals "hunger" or "appetite" are connected rather with psychological requirement, than with physical!

Food as consolation and award

Our body would have enough also small amount of food. The organism is quickly saturated. That is the reason of excess weight lies not in physiological, and in psychological requirements. If in our subconsciousness it was postponed once that the food means safety and advantage, every time will be started the same program: I should eat as much as possible. In difficult life situations the food can seem the last opportunity to support itself. However at the same time the fact that the food all the same cannot satisfy psychological requirements completely is usually forgotten.

Let's leave knurled track

Likely, you know also as you feel with certain draft of Kaedi. On the one hand, veema we realize that "it is time to lose weight", but feelings speak: "Food — it is good, it is necessary itself though a little to indulge". And usually win against feelings disputable case, and we notice result of this victory only when new trousers which we easily pulled still yesterday begin to go to pieces...

Kik to solve this problem? How to learn to control and overcome desires, avoiding repetition of the same weakness? It is simpler, than you think: leave knurled track and try to go in the new way, having addressed diet of one day!

It is so possible to be disaccustomed to addictions

Find other opportunities to satisfy the requirements. Find alternative to cake with cream. The diet of one day will present you new energy.

  • These forces can be used very creatively: try to be engaged in painting, learn to play musical instrument, in chess or buy the camera.
  • Be active physically, but be not overzealous. There is enough also daily easy walk. If you in quite good physical shape, it is possible to arrange short jogs.
  • Of course, it is possible to be engaged also in other sports. Soon you to the floodplain that creativity and sport are capable to satisfy organism much better, than food.

Now the right moment has come

Decide! Everything begins with the conscious decision. You really want to try diet of one day? If so, then promise yourself that you will follow it not week or two, and it is regular. It will be simpler, than you think. To eat nothing much more simply, than is a little: even if you have eaten yogurt in day of post, you have already opened door to old mechanisms of satisfaction of maniacal desire is.


Realize that all in your hands. Be exempted from old dependences which, finally, do you only more unfortunate. The diet of one day will help you to understand as far as it is simple — to refuse within one day food. It is really in power to everyone! Every week you will tear on string from that rope that does you by the slave to own habits.

Understand that refusal does not mean "firmly clenched teeth". During diet of one day you can drink different drinks which will supply you with all necessary substances, having taken care of maintenance of your good mood. The diet of one day has nothing in common with starvation. The speech goes rather about the conscious decision to help health and to improve the appearance.

Success achieved by small concessions

The diet of one day will quickly teach your subconsciousness that short-term refusal of food can also cause feeling of happiness. The interval of time is small (only 24 hours) so you can not doubt success. The success is always pleasant. And your subconsciousness will begin to look for ways of achievement of pleasure from abstention and out of days of post. Oppose idea of diet of one day to mechanisms of satisfaction of your requirements: can be, you want to refuse in one of days alcohol, in another — meat, in the third — sweets. And how about Sunday without TV? It will be difficult to define pleasure borders from the successful experiment. You will find the mass of useful opening.

Thirst for healthy food

As soon as you address diet of one day, you will find something interesting: your consciousness in the field of perception of food will change. You automatically will begin to choose food from which your organism profits, energy, and will begin to feel instinctively what food will litter it only. Your sensitivity will get stronger, and mistakes in the choice of food will become more and more seldom. Your intuition will begin to direct you.

The thorough reasons to begin to adhere to diet of one day right now

Here you will find is glad arguments which will strengthen your confidence that the diet of one day is really useful.

  1. You will gradually approach figure of your dream.
  2. You will lose weight, without having gained it again.
  3. Clear organism.
  4. You will help kidneys, intestines, stomach, liver.
  5. You will find more energy which will help you to cope with difficulties of everyday life.
  6. You compensate the indulgences allowed during the week-end.
  7. You will reprogram your habits in the field of acceptance of food.
  8. You will forget about the disappointments connected with diets, and keep great mood.
  9. You will feel in shape.
  10. Learn to lose weight, enjoying life.