Gymnastics for mobility of joints

гимнастика для суставов

Cardiologists like to say that the person is old so, his arteries are how old. The same can be told also about joints as they are most subject to influence of age. Over the years flexibility leaves, joints lose the mobility, movement volume in them considerably decreases as the person in life should make the movements with much smaller amplitude, than that which joints are expected. The joint surface of the connecting bones, smooth in young years, becomes fibrous with age, the part it comes to non-working state. Attempts to do the movements with the maximum amplitude (to raise outstretched arms up, to take away them for back, highly to raise the extended leg, low to sit down, bend) are followed by crunch and pain. Process of age changes is especially expressed in shoulder, knee, coxofemoral joints, in all spine column.

However age loss of flexibility is not fatal at all. The various, multiaxial movements in joints of hands and legs, in backbone support and develop normal anatomical structures in joints and consequently, and their normal mobility. Smoothness of movements depends on condition of joints and backbone. The crooked poses crooked in knee and coxofemoral joints of leg, uncertain gait with small steps characteristic of many elderly and old people, can be overcome.

It is also necessary to consider that development of the osteochondrosis which is characterized by peculiar degenerative changes in intervertebral disks, in huge number of cases leading to chronic painful disease of radiculitis, substantially depends on lack of the movement of backbone. It is possible to warn (or to weaken) osteochondrosis mainly systematic exercises.

It is necessary to repeat persistently those movements which are most complicated, at first with small amplitude and it is unsharp, then to increase them in the volume and intensity. The academician N. M. Amosov considers that the affected joint it is necessary to exercise 2-3 times more, than healthy. He speaks about 50-100, even in certain cases about 200 repetitions of the same movement, and at fast speed.

Individual experience is the cornerstone of dosage of exercises. Sometimes on study of all joints (and together with them ligaments and muscles) 11-15 minutes are allotted, occasionally these exercises should give for 30-40 minutes. Exercises can be done during the day repeatedly. The vigorous movements of fingers of hands and legs are replaced by rotation of the head, multiaxial rotations of hands and lifting of legs - deep inclinations.

It is very useful to twist so-called abuse-hup.

After dream mobility of joints is limited. The person is more senior, the more clearly he feels it. It is very useful to do in the morning right after dream in bed several elementary exercises recovering mobility in joints. This first charging takes no more than 2-5 minutes, but it gives good mood and working capacity.

1. Rotation by foot in the different planes.

2. Tightening and unclamping of fingers of hands.

3. Alternate and simultaneous lifting of hands.

4. Pandiculations lying on back and stomach. Lying on spin, perhaps deeper deflection in waist.

5. Sitting on beds, slow rotation of the head in the different planes.

6. Sitting on beds, trunk inclinations to the right, to the left, forward.