Buckwheat diet for weight loss


The questions connected with weight loss and excess weight interested mankind at all times. But especially actual the problem of excess weight became presently.

The reason that people have begun to gain promptly excess weight is simple. All the matter is that the majority is forced to lead slow-moving life today. As a result of extra kilos it is not necessary to wait long.

Of course, sport has to be in life of each person, and actually, the easiest to support by sport figure. However on elementary to do exercises, there is not always enough time. And, despite the nervous and intense schedule of life, people begin to suffer from excess weight.

Such situation is pleasant to very few people. Especially women as everyone wants to be the most beautiful for the darling suffer. And to love itself(himself), it is necessary to correspond to that image which seems optimum. Thus, excess weight is the real problem of which a lot of things and would like to get rid, but do not know as. Here diets come to the rescue.

As diets there is huge number, it is not surprising that many women for the life already have managed to try a little from them on themselves. But effective are units.

If you do not agree to making experiments with yourself and the body, and is frequent also health, we offer you unique diet which has already won the hearts many women and men thanks to the efficiency. It is buckwheat diet.

Why the buckwheat diet works

почему работает гречневая диета The buckwheat diet is capable to bring rather good results for those who will sustain it up to the end. In spite of the fact that she is had rather easily, in 14 days which you will spend on diet, you will be able to lose up to 12 kilograms.

Of course, as well as in any diet, loss of weight, to be exact, the number of the lost kilograms depends on what initial weight you had. It is impossible to call this diet hungry. As, eventually, the number of the consumed calories equally on average 970 kcal, at the same time feeling of hunger which often arises at other diets do not threaten you.

If to speak about duration, then by this criterion the buckwheat diet belongs to short diets. As it is necessary to stand her only 14 days. It is not difficult to sustain two week on this diet as buckwheat in itself is rather nutritious product which gives fast feeling of saturation. Those women who had very big initial weight on this diet lost up to 20 kilograms. At the same time bonus is what during weight loss resolves not only excess fat, but also cellulitis from which even absolutely young girls suffer. For this reason buckwheat diet responses of which are so numerous, enjoys wide popularity.

As for efficiency which the diet gives, there is no secret here. All the matter is that buckwheat is caloric for this reason it is possible to refuse additional fat products or proteinaceous food without effort. But protein at the same time all the same comes to organism as it contains in buckwheat. The only difference is that in grain vegetable protein, however it easily satisfies requirements of organism, also as well as animal protein. The only problem for those who have decided to go on buckwheat diet - need of refusal of seasonings, and even from salt.

Besides, is buckwheat it is forbidden after 18:00. And if you have got used to have supper only after work that usually occurs around eight o'clock in the evening, then you need to hire buckwheat with yourself to have supper a bit earlier. This requirement needs to be observed very strictly!

Thanks to lack of salt this diet is also excellent alternative to clarification of organism by other methods. For the short period of time you will be able to put liver and kidneys in order, and your health will significantly improve.

Such diet on buckwheat will help you to look younger and more beautiful, and the condition of skin will please even the most exacting women.

Preparation of buckwheat for diet

As for way of preparation of buckwheat for diet, it is special. For a start you need to prepare floor of kilogram of buckwheat in advance. It will also be your diet for all day!

Grain needs to fill in with abrupt boiled water in volume of 1,5 liters then the saucepan with buckwheat needs to be turned in blanket and to leave till the morning.

It is impossible to cook grain, otherwise it will lose half of those properties which are necessary for successful current of diet.

Itself can also not create excess problems, and to trouble buckwheat in thermos. Buckwheat is ready for the next morning.

On appearance it will differ in nothing from boiled grain. If you have poured too much water, and it was not up to the end absorbed by grain, this water needs just to be poured out.

Of course, the food allowance at that time while you keep buckwheat diet for weight loss, is not limited only to buckwheat as it would be too difficult.

In addition to grain it is allowed to drink a day one liter of kefir fat content no more than 1 percent. It is possible to drink kefir as with buckwheat, and separately from it. In that case if before going to bed you are tormented by the strong feeling of hunger. Kefir will help not to break and not to eat unnecessary products for your organism. Thus, results of buckwheat diet will please you soon.

You will begin to lose weight already shortly after you go on diet. As well as in any other diet, buckwheat allows the use of simple clear water at any time. However it is necessary to watch that water was not mineral gassy, that as carbonic acid only promotes formation of cellulitis. As the buckwheat diet strict, and to organism can not be enough vitamins, it is necessary to accept in addition polyvitaminic preparations (Nobody knows how your hair, skin and nails therefore it is necessary to take care of food for them will react to diet). In certain cases at diet there can be nausea from polyvitaminic preparations. However your task is finishing diet up to the end, despite these by-effects.

How many once a day is

Each two-three hours, small portions. Between meals drink pure still water (not less than 4-6 Art.).

If you feel strong hunger, it is possible to prepare 1 more Art. of grain and to include in the menu vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, celery) and unsweetened fruit.

Diet or fasting day

Nutritionists advise - buckwheat diet when you use it for weight loss, becomes should not for organism shock, however, as well as any other diet.

For a start try to use buckwheat diets as fasting day. Look at the feelings, it was succeeded or not to lose weight. If everything is all right, so the buckwheat diet can be used by you and for longer term.

What is important

On packaging of buckwheat it has to be written "unground buckwheat", but "has not passed".

the pdritsa is whole grain (so, maximum of microelements), has passed — already damaged.

Color is still important — olive-brown grain is better dark brown (when roasting loses part of vitamins).

Greens and spices will help to increase taste.

Exit from buckwheat diet

How to eat after buckwheat diet not to gain weight again?

  • As a rule, during diet the stomach decreases in volumes, try then not to stretch it at once, do not overeat, whenever possible do not eat in 3-4 hours prior to dream.
  • Itself should not arrange right after diet stomach holiday with abundance of greasy and sweet food.
  • It is the best of all to leave buckwheat diet gradually, for example, for breakfast to eat egg with piece of grain bread or skim cheese, for lunch – low-fat soup or salad with meat (fish), and for dinner – the same buckwheat.

To gradually include in the diet not starchy vegetables, fish, chicken breast, turkey and fruit (except bananas, grapes, persimmon).

Advantages, shortcomings and results of buckwheat diet

результаты гречневой диеты The buckwheat diet has the mass of advantages. First of all, it should be noted the fact that during buckwheat diet there are no painful feelings, usual at other diets, such as dizziness, headache, weakness and drowsiness. It is possible to lead active lifestyle without effort.

Besides, It should be noted buckwheat caloric content also. In the first days of diet will seem to you that you have not gorged on, however it not so. And for the third or fourth day you learn to feel saturation and pleasure from food. But the most important plus of diet - its high performance. For a short time it is possible to lose up to 20 kilograms. As for average figures, about 7 kilograms of weight are usually lost. But of course, it is necessary to be limited to that amount of buckwheat which is registered in diet. Otherwise the diet will exceed the recommended norm on calories that is not admissible in this case. And of course, as it was already told earlier, at all women cellulitis with which any cream could not cope before considerably resolves.

At the same time, the buckwheat diet has also essential shortcomings. However, for the sake of such magic result it is possible to reconcile to them. So, buckwheat diet not the fastest. However thanks to its duration even if you will return to old regime of food again, you will gain the weight not soon. And most likely, you already just will not want to return to old regime.

The second shortcoming – limitation of products. However nutritionists say that though nothing is recommended to eat, except buckwheat and kefir, time in several days can be indulged themselves with cookies or candy, but it is necessary to use them moderately.

Reviews of buckwheat diet

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