Hypodynamia - serious threat to health

Гиподинамия - серьезная угроза здоровью

For millions of years of evolutionary development the human body has been adapted for intensive muscular activity. Therefore the weight of skeletal muscles makes from 30 to 40% of body weight, and impulses arriving from the working muscles stimulate activity of cardiovascular system, accelerate oxidation-reduction processes in organism.

Thereof, the active movement is extremely important for activity of the mechanisms regulating function of respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, metabolism.

Scientific and technical progress, at all its positive sides, has such essential shortcoming as decrease in intensity of the movement of human body and high emotional tension.

It is known that the hypodynamia is not less harmful to organism, than oxygen starvations or avitaminosis. But if the insufficient amount of vitamins causes from the very beginning number of unpleasant feelings, then insufficiency of the movement often is followed by feeling of comfort. And as the result, in people who lead slow-moving life occurs gradual degeneration of muscles of heart and skeleton.

According to the Kiev scientific research institute of cardiology of name of the academician N.D.Strazhesko, the frequency of developing of myocardial infarction among employees is 2,5-3 times higher, than among workers. It is established that after high bed rest during only 10-12 days in the patient developments of stagnation, considerable acceleration of pulse rate, oxygen starvation of myocardium are observed. Long deficit of physical activity causes the changes in heart and vessels identical to aging processes. To the contrary, indicators of physical state at the trained persons correspond to indicators of almost healthy people which age is 2-3 decades less.

One of the most available types of physical activity is walking which perfectly trains muscles, improves blood circulation and in most cases does not demand special medical control. Those who has not got used to long walking need to begin with small walks. During walking it is forbidden to smoke. It is possible to dose loadings in one parameter (temporary) or on two (temporary and high-speed), the defining general work and power consumption. The rates of walking are increased gradually.

Mobility is necessary for the person at any age and to begin to move, go in actively for physical culture not late never. Of course, is more best when the person takes with himself on all life mobility which is inherent in children's age. It is impossible to stock up with salutary effect of physical trainings: their termination returns organism to initial, unexercised level in 4-6 weeks. Degree of activity of the movement significantly depends on functional features of individual, its physical training, age, way of life, type of work, etc.

Physical activities only then are effective when they rather long and intensive. At the same time the individual approach, and even medical control is necessary to regulate intensity and character of loadings. Once you address also such easy way of self-checking, pulse rate check.

In the course of trainings there comes adaptation of cardiovascular and respiratory systems to certain loadings therefore their intensity has to increase over time. Gradualness at increase of loadings is the main condition of success of trainings and their positive results. Any physical activity should not be followed by unpleasant feelings. Especially it concerns elderly people.

The movement is curative force, the movement is life! Hypodynamia – serious threat to health, and each of us has to use all opportunities including the active movements to keep health for many years.