Haemo code and food intolerance


The haemo code is the diagnostic method allowing to define portability and intolerance of this or that foodstuff.

The organism of each person - is unique. It not only DNA and fingerprints, it also unique combination of gastric enzymes.

The same food is useful not to all people. On this feature, the first, the American scientists in 1936 have paid attention, having proved that in human body one can prevail and be absent other enzymes. So, beet is useful to someone, and to someone, harmfully.

Also, many noticed more than once that some people eat porridge and, safely grow thin, and – "holds apart" others by leaps and bounds. All the matter is that in the absence of the necessary enzymes, for splitting of this or that food, the organism begins fight where the main, the neutrophils (kind of leukocytes) trying to eliminate elements of junk food act. With large volume of intolerable products, neutrophils do not cope, and then the metabolism is broken.

The food intolerance creates problems about 80% of the population. And, it is not necessary to confuse food intolerance to food allergy where symptoms – itch, rash, reddenings are visible. The food intolerance masks under different diseases. For example, causeless headache, cold, active increase in weight and other indispositions which we begin to treat, thinking that they have caught a cold, we have migraine, etc., even without suspecting actual reason of their emergence.

The food intolerance, is the modern illness which has arisen as a result of pollution of ecology, permanent stresses, illegible food, under the influence of advertizing, etc. To independently define suitable product, rather difficult. The haemo code diagnostics allows to reveal among 130 foodstuff transferable and intolerable food for each specific person.

The haemo code diagnostics, assumes capture of 15 ml of blood from vein, on an empty stomach. Then, in vitro, blood is divided into 130 portions, to each of which added on one food extract (from 130). Further reaction of neutrophils to this or that foodstuff is observed. In 10 days to the patient the red-green card where the prohibited and resolved products are specified is given. And also products which were included into the red-green list of card are specified.

Passing haemo code diagnostics does not mean that it is uncontrolledly possible to eat everything from the allowed list at once. After all, products should be alternated, by the principle of rotation that the organism managed to recover completely spent enzymes (one type of product – time in three days). Such food has to last 6 weeks during which the organism is completely cleared: nedorasshcheplenny products are removed, blood indicators are normalized, excess kg leave.

The following stage, after the first 6 weeks, allows to include gradually in the diet the prohibited products, moving from the list from below up. The prohibited products can be used, but is not more often than once within three days, surely watching the health. If there is the slightest indisposition, it means that after all, your organism does not transfer these products and, you have to exclude completely them from the use in food. Of course, if this product is your most favourite and, it is not possible to refuse it for you, allow its use not more often than once in 15 days.

Thus, having tried all products from the prohibited list and rehabilitating some of them, you will be able to start the use of products which have not entered one of lists, using the same principle of priority.

Usually, the haemo code diet takes, about, about 6 months. But it does not mean at all that upon termination of, it is possible to eat everything without analysis again. After all, it is not necessary to abuse products from the prohibited list, especially, which have not been rehabilitated by you. Besides, the principle of rotation (priority of the use) of products, has to become your principle for the rest of life.