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The fruit diet is considered very effective and at the same time useful way of weight loss. Depending on kind of fruit diet, in week it is possible without efforts to grow thin for 5-7 kg, at the same time to keep good mood and not to turn into eternally hungry grumbling aunt. All know that fruit – source of vitamins and microelements which whole "bouquet" contains in any their kind. But fruit are also peculiar "zaryazhatel" energy and good mood – in them there are substances producing hormones of pleasure and happiness in organism.

The fruit diet for weight loss is based on consumption of huge number of fruit. Many nutritionists and consultants for questions of fight against excess weight recommend to begin hard way to slim figure and beautiful body with this diet.

Advantages of fruit diet:

  • there is clarification of organism from slags and toxins, the feeling of ease appears;
  • the organism does not suffer from lack of vitamins and mineral substances therefore it is not necessary to be afraid of such effects as hair loss, dryness of skin, fragility of nails;
  • cellulitis decreases and complexion improves – it is promoted by huge amount of the cellulose which is contained in fruit;
  • it is allowed to eat food in any, even night time, and at the same time it is not necessary to be afraid of effects in the form of extra kilos;
  • it is not necessary to spend time for preparation of difficult dietary dishes.

Shortcomings of fruit diet

Except well-known indisputable advantages, fruit diets there are also essential shortcomings. For example, scientists have proved that there are certain fruit which quite poorly burn fatty layer, and sometimes even, on the contrary, promote its forming. The huge amount of the fructose which is available in the majority of fruit at hit in liver is processed not into desired glycogen – substance which covers energy costs in the course of vigorous physical activity, and in hated fat. And if well-known glucose is peculiar feed for muscles, then the glycogen does not possess such feature.

Besides, abuse of fruit diets (more than 12 days) can lead to proteinaceous starvation - it quite often occurs at vegetarians. Cannot compensate deficit of animal protein even the most useful and expensive fruit - any fruit diet is dangerous by it. And if for a long time to exclude milk and dairy products from daily diet, excessive shortage of B2 vitamin is guaranteed.

Who does not suit fruit diet

кому не подходит фруктовая диета It is not necessary to grow thin by means of fruit diet to people who:

  • have such diseases as gastritis with the increased acidity or duodenum ulcer (exception the banana monodiet which, on the contrary, is recommended in these cases makes);
  • have tendency to allergy: at banal overeating there can be diathesis, special care needs to be shown with strawberry, citrus and grapes;
  • just do not love fruit.

Kinds of fruit diets

All fruit diets can be divided into two big groups:

- monodiets during which only one certain type of fruit is eaten;

- the mixed diets when it is possible to use different fruit and even their combination to some products is allowed.

❂ Fruit monodiets

The essence of any fruit monodiet consists in the following – during the day to use only fruit of one look. At the sparing diet also inclusion in diet of skim milk or kefir is allowed.

Apple, peach, citrus, banana, water-melon, pineapple monodiets are considered as the most effective.

❂ the Mixed fruit diets

фруктовая диета Джоан Лунден

Fruit diet of Joan Lunden

This diet of the famous American TV host and actress is expected 3 days. During this time it is possible to lose up to 4 kg.

First day:

breakfast – half of small melon and 75 g of yogurt

lunch – salad from pieces of strawberry, kiwi and oranges with yogurt gas station

afternoon snack – two small plums

dinner (not later than 19:00) – half of grapefruit, 180 g of boiled chicken fillet, the vegetable salad filled with lemon juice.

Second day:

breakfast – mix from 150 g of berries and 100 g of cereals

lunch – 3 slices of pineapple

afternoon snack – 1 peach or nectarine

dinner – 1 average orange, 180 g of boiled breast of turkey, lettuce leaves

Third day:

breakfast – 2 slices of water-melon and 75 g of yogurt

lunch – mashed potatoes from 100 g of strawberry and 1 small banana

afternoon snack – small cup of berries

dinner – 170 g of the flounder (or halibut) soaked in lemon juice and steamed, 100 g of Brussels sprout.

очищающая фруктовая диета

The clearing fruit diet

It is possible to adhere to this diet 3-4 days for which it is possible to eat only fresh fruit (except for grapes – it contains large amount of sugar) and freshly squeezed fruit juice. At the same time the minimum norm drunk during a day of liquid (juice, green tea, water) – 2 liters.

Certain time for the main meals is not provided: it is just necessary to eat a few fruit every time when there is feeling of hunger. Such fruit diet perfectly clears organism of toxins and slags, helps to recover work of cages, and loss of weight in 3-4 days will make 2-3 kg.

клубничная смешанная диета

The strawberry mixed diet

This diet for gourmets proceeds 4 days. During this time it is possible to grow thin for 2-3 kg and at the same time to enjoy the most different strawberry dishes.

First day:

breakfast – fruit salad (200 g of strawberry, half of apple, half of banana, 50 g of the fat-free yogurt. 1 tsps of honey;

the second breakfast – strawberry cocktail (100 g of strawberry, 100 g of low-fat milk, 50 ml of not carbonated mineral water, 1 tsp of honey;

lunch – salad (300 g of the white asparagus boiled within 6-7 minutes in the added some salt water, 1 piece of breast of turkey, 1 fresh cucumber, 150 g of strawberry filled with sauce from 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of olive oil, 20 g of pine nuts);

dinner - salad (100 g of strawberry, 300 g of boiled potatoes, 30 g of greens of parsley or celery, 50 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 50 g of the fat-free yogurt, 1 tsp of lemon juice).

Second day:

breakfast - two slices of bread (it is preferable from coarse flour), 50 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 150 g of strawberry;

the second breakfast – strawberry and pineapple cocktail (150 g of strawberry, 50 ml of pineapple juice without sugar, 50 g of low-fat natural yogurt);

lunch - pancakes with strawberry (dough: 50 g of flour, 1 egg, 100 ml of low-fat milk, 1 teaspoon of honey, salt; to allow the test to be drawn about 20 minutes, then to roast pancakes on frying pan with antiprigarny covering, without oil addition, as stuffing to use mashed potatoes from 200 g of strawberry and 2 tbsps of lemon juice);

dinner – salad (100 g of strawberry, 200 g of cabbage lettuce, 1/2 pods of sweet yellow pepper, half of tomato, 30 g of low-fat natural yogurt, 2 tbsps of low-fat cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, salt to taste).

Third day:

breakfast - strawberry puree (75 g of strawberry, 1 tbsp of the concentrated apple juice, 50 ml of whey, 2 tbsps of oat flakes, 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese);

the second breakfast - strawberry kefir (160 g of strawberry, 150 ml of the fat-free kefir, 1 tsp of honey);

lunch – salad (250 g of honey melon (pulp), 150 g of strawberry, 30 g of ham, mint branch);

dinner - mixed vegetables with strawberry sauce (150 g of potatoes and 100 g of carrots small to cut and fry on the frying pan greased with butter, to add a little water, then to cover frying pan and to protushit vegetables of 10 minutes, to add 100 g of the cauliflower sorted on inflorescences and to keep under cover of 3-5 minutes; for sauce to mix 100 g of the sliced strawberry, 1 tbsp of browned flour from 80 ml of low-fat milk and to cook stirring slowly before solidification, to salt).

Fourth day:

breakfast - two slices of bread (it is desirable from coarse flour), 50 g of Camembert cheese, 100 g of strawberry;

the second breakfast - vitamin salad (120 g of strawberry, apple half, half of orange, 1 tsp of honey, 150 ml of whey);

lunch - cod with strawberry (to fry 100 g of cod fillet in 1 tsp of vegetable oil, to water with lemon juice and to salt, serve with salad from 100 g of strawberry, 30 g of lettuce leaves and 1 tsp of mustard);

dinner – salad (100 g of strawberry, 100 g of carrots, 50 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 100 g of greens of celery and 1 pod of sweet pepper, to fill with low-fat yogurt or sour cream).

быстрая диета

Fast diet

быстрая фруктовая диета Allows to grow thin very quickly: to 8 kg in 6 days.

  • The first day - 1 kg of any fruit
  • The second day - 1,5 kg
  • The third day - 2 kg
  • The fourth day - 2 kg
  • The fifth day - 1,5 kg
  • The sixth day - 1 kg

Important! It is allowed to drink only water (usual or mineral without gases) to 1 liter a day.

летняя фруктовая диета

Summer fruit diet

The diet is expected 3 days, as a result it is possible to lose from 3 - 5 kg of excess weight.

First day:

breakfast - 1 any fruit and 1 glass of fruit juice (freshly squeezed);

lunch - salad from 300 g of different fruit, 1 glass of water for lunch;

dinner: salad from 300 g of different fruit (except grapes) and 1 glass of fruit or vegetable juice (freshly squeezed).

Second day:

breakfast - plate of fruit (300-400 g), 1 glass of mineral water without gases;

lunch - vegetable salad, 1 glass of water;

dinner - 300 g of boiled vegetables (except potatoes) and 1 apple or pear.

Third day:

breakfast - plate of fruit, 1 glass of fruit or vegetable juice (freshly squeezed),

lunch - salad for weight loss and 1 glass of mineral water without gases;

dinner – vegetable soup (without addition of potatoes).

диета фруктовое удовольствие

Diet "Fruit pleasure"

It is possible to keep to such diet till 7 days. In day about 800 g of excess weight are lost.

Diet essence: To eat 3 times a day till portion of fruit dessert. It is possible to drink green tea, usual or mineral water in unlimited number.

Tasty desserts for fruit diets

Tenderness strawberry

To cut berries, to add the fat-free yogurt, to decorate with pieces of tinned pineapple.

Pears with stuffing

To cut pears in half, to cut out the middle, to put inside pieces of banana and kiwi, to strew from above with pounded filbert.

Melon salad

To cut with cubes pulp of melon, to add corn flakes, to fill with low-fat sour cream, to strew from above with cinnamon.

Pineapple salad

To cut with cubes tinned pineapple and mango, to add previously boiled and cleared shrimps, to dress with easy mayonnaise (mayonnaise absolutely slightly!), to mix, lay out on plate with lettuce leaves.

The baked apples

To water apples with honey, to bake in oven at temperature of 180 degrees within 15 minutes, to strew from above with pounded walnuts.

Cheese dessert

To cut pears lengthways, to strew from above with sweet grated cheese, to bake in oven at temperature of 160-180 degrees of 20 minutes.

фруктовая диета


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The cabbage diet is not the fastest, but is highly effective - first of all thanks to the low caloric content of the cabbage...

Its name speaks for itself – the main products in diet are vegetables...

As it is known vegetable soups, possess the expressed simulating action on organism, accelerate metabolism and promote weight loss...

At the heart of diet – cucumber salad from kilogram of cucumbers with black pepper and greens, but without salt. As gas station – 30 g of mayonnaise or low-fat sour cream...