Fitness girls - photo and video

фото фитнес девушек

Fitness can be opened for itself at any age - nobody argues. But whether you know that in fitness the law "the earlier, the better" works? If your daughter has not managed to become adult yet, do not linger, help it to fall in love with trainings!

You have assistant - fashion. Recently fitness has considerably looked younger. If in the early eighties aerobics was destiny "that to whom for thirty", then today regular visits to gym became prerogative young and beautiful.

Itself decides to play sports or not - here everyone for himself, but one is right that the tightened sports and slender body both for the man and for the woman it is good.

I suggest you to distract from the affairs and to have a rest having enjoyed photo of the beautiful girls who are engaged in fitness a little! (Perhaps for someone it will serve as excellent motivation)

Tawna Eubanks

Tawna Eubanks

Alex Zerega

How your training program for week looks?

  • Monday — back, kardio;
  • Tuesday — shoulders, base, kardio;
  • Wednesday — legs, kardio;
  • Thursday — breast, base, kardio;
  • Friday — buttocks, kardio;
  • Saturday — training of the lagging behind muscles, kardio;
  • Sunday — day off.

What enters your diet?

Chicken breasts, turkey, egg whites. Also I eat many vegetables. I receive fats from olive oil, avocado and from cod-liver oil. Carbohydrates - from porridge, rice and haricot.

What enters your diet of sports food?

p I accept cod-liver oil, vitamins and protein.

What advice you would give to girls?

Be not afraid of trainings with burdening!

Make fitness the way of life!

If you think that at you nothing will turn out - so it and will be!
The motivation is very important. Believe in yourself!

Alex Zerega

Courtney Prather

Courtney Prather