Movies about weight loss

фильмы про похудение
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You want to grow thin, but you cannot get it together?

Try to find motivator in ordinary life - watch photos of beautiful and slender girls, buy magnificent things one size smaller than available, enjoy viewing of movies which set thinking on appearance and to take the first step to weight loss.

☀ 200 pounds of beauty, 2006, melodrama.
☀ Ruthless people (Ruthless people) of 1986, comedy
☀ Bridzhet Jones. All series, 2001, 2004, drama, melodrama, comedy
☀ waiting for miracle, 2007, the melodrama
☀ Adult games: how to return to youth and health? (telecast)
☀ Adult games: excess weight (telecast)
☀ Taste of life (12 series) (1y channel, telecast)
☀ Time hudet:15 flying (5 series, telecast)
☀ we will solve Everything with Doctor Kurpatov. How to grow thin (telecast)
☀ All truth about food (BBC, the telecast)
☀ Hunger (cut. Maria Gis, movie)
☀ Two and a half persons - the Season 3 Series 11 (TV series)
☀ Double portion (telecast)
☀ Ten things which you did not know about loss of weight (BBC, the telecast)
☀ To death it is beautiful (TV series)
☀ Doctor Dulitl (movie)
☀ File on obesity: Given rise to become fat men (telecast)
☀ the Devil carries Prada, 2006, the drama, the melodrama, the comedy
☀ Life for food (telecast)
☀ Ideal figure (movie)
☀ safety Illusion: To grow thin to death (telecast)
☀ Stories from the future - with Mikhail Kovalchuk - Evolution of food (telecast)
☀ Picture Oil: Thin world thick (show, telecast)
☀ Club of the editor-in-chief - Sadly and tastelessly or to grow thin will not leave (telecast)
☀ Corporation Food (dock movie)
☀ Lyubov of the evil (Shallow Hal) 2001, drama, melodrama, comedy
☀ Mike and Mollie (series)
☀ my Gruesome Story: The Thickest in Mira Deti (telecast)
☀ my Gruesome Story: The biggest person in the world marries! (telecast),
☀ my Gruesome Story: The biggest person in the world (telecast)
☀ my gruesome story: The son is powerful in half-tons (telecast)
☀ my gruesome story: Person weighing 300 kg (very big romantic, telecast) Chast1; Part 2; Part 3,
☀ Nation of fast food, 2006, drama, melodrama, comedy
☀ Not poorly to grow thin
☀ New guy of my mother, 2008, comedy, fighter
☀ Night on the Fifth - Lyudmila Lutova (I.Stogov) - the Subject: "GMO - rescue from hunger or mankind mutation?" (telecast)
☀ Judgment: Obesity (2004)
☀ Ostorozhno:eda! (telecast)
☀ Holiday of stomach (2009)
☀ Rules of life. Food. Black list (1-2chast, the telecast) (in Ukrainian)
☀ Profession reporter: p I grow thin (telecast)
☀ Recipes of symmetry (telecast)
☀ Family size
☀ Deadly food (telecast), and Deadly food (telecast) - in two options.
☀ Habitat: Holiday of stomach (telecast)
☀ Habitat: Fast food (telecast)
☀ Passions on diet (telecast)
☀ Secrets of body: Diet. Food (BBC, telecast)
☀ Dance is more expensive lives (movie)
☀ Theory of incredibility: What is held by the weight (telecast)
☀ Tolstopuza, 1995, comedy
☀ Fatties, 2004, comedy
☀ Fat men, director Arevalo, 2009, comedy
☀ Thin world thick (dock movie)
☀ At mirror two persons, 1996, the drama, the melodrama, the comedy
☀ Growing thin (movie)
☀ the Person is powerful in half-tons (2005)
☀ What to eat to grow thin (telecast)
☀ Step forward 1, 2006, action, dances, melodrama
☀ School for fatties, 2010, the melodrama, the detective story
☀ Biggest loser - the American show of weight loss (show, the telecast)

As the cinema influences our mentality

It is no secret that we often associate ourselves with the main hero of the movie, in every possible way worrying about it and dividing his experiences. At some point degree of sympathy reaches such level that we subconsciously experience the same experiences, as the hero, but to a lesser extent.

For example, if the heroine endures the concerning novel, then approximately the same feelings will be had by the impressionable viewer. The empathy explains why it we can laugh or cry over the movie, minutes without doubting that the events on the screen − only skillful acting.

But whether it is possible to force to grow thin the person by means of cinema? Of course, there will be not enough one viewing of "Bridget Jones's Diary", but this and similar movies can support, give manuals or just amuse.

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