This unusual spinach

этот необычный шпинат

Spinach - the first of vegetables which dares to seem on counters of our shops at the very beginning of spring.

Spinach is explicit favourite among other vegetables with green leaves who is included in the spring into the seasonal menu. Other applicants - nettle, orach, simply are forgotten long ago by us.

Our grandmothers and grandfathers could not wait that in the early spring to collect these useful, edible leaves from beds.

Spinach was grown up throughout centuries in Central and Asia Minor. Plant homeland, allegedly, Persia. Strangely enough, there are no written proofs that Greeks and Romans knew how to grow up spinach. From Persia, vegetable was widely adopted in China and in Europe. To Spain spinach has been delivered by monks from the island of Sicily. Today, this remarkable vegetable, is applied around the world.

In the Middle Ages, modest vegetable, has been accepted with pleasure in the menu of aristocrats during long spring post. Italians and French had green leaves on tables. In the French culinary history, on place of honor, spinach has got thanks to the French queen. The personal cook cooked spinach with milk.

Soon, being in the French fashion, spinach has conquered England. Bread from flour and seeds of spinach was considered as delicacy.

In the 16th century in Europe grew up several grades of spinach. The best soil for growth of vegetable, is in the USA where it has got with the first settlers and today is grown up in large quantities.

Nobody calls into question high nutritional value spinach. It has gained fame as healthy vegetable.

Spinach leaves low-calorie are also vitamin-rich while the contained vegetable protein does not concede only to green peas and haricot. Spinach dishes are favourite for vegetarians, eat them during Christian posts, it promotes reduction of body weight therefore in diets, this vegetable is on the first place.

The list of the minerals which are contained in spinach is huge. Availability of calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, vitamins is fine source of the balanced food for health of bones. Not accidentally, spinach is recommended for pregnant women and small children.

Because of tonic effect, spinach is recognized as valuable product at anemia, frustration of nervous system, hypertension, diabetes. For people with the weakened immune system, spinach is simply necessary.

Scientists of the whole world intensively investigate useful properties of vegetable which has antineoplastic effect.

It is interesting that in the past, cooked spinach with sugar and used as laxative. During World War I, juice of spinach was added to wine to the French soldiers at excessive loss of blood and for recovery of organism after injuries.

Spinach is popular not only because of curative properties, it possesses neutral soft taste. Therefore today from it prepare set of options of salads, mashed potatoes, bake with potatoes, with egg and cheese, with meat. Culinary masters have managed to keep the maximum nutritional value, to achieve attractive appearance of dishes which part spinach is.

The spinach salad seasoned with lemon juice, helps digestion of iron and improves taste.

If you are going to eat spinach, then it is necessary to store dirty leaves in sacks in the refrigerator.

Just before use, carefully to wash out water from dirt and sand. Let's flow down and dry up napkin if you are going to fry it.

Even our grandmothers knew that spinach loses taste and nutritious qualities if to knife. When you want to make spinach puree, use only wooden shovel.

Having been tired of long winter, do not hesitate to address green vegetable. This source of vitamins will provide you with cheerful mood and health.