What to eat to grow thin

продукты для сжигания калорий
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Many a true word is spoken in jest. And it is valid, there are many products with fat-burning properties, eating which, you can burn every day calories and lose weight. Good news consists that these fat-burning products are quite tasty and extremely useful to health.

What products are especially valuable to weight reduction and health? Try to add some of data in this article of products to the daily diet and do not forget to play sports regularly. Thus, you will be able to burn more calories and to improve the health.

Products which burn fat

It can paradoxically sound, but if you want to lose weight, then have to eat. Naturally, do not exist such magic products which immediately will melt fat on your hips, however, the following products will accelerate your metabolism and will lift tone.

For improvement of process of digestion drink water. The attention is deserved also by proteinaceous food. For its assimilation more calories, than for fats and carbohydrates are spent. Squirrels contain in chicken breast cut, fish, eggs.

Also do not forget that the diet and healthy nutrition are absolutely different things.

And once again - daily charging still nobody cancelled!

Vegetables and fruit

At last, the best products which need to be eaten to grow thin are vegetables, fruit and berries.

Vegetables: beet, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, spinach, turnip, vegetable marrows, zucchini, tomatoes, greens.

pgoda and fruit: apples, grapefruits, bilberry, lemon, lime, cranberry, papaya, pineapples, peaches, raspberry, wild strawberry, water-melons.


The amount of water in organism (at the use less than 2 liters of water a day) has negatively an adverse effect on splitting of extra kilos.


Porridges are very widespread in the world. However very few people in the world know about such product as buckwheat cereal. Buckwheat is the unique product of our kitchen which is exotic in other countries.

Buckwheat at us is called "the queen of grain" for the record content of the vitamins, microelements, proteins necessary for organism.

Buckwheat is saturated with protein (about 14%). Protein of buckwheat contains 18 irreplaceable amino acids and on biological value is equal to protein of meat, fish, eggs.

100 grams of buckwheat contain third of day norm of the iron necessary for human body therefore it is appointed to people with the lowered hemoglobin.

Substances which contain in buckwheat regulate sugar level in blood. Also it is recommended to people with sore liver, at atherosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases.

But also the fact that buckwheat is appreciated its ability well to satisfy hunger is interesting to us.

It is one of those products which are ideally suited for those who want to grow thin.

Huge plus of buckwheat is that it is well combined with proteinaceous products - with egg, with fish, with meat, with milk.

Sea cabbage

Include sea cabbage in the diet. It is possible to take ready salad from sea cabbage, and it is possible to use dry plates. In sea cabbage there is a lot of spirulina - indispensable component of dietary supplements for weight loss. By the way, the sea cabbage can be used and for wrappings - so process of weight loss can be accelerated.

Dairy products

The products which only were not fat-free, and products with average fat content. Then the calcium which is contained in cottage cheese easily will be acquired, and intestines will work without problems.


If you love meat, try to switch the attention to seafood, at least, three times a week. Fish is very nutritious, protein-rich also omega-3 fatty acids which are so necessary for brain. In addition to it fish will help to stabilize the level of the insulin helping organism to process carbohydrates.

If you are vegetarian, include linseed or ryzhikovy oil in the diet. The teaspoon in day covers day needs in omega-3 fatty acids

Dried fruits

Too quite good rather useful option. As well as usual fruit, dried fruits contain a lot of cellulose, however, to taste are more attractive to many. Only read attentively structure before purchase and be convinced that sugar is not added to dried fruits - they are tasty also without it, and your organism how much in vain will be replenished with excess calories.

Also, if there is time, dried fruits can be prepared independently.


According to the last researches, people with excessive weight, within year two eggs eating for breakfast, have dumped 65% more than the weight, than those who replaced eggs with sandwich with the same power value.

According to other research, fans of eggs consume 300 calories less in day and as a result in month grow thin on 1 kg. "pyets help to balance sugar level in blood, provide organism with necessary protein and contain many nutrients, - the nutritionist Jessica Smith says. - If you do not love some egg for breakfast, include them in the day or evening menu


This tropical fruit is to the taste not to all. However the regular use of its pulp or juice with each meal leads to quite good results for short period.

All focus that grapefruit promotes decrease in level of insulin in blood. And the insulin level is lower, the less there is desire "to intercept tasty" before the main meal.

The result will not keep itself waiting long! The less calories will come to your organism, the quicker you will test pleasure and satisfaction from the reflection in mirror.

What is possible and that cannot be eaten for the night

Now let's pick up products for the "green" and "red" list which are desirable for unpacking and hanging up on the refrigerator.

It is impossible

All high-calorific products automatically are included in the red list (more than 150 kcal / 100 of product) by means of which it is possible to exceed the standard daily rate easily.

After 18:00 it is better to forget about firm cheeses, fat grades of meat and fish, and also macaroni, grain and bread.

About candies, cakes and pirozhenka I do not even stammer. Similar things indulge yourself only in the forenoon.

Any kinds of sweet yogurt because of combination of carbohydrates, harmful to figure, and fats are also included in the forbidden list.

It is possible

From proteinaceous food for the green list it is necessary to select only that which rather quickly (till 1,5 o'clock) is acquired. Here it is safely possible to include unsweetened fermented milk products (kefir, curdled milk, low-fat cottage cheese), eggs, light low-fat meat (rabbit, chicken fillet) and white fish.

For the night it is permissible to regale on green vegetables, tomatoes, greens in any quantities and combinations. With a careful eye to calories it is possible to include boiled potatoes, carrots and beet. If the organism allows, then it is possible to enter mushrooms in the green list and bean.

Practically without restrictions it is possible to eat berries and unsweetened fruit.

From store products popcorn unexpectedly is useful. If to prepare it, without sugar, then rather noncaloric (300 kcal / 100) popcorn will surprise you with excellent saturability. The main thing not to go too far in quantity. In liter glass 40 g of popcorn (120 kcal) hold.

At the end I will provide the small list of low-calorie and useful products for having a snack late evening:

1. 13-14 nuts of almonds (98 kcal)

2. green apple (100 kcal)

3. handful (10 pieces) of peanut (74 kcal)

4. 30 vinogradinok (100 kcal)

5. melon slice (88 kcal)

6. bowl of tomato soup (74 kcal)

7. 25 sweet cherries (100 kcal)

8. pear (100 kcal)

9. blueberry cup (83 kcal)

10. two kiwi (58 kcal)

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