Express diet

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The beach season already begins therefore women feverishly try to pick up diet which will allow in the shortest terms will get rid of extra kilos that it was possible to sport without problems in open bathing suit. Therefore we will declare decade of beauty, and in 10 days we will get rid of 4,5 kg of "the live weight" following effective express diet.

The main advantage of this express diet is in what at choice is offered to the menu from several dishes therefore it is possible to choose the option which is most acceptable for itself, without forcing organism hated products.

Basic rules of express diet

1. It is necessary to diversify the menu, alternating the resolved dishes to the maximum to receive useful substances and vitamins from food.

2. It is impossible to miss meal therefore you want, you do not want, and four times a day just are necessary sits down to table.

3. The first violin, as always, belongs to breakfast. Morning meal is the most important (it concerns not only the people keeping to diet). The matter is that the breakfast helps to control appetite, and according to the last researches of the American scientists, having breakfast, the person reduces risk by 35% to ache with obesity.

4. During lunch it is the best of all to use lungs, but at the same time power-intensive salads or sandwiches (of course not from bread and sausage, and from the useful products combining proteins and complex carbohydrates).

5. the 15-minute afternoon snack will allow and to have a rest a little from work and to satisfy feeling of hunger, having received sufficient charge of energy.

6. It is necessary to have supper not later than 3 hours to withdrawal to dream. For this period of time, organism will manage to digest products, without postponing them about "stock" on our waist.

7. Every day it is necessary to eat not less than five different fruit and vegetables to receive the minimum reserve of vitamins and minerals.

8. Per day the organism has to receive 3 glasses of water which will clear organism and will give it necessary energy. By the way, it is better to replace coffee, aerated water and black tea with mineral water, fruit juice, herbal or fruit tea.

9. Except water, 900 ml of the fat-free dairy products will become usual day norm too. They will help to support minimum level of calcium in organism.

10. And the most important, remember that 2 weeks are the biggest term during which it is possible to sit on such express diet (in general that norm - 10 days). And further just it is necessary to adhere to the usual principles of healthy and healthy nutrition.

Menu diet express

экспресс-диета ❂ Breakfast diet express ❂

☀ porridge (2 tablespoons of grits, on 150 ml of water and skim milk, handful of berries (raspberry, strawberry) or couple of melkoporezanny apricots + 1 orange);

☀ European breakfast (1 soft-boiled egg + 2 slices of fast bacon + 1 tomato + glass of orange juice);

☀ muesli home-style (2 tablespoons oat and 1 tablespoon of corn flakes, handful of raisin to fill in with glass of milk + 1 kiwi);

☀ morning toast (2 pieces of whole-grain bread to smear 2 h with butter spoons + 1 cucumber + 2 slices of fast ham + 1 glass of carrot juice);

☀ tropical salad (to fill 1 kiwi, 1 mango and 2-3 pieces of pineapple with 1 jar of natural yogurt);

☀ omelet and toast (1 egg, spoon of skim milk, greens (for omelet) + piece of whole-grain bread + glass of grapefruit juice).

❂ Obed ❂

☀ Greek salad (lettuce leaves, cucumber, 50 g of sheep cheese, 1 h spoon of olive oil, 2 cherry tomatoes, 5 olives of +100 g of grapes);

☀ chicken salad (½ boiled chicken breasts without thin skin, lettuce leaves (rukoll, frissa, romaine, radichcho), greens, 3 potatoes "in uniforms" to fill with lemon juice and balsam vinegar);

☀ "sea pita" (to fill pita with the seafood and garden cress spread 1 h with spoon of special gas station (to choose the most low-calorie) + 1 orange;

☀ easy salad (corn handful (boiled or tinned), peas (fresh or tinned), 1 tablespoon of color haricot (the same conditions), ½ Crimean ("blue") bulbs, 1 tomato to mix with 5 tablespoons of Basmati, 1 h spoon of olive oil and balsam (it is possible wine) vinegar);

☀ sandwich (to smear 2 slices of rye (wholegrain) bread with 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese and pulp of ¼ avocados + 1 pear)

❂ Afternoon snack ❂

☀ vegetarian toasts (2 slices of rye (wholegrain) bread smeared with thin layer of easy butter with the chopped greens (about 2 h spoons) which are laid out on them and 4-5 circles of garden radish);

☀ red fish (150 g of the salmon baked in foil or trout + vegetables (¼ zucchinis, 2 cherry tomatoes, ½ sweet pepper + 1 apple);

☀ fruit mix (to separately mix the cut orange, banana, peach (on 1 piece) + drinking bowl (100-150 g) of small cut pineapple or melon);

☀ "Indian salad" (the fillet of turkey baked in foil, ½ sweet pepper and the salad mix (lettuce, frissa, arugula, iceberg, lollo Rossa, Korn or bittercress, garden spinach, garden cress) filled with lemon juice ½ + 1 nectarine);

☀ (the boiled carrots, leek, boiled potato crushed in the blender (if densely mashed potatoes have turned out too dense, then to part with water in which they cooked) to fill soup mashed potatoes with 1 tablespoon of sour cream with the minimum content of fats);

❂ Dinner ❂

☀ shish kebab (the fast mutton (75 g) which is previously pickled in 3 tablespoons of sauce (1 tablespoon of sour cream, the crushed cucumber, garlic) is fried on grill with ringlets of sweet pepper + garnish (2 average boiled potatoes or vegetable salad);

☀ the Italian dinner (100 g of champignons, on ½ bulbs and pepper, teeth of garlic and 2 tomatoes fried on 1 h to spoon of olive oil + 50 g of the salmon preserved in own juice + 5 tablespoons of paste (macaroni or spaghetti) + 1 tablespoon of grated parmesan);

☀ meatballs (250 g of fillet of the beef sliced thin and the spoon of vegetable oil fried in 1 h + stewed vegetables (on ½ zucchinis, bulbs, tomato, large potato seasoned with mint sauce) + 1 pear for dessert);

экспресс-диета ☀ omelet with mushrooms (2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of milk, champignons, ½ bulbs and grated parmesan (1 tablespoon) for preparation of omelet + 1 orange for dessert);

☀ the French salad (2 tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, lettuce and handful of siliculose haricot, 50 g of the tuna preserved in own juice, to fill 1 h with spoon of olive oil);

☀ the stuffed peppers (peeled of core pepper, filled with forcemeat (4 tablespoons of Basmati, 2 small cut bulbs, carrot, 40 g of sheep cheese) slightly to fry and dip in oven + 1 nectarine for dessert);

☀ medallions from chicken fillet (the fried chicken fillet (75 g) + 3 potatoes in "uniforms" + vegetable salad (on ½ tomato, cucumber, to fill bulbs, greens 1 h with spoon of vegetable oil).

Well, how to you such express diet? It is possible to hold on on this diet of 10 days quietly, and especially in anything itself without limiting itself.

If you agree with me, then, since Monday we begin!

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