Economy on food - not sad need, but reason for creativity

экономия на питании

Economy on food … Sounds somehow gloomily. It what – there is nothing tasty to be interrupted by porridge on water or, for example, soup from nettle? No, of course not. There is mass of the receptions allowing to eat variously, tasty and it is useful, without spending at the same time fantastic sum.

There is no need to prove that house food is much cheaper than restaurant. Therefore it will be a question of homemade food. Let's make a reservation at once that, of course, not always and not in each office it is possible to bring the container with house lunch. Here, as they say, on circumstances.

Other important point: on preparation of tasty and at the same time economic dishes more time and work is necessary. Here besides it is necessary to decide on priorities: to save money or forces and time.

So, for example, we have small piece of meat without bones – 0,5 kilograms. What can be prepared from it? For example, chops. Four pieces will turn out, say. For two will be enough for dinner, it is for three already problematic. If to stew meat, for example, to make goulash, beef Stroganoff plus garnish, and roast with potato is even more effective – the food will turn out much more. It is already possible to feed family. Especially if for harmony to cut salatik.

But it is possible to turn the same meat into forcemeat, to add there onions plus piece of bread – here to you and cutlets. Depending on the size 7-10 pieces will turn out. It is even better to add to forcemeat instead of bread of a few slightly stewed small cut vegetables: carrot, vegetable marrow piece, slightly cabbage. Cutlets will become more, and in sense of taste, juiciness and usefulness they will only win. And it is possible to add about one third of slightly boiled rice to forcemeat and to make meatballs with smetanny sauce. Perhaps, it will be enough not only for dinner, but also "for later". The same forcemeat will go to stuffed cabbage, dish more labor-consuming, but cheaper and favourite practically all.

Aerobatics – not to be too lazy and stick some pelmeni. Here where economy celebration at fine quality! It is possible to do pelmeshka not really small, they will be more juicy and time will leave less. It will turn out pieces 50-80. To freeze the rest – already and stocks were formed. By the way, if to distract from meat: it is possible to make potato and fried onions dumplings or with cabbage. Cost aims at zero, and house will be for certain glad. During season it is possible to stick cherries dumplings, with sour cream the objedeniye turns out.

It is favorable to cook the first. The big pan of borsch will manage cheap, and is several days are possible, also will be more tasty every day. Meat can be taken out from broth (before gas station), to overwind on the meat grinder, to add fried onions – will perfectly go for stuffing of pancakes (yes, of course, again it is necessary to work and bake pancakes!) or for macaroni in a naval way. Fine dish for those who not on diet. In the same way and chicken from broth it is possible to eat on the second. Boringly? And if to dunk pieces of chicken into batter and to fry, will be much more tasty. And to broth to boil rice, small vermicelli or absolutely to be perverted and bake small profiteroles from custard paste. It is already almost high kitchen.

Anything (porridge, macaroni, mashed potatoes) can be done of the remains baked puddings. The sense is that egg, and the rest – business of the imagination is added to initial product. It can turn out very much even elegantly.

It is not necessary to throw out bread. The small croutons dried in oven, which are slightly added some salt will leave with a bang. These are practically those croutons which at restaurant cost decent money. It is good to do self-made tomato sauces, adjika in the flying – raw materials cheap, and the result is much better than the fact that in bank with preservatives.

It is necessary to remember sausage. It seems, all already know theoretically that well not to buy it at all. The baked piece of meat with garlic with spices though not really economic dish, but nevertheless is cheaper than any sausage, and about quality needless to say. For breakfast for sandwiches – it is ideal. For this purpose home-made paste is very good. From kilogram of his liver it will turn out so many that will be enough for all family for several days.

It is possible to think up a lot what. The main thing - not to be lazy. At the exit we receive not only economy, but also health, and without sad diets. And the saved money will find the application! Perhaps, on them just sometimes and to descend in expensive tasty restaurant – why would be not present?