Yohe-yo effect or why it is so difficult to grow thin

эффект Йо-йо или почему так трудно похудеть

Yohe-yo effect in brief can be shared into the following stages:

  • Emergence of problem of excess weight
  • Sharp decrease in the consumed calories with the purpose to achieve fast result (in other words, diet)
  • Formation of lack of nutrients, owing to depletion of diet
  • Stress, depression, deterioration in appearance
  • The inevitable failure leading to uncontrollable consumption of food

To the women suffering because of excess weight this vicious circle is well-known. After rigid, read "cruel", diet the bad mood, chronic fatigue as result, failure and new set of weight, often bigger than to diet follows.

"It seems to me, I am simply incapable to grow thin, - with despair in voice the twenty-seven year pdviga complains. – How many I remember, I was always inclined to completeness. At the price of improbable efforts I dump several kilogram. Sometimes I sit on one water. Long so of course you will not sustain, but as soon as I begin to eat normally, weight instantly returns. Having broken, it is difficult to continue to limit itself in food. Hunger is felt constantly..."

Such stories not rarity. Insignificant fluctuations of weight are quite natural to organism. So why Yohe-yo effect causes such concern in doctors.

Let's understand mechanics of this process. The organism, as we know, leaves stocks reluctantly. Therefore people with excess weight often address extreme ways of weight loss, aiming at instant result. Extreme diets we will call low-calorie diets. Sometimes consumption of food is reduced so that process of weight loss becomes the real feat, and improvement of quality indicators of food does not happen. The organism receives less huge amount of nutrients: minerals, proteins, cellulose. As a result it begins to lose promptly the muscle bulk, recovery which very slow process, substituting it with fatty deposits. Each time fat collects more and more. Muscular tissue burn large number of calories. With reduction of their weight the metabolism is slowed down. Besides, the metabolism has property to offset loss of weight. So the organism turns on the protection mechanism when it is sure that there have come "hungry" times.

The circle has become isolated. The more often the person resorts to different diets, the more difficultly there is parting to extra kilos. To recognize women who several times tested Yohe-yo effect easily by hands. Above elbow, owing to reduction of volume of muscular tissue, not esthetic fatty deposits are formed. Whether it is necessary to prove that similar changes can significantly do much harm to health. The same deposits are capable to be formed also on internals.

The last researches in the field of studying of influence of effect of Yohe-yo on state of health of the woman have demonstrated that sharp changes of weight owing to rigid diets have an adverse effect on immunity, including the resilience to oncological diseases. The thoughtless hobby for diets spoils even appearance. Hair and nails grow dull, become fragile. Skin of flabby. The lack of the major nutrients and vitamins exerts adverse impact on work of all internals. Doctors believe that women the worried several similar cycles risk to get sick with hypertension, cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol level increases, there can be diabetes.

However all this does not mean that it is necessary to leave attempts to grow thin. Decrease in excess weight brings to organism quite real benefit, and long maintenance of normal weight increases organism resilience.

Yohe-yo effect is often caused by the psychological reasons, our unavailability to change own habits:

- The diet is perceived rather as painful duty, unpleasant, painful process which needs to be passed, having gritted teeth. It is necessary to refuse to itself everything now. Negative emotions direct way to stress and inevitable defeat.

- New style of food is not perceived as long-term. When the result is achieved, the person returns to former habits: eats fast food, overeats, abuses sweet, moves a little instead of developing strategy of healthy food and to adhere to it.

- Attempts to play sports, to walk, begin to conduct more often new, more healthy lifestyle, are constantly postponed.

- The stress, bad mood are jammed by cakes, chocolate.

It is possible to struggle with Yohe-yo effect not only, but it is necessary. Better if you in your decision are supported by relatives and friends. The diet should be perceived not as punishment for excess weight and as way to improve appearance, to strengthen health.

Grow thin gradually. It is no more than on the tenth part of former weight in half a year. The number of the consumed calories needs to be reduced smoothly and gradually.

The organism needs various nutrients therefore if you are not able to pick up correctly to yourself diet, address the nutritionist. Change more often diet that the food did not become boring. Conform to golden rule always to eat breakfast most.

Eat approximately each four hours. So you will be tormented less by hunger. To have a bite, choose low-calorie products. Replace plates. Take smaller to impose and eat big portions by the size that there was no temptation.

Try to move much. Sport, charging, visit of gyms - it, of course, is remarkable when such way of life to you to liking. If is not present, such occupations will quickly turn into torture. Begin with walks in the fresh air. Take a walk longer with dog, sweep on park by bicycle. Think how still you will be able to increase to yourself loading. Avoid the elevator where it is easily possible to climb steps. Perhaps, to shop it is worth walking on foot, having left the car at the house. Returning from work you come to stop earlier. For the weekend it is possible to go to the wood, to descend on exhibition, to take a walk in the city instead of sitting all day at the computer or the TV.

Remember, it is necessary to begin with itself!