We teach the child it is useful to eat and it is correct

требования к безопасности питания

How to inspire in the child that there is food harmful to its health?

This question rises before parents when the kid grows up, and total control over food of the child becomes impossible. The crackling snack in bright bags, multi-colored aerated water, seductive fast food attract children with variety of tastes and aromas.

Careful parents will make every effort, ensuring safety of all that is eaten by the child. But to feed the grown-up child with that food which is correct for his stomach, not easy. It is necessary to prove to the child that healthy food also rather tasty.

As safe it is possible to consider that food which does not break work of unripe gastrointestinal tract and strengthens protective forces of children's organism.

Food standard for the child the dish prepared from environmentally friendly raw materials without use of spices with the minimum quantity of salt or sugar. Suitable methods of culinary processing of products: boiling, suppression, preparation on couple. The crust, appetizing for children, can be received, baking or cooking food in convection oven. Mild roast of products (with the subsequent suppression or roasting) it is possible to use no more than two weekly. But also in this option it is the best of all to serve cutlet or portion of fillet with gentle vegetable garnish. Such combination will reduce risk of irritation of children's stomach fried food.

Under a ban the sharp snack and dishes which are generously seasoned with salt and spices prepared for adult family members. Ready meat and fish delicacies, products with pronounced acid taste, with high content of fat you should not offer even to children of younger school age.

The imagination of parents will help the child to eat healthy food with pleasure. Recipes of children's kitchen will be prompted unusual combinations of products, usual for the child.

Even for the simplest dishes think out such names which will intrigue your child. It is worth spending several minutes and for registration of dish. Children adore edible jewelry, ridiculous mugs, figures from products and amusing objects of laying.

Already accustom the preschool child to useful having a snack. Make home-made croutons, prepare sweet dried fruits, dry nutlets in oven – choose what is loved by your child. "Cheerful minute for children's stomach", of course, is derogation from diet strogost. But the child does not lose opportunity to crackle, regale in the pleasure. And if the bag of favourite and usual house delicacy at the child at itself and outside the house, desire to eat something else considerably becomes dull.

The diet is extremely important for normal functioning of digestion and support of processes of metabolism. If at least the main meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner) occur approximately at the same time, the organism of the child receives the reliable base for further development.

Ready-made products of food for children help to observe diet far from the house.

If in children's backpack there was place for the dessert chosen by parents or drink, the child will be able to satisfy hunger even if meal, usual for organism, is removed. Criteria at the choice of specific product: faultless reputation of the producer, the operating expiration dates and absence at the child of allergic reactions to separate components of ready-made product. If there is possibility of the choice of packaging, give preference to cardboard box. Specialists consider such packaging environmentally friendly and the safest.

Whether it is worth resisting desire of the child to eat something obviously unhealthy? Rigid refusal will spoil to the child mood, the thought of unhealthy desired product will become persuasive and can provoke rather harmful overeating. Wise decision: to give to the child pleasure and to minimize possible harm of unhealthy food. The child has to be firmly convinced that he will surely try on what his peers regale. But under two conditions: infrequently and something one.

At each opportunity unostentatiously explain to the child what food brings it big benefit and what only indulges taste. The child turns in kitchen when you prepare? Do not miss opportunity to show from what and that you prepare and as it is necessary in order that it has quickly grown, became strong, beautiful and smart. Walking or shopping, play in it "is useful" "unhealthy", think out riddles.

The time of children's age is ideally suited for forming of healthy eating habits. The chief assistants to parents in this difficult business natural inquisitiveness of children and aspiration to turn everything into game.