Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss

дыхательная гимнастика для похудения
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For anybody not secret that observance of diet and physical activity is considered the best way to grow thin. But what to do to people who wish to lose extra kilos, but for any reasons cannot play sports or just are lazy it to do? Occupation as respiratory gymnastics can become way out such "frivolous", according to many. Only 15 minutes of regular respiratory gymnastics for weight loss in day and control of breath allow to increase many times the speed of disposal of excess weight and give the real chance to move slowly but surely to "thin" and happy life.

Researchers have found interrelation from process of weight loss with process of full saturation of organism oxygen for a long time and have come to the following conclusions:

- oxygen level in the atmosphere slowly, but steadily decreases because of climatic changes (global warming) and environmental pollution;

- the fast speed and constant stresses which are present at life of each adult essentially change our breath: about 90% of men and women begin to take superficial short breaths, and such breath is superficial and limits saturation of body to oxygen which is simply necessary in enough for parting with extra kilos.

Efficiency of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss

Efficiency of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss is proved by hundreds of real examples for a long time: with its help hundreds of men and women of the most different age could get rid of excess weight, improve contours and even to solve some problems with health.

The respiratory gymnastics promotes activation of the following processes:

  • - dulls feeling of hunger;
  • - helps food to be digested;
  • - promotes splitting of fatty cages;
  • - gives inflow of cheerfulness and forces;
  • - strengthens immune system;
  • - calms nervous system.

Why the respiratory gymnastics for weight loss is very effective?

Oxygen provides absorption of nutrients in digestive tract. Our gastrointestinal tract has set of tiny fibers which are necessary for assimilation of calcium, iodine, useful fats and amino acids, and also other nutrients strengthening metabolism. For the most effective work of fibers of oxygen it is required more, than to other fabrics and bodies of human body. And if there is not enough oxygen because of "superficial" breath, ability of fibers to acquire nutrients at once decreases by 72%, and metabolic rate – for 30%.

• Steady weight reduction depends on how the food which has quickly come to organism and fats turns into useful energy when there are molecules adenosinetriphosphates (or ATP) which actively participate in splitting of fatty cages. But these ATP effectively work only in slightly alkaline environment (rn not less than 7). Oxygen is the advantage factor for development of the alkaline environment therefore deep breath allows to support constantly rn, ATP, ideal for activation, and, therefore, for splitting of fatty cages.

• The respiratory gymnastics for weight loss still is considered very useful because it promotes removal of harmful substances (preservatives, pesticides and other toxins) which collect in fatty cages. It has been proved that toxins exert negative impact on process of production of hormones of thyroid gland and adrenal glands, and organism, trying to protect the vitals, accumulates fatty cages and uses them as peculiar storage for harmful substances. It turns out that to 70% of toxins it is possible to turn into the gases which are emitted through deep sighs easily. And it means that the correct breath can reduce substantially the toxic load of organism anyway received by each person. For this purpose rather just deeply and slowly to breathe – the amount of the "exhaled" toxins will increase ten times. эффективность дыхательной гимнастики для похудения

Oxygen, getting to organism, oxidizes fatty deposits. Its interaction with fatty cages is first step to disposal of extra kilos. The majority of us uses no more than 30% of volume of the lungs. If to increase amount of oxygen, postupayemy in organism and to improve breath depth, fatty cages will begin to collapse much quicker.

• The respiratory gymnastics promotes decrease in amount of hormones of stress in blood. And many people, as we know, have got used "to jam" stress. If hormones of stress is less, the need for its "jamming" will disappear by itself that will not fail to affect figure volumes.

As the respiratory gymnastics for weight loss works

All techniques of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss are based on one principle:

special breath forces oxygen to come quicker to blood,
and it leads to essential acceleration of metabolism
and, therefore, to burning of fatty deposits

And here belly breath is used more actively chest as at breath by stomach the diaphragm strains stronger. Lungs considerably extend, their vital volume increases – to 0,3 liters in two-three months of regular trainings.

Besides, belly breath causes strengthening of blood-groove in bodies, and reductions of diaphragm in addition stimulate them.

Kinds of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss

The following techniques are the most popular today:

  • - bodifleks
  • - respiratory gymnastics across Strelnikova;
  • - "Jianfei";
  • - Oksisayz complex.

бодифлекс Bodifleks has been once developed by the American by the name of Childers Greer which smog to adapt exercise from yoga of "Uddiyana-bandkh" under direct weight loss. In its book ""Magnificent figure in 15 minutes a day" 13 exercises from which 11 – for body and 2 – for the person are given. The equipment of bodifleks increases concentration of the carbon dioxide collecting in blood which helps to isolate the arriving oxygen from hemoglobin. And already then "free" oxygen together with flow of blood goes straight to so-called zone of muscular tension in which active process of splitting of fats begins.


оксисайз Many confuse with well-known for the whole world bodifleksy the Oksisayz complex. This technique of respiratory gymnastics has come to our country quite recently and therefore it is not enough experienced this complex coaches. The weight loss mechanism at occupations by "Oksisayz" is just the same, as in bodifleksa. But at the same time "Oksisayz" offers the admirers softer and easy system of breath in which there are no sharp exhalations therefore this type of respiratory gymnastics has less contraindications – even pregnant women can successfully be engaged in it. Besides, "Oksisayz" has one more advantage over "Bodifleks": breathing exercises can be carried out at any convenient time, optional on an empty stomach. It is remarkable that at classes in technique "Oksisayz" of calorie are spent one and a half times quicker, than when driving on the exercise bike. This complex gives good loading to muscles of abdominal tension: in 15 minutes they manage to be reduced not less than 250 times. "Oksisayz" is recommended to the people having migraines, diseases of digestive tract, female reproductive system.

гимнастика Стрельниковой The respiratory gymnastics of Strelnikova has been developed still in the late thirties the last century in the USSR as effective way of recovery of voice for opera and crooners.
This gymnastics is considered unique when the sharp and short sigh nose becomes at compression of thorax.
Such technique is recognized effective not only for disposal of extra kilos, but also for treatment of different diseases – asthmas, bronchitis, ORZ, sexual frustration.

цзяньфэй The Chinese respiratory gymnastics of "Jianfei" (from Chinese it is translated "we dump fat") has come to Russia together with publications of the worker of the Russian version of the China magazine Roza Yu Bin. The Chinese woman has managed by means of this technique in two months to grow thin for 10 kilograms, without adhering to special diet and without playing sports. It is considered that "Tszyanfey" perfectly is suitable for "fasting days" as well helps to dull strong feeling of hunger. The complex is based on belly breath and "frog", "wave" and "lotus" includes three exercises.

Any respiratory gymnastics for weight loss not only promotes reduction of volumes of body, but also renders the complex revitalizing effect. It can become the real find for the people leading slow-moving life on unexercised and those who just are lazy to visit gym.


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TSZPNFEY - the Chinese respiratory gymnastics

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