Breath with the relaxed belly muscles

дыхание с расслабленными брюшными мышцами

Let's look now what happens during purely belly breath to the relaxed muscles (most of men so breathes).

Breath such involves the mass of unpleasant effects. The bodies which are not supported by belly wall almost fall out of basin. As a result of it they are overflowed with blood that increases their weight and what, in turn, stretches belly wall even more. The vicious circle is created true.

Such hemostasis (blood surplus) interferes with the correct functioning of all internals. The gullet, in particular colonic gut, is overflowed with the unnecessary ballast consisting of the remains of many meals. People with the "fallen-out" stomach suffer from locks so often, as well as people with the stomach "enslaved". In this case the insufficient tone of the colonic gut filled by waste which it not in force to remove is the reason of lock.

Let's notice that depletive helps at locks not always: the same laxative influencing on mucous intestines and causing it reduction, have been prescribed the person suffering from spasmodic locks only worsens his distress.

Returning to question of breath with controlled belly muscles, say, that to persons at whom these muscles are constantly relaxed, it is not possible to strain them with required force. Therefore they should strengthen stomach muscles for a start. The most effective yogichesky remedy in this respect is the practician Halasana and Sarvangasana with stops when raising legs on 30 and 60.

In several weeks to belly muscles the tone will return and practicing it will be capable to control them properly during Pranayama.