Breath by nose - surprising phenomenon

дыхание носом

- One of widespread recommendations, - I say to professor, - it is connected with nasal breath. But it is known that at breath by nose less air gets into lungs, than at breath by mouth. Especially noticeably it when performing intensive physical exercises. Let's tell, during fast run or when swimming it is almost impossible to carry out council: "Breath through nose, exhalation through mouth". It is considered that at breath through nose air gets into lungs cleared and warmed. Really it is so important? In the flying in the wood or by the sea we breathe warm and clean air. Perhaps, council to breathe through nose not to catch a cold, treats only winter conditions?

- No, nasal breath - surprising phenomenon. It is impossible to perceive this phenomenon too simply: to breathe through nose not to chill bronchial tubes. Air, getting into lungs, influences the signals going from lungs to the respiratory centers of brain.

And the brain needs stability in the certain range of the signals characterizing structure, temperature, humidity of air. When this range is with firmness broken, there is shift in work of many systems of organism.

We do not notice it because this shift has the prolonged character. But it is known that the person who is not accustomed to breathe constantly through nose and having violations of nasal breath (polyps, etc.), in much bigger measure is subject to catarrhal and other diseases, it has increased fatigue, excessively excited nervous system and a number of other essential violations of functions.

Listening to professor, I thought that the nature has awarded with nasal breath of the person and other mammals, at all not to decorate our faces. The nose is, certainly, not error of evolution, but the major body providing the stable level of supply with oxygen of all systems of organism.

It is interesting how the nose at the adaptation of the person to environment lasting in the millennia changed. At the ancient tribes settled in mountains, over time the nose became large, giving the chance to the rarefied and cold mountain air on the way to bronchial tubes to find normal parameters on temperature and humidity.

- The recommendation to inhale through nose, and to exhale through mouth, - my interlocutor continued, - has no absolute character.

The exhalation through nose is necessary too from time to time to moisten mucous membrane of nose.

The best option of breath at rest - breath and exhalation through nose. At intensive physical exercises it is better to inhale and exhale through nose and mouth at the same time. And here at very slow jogging when speed is small, it is possible to breathe without opening mouth.