Breath for weight loss

дыхание для похудения
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Very few people know that he by means of the correct breath of people can improve the health, overcome some types of diseases and even that the most important, to grow thin.

We have got used to associate weight loss with different diets and physical activities, however such occupations are tiresome, and sometimes are quite expensive from the financial point of view. And here to put in order own breath - such method, fortunately, absolutely free and quite available to everyone.

Advantage of respiratory gymnastics

Phrenic breath is necessary for weight loss for organism that:

  • To improve blood circulation, that is food and work of all bodies and systems of organism;
  • To accelerate metabolism and to increase amount of the soaked-up nutrients;
  • To create alkaline environment and to accelerate transformation of the arriving food to energy, and also to start process of splitting of fatty cages;
  • To clear organism of toxins, the majority of which contain in fatty tissue, but at oxidation turn into gases and leave body with exhalation;
  • To enrich organism with energy;
  • To strengthen immunity;
  • To reduce amount of hormones of stress and to calm nervous system;
  • To dull feeling of hunger.

Peculiar massage of stomach - tingling of skin will help to accelerate weight loss process that will also promote splitting of fatty cages, and also will improve condition of skin.

Rules of weight loss by means of breath

☀ during exercises control stomach muscles, they have to be relaxed.

☀ Inhale only by means of nose, the mouth at this moment has to be completely closed.

☀ Exhale through small crack between lips.

☀ Breath by diaphragm helps to improve bearing and to pump up press.

Breath techniques for weight loss

All existing respiratory techniques are directed to improvement of organism in general, but not to disposal of excess weight. Therefore, applying them, you receive not only slim figure, but also excellent prevention of many diseases. Of course, only applying the correct breath, to grow thin it will not turn out, it is necessary to adhere to the balanced food and to pay attention to physical activities, but with its help you considerably will accelerate process of combustion of excess fats and strengthen the health.

Let's consider the most popular currently the breath techniques used for weight loss.

࿋ Bodifleks, the author of system is Childers Greer. Breath in this complex aerobic, that is it as much as possible oxygenates organism. It is necessary to use phrenic (belly) breath, inhaling through nose, and exhaling through mouth. Thus, concentration of carbon dioxide in blood increases that promotes replacement of oxygen from hemoglobin and to the direction it to places of localization of fats for their burning. In combination with the correct breath it is necessary to carry out exercises which promote development of elasticity and durability of muscle bulk, doing body outlines perfect.

࿋ Oksisayz works by the same principle, as bodifleks. But at its performance there are no sharp exhalations that reduces amount of contraindications for such training.

࿋ Weight loss by means of breath will become possible also when using respiratory gymnastics of Strelnikova. Initially it has been urged to recover voice to opera singers, but afterwards began to be applied to treatment of many diseases including obesity. Breath across Strelnikova you represent sharp and short sigh nose which is made at the squeezed thorax.

࿋ the Respiratory gymnastics of "Jianfei" (in transfer into Russian means "dump fat") created in China. Its essence consists in performance of three exercises ("frog", "wave" and "lotus") in combination with belly breath.

As we see breath for weight loss effectively only at its use in complex with different exercises. Nevertheless, such techniques are very useful to people who lead slow-moving life and are not ready to serious physical activities.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

Exercise No. 1 (it is carried out at measured speed)

At first make breath (count in mind to four), now hold the breath (into four accounts), exhale (count in mind to four). It is necessary to repeat such exercise ten times.

Exercise No. 2

Pull in stomach and make deep breath. Gradually, breakthroughs exhale air in the small portions through densely close lips, and on breath exhalation weaken and strain stomach muscles. Exercise is done twenty times in day.

Exercise No. 3 (strengthens stomach muscles)

Sit down on chair and straighten back. Knees deliver at an angle 90 degrees, at the same time having densely pressed foot to floor. You breathe stomach, gradually straining and relaxing press muscles. Begin exercise from ten times and increase loading to forty in day.

Exercise No. 4

Lay down on floor, at the same time having bent legs in knees, and foot having put on floor, put the left brush on breast, and right on stomach. At breath and exhalation slightly, serially press palms stomach and breast. Make breath, straighten thorax and pull in stomach, having pressed it. Now, on the contrary - at exhalation inflate stomach and let out the air, having pressed on thorax.

Such traditional methods have reached us from the East, however they are constantly modernized and improved.

To get used to features of breath certain time and systematic trainings is required. After you completely will master initial complex, can move to more advanced level.

Beginning to master respiratory gymnastics, you have to be ready to some unpleasant feelings if you after several minutes of occupations have dizziness or asthma will begin, then you should not be frightened and stop studying of gymnastics. After a while unpleasant feelings will cease to visit you, and you will feel during occupation only pleasure and to feel inflow of forces. Phrenic breath for weight loss will become for you pleasant and useful habit.

At regular trainings your body in the shortest possible time will find symmetry and flexibility, muscles will get stronger, and you will always feel vigorous and cheerful.

Restrictions for performance of breath for weight loss

Weight loss by means of breath allows to improve blood circulation, to accelerate metabolism, to dull feeling of hunger, to revitalize organism and to strengthen immunity.

One and all can do respiratory gymnastics. But before the beginning it is necessary to consult with the doctor if there are problems with backbone or if you have undergone operations recently. People with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, pulmonary diseases need to carry out exercises less intensively.

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