Duel of dishes - potatoes or porridge

дуэль блюд - картофель или каша

Potatoes are considered vegetable, very ordinary. Such disrespect results from its low price and availability. But even on dietary table it has to be in the right place. Potatoes have appeared in Europe only in the sixteenth century, it has been brought from far Peru.

Tasty and nutritious

In Russia potatoes in big scales began to be grown up only in the 18th century. It has quickly enough turned out that it is easy in processing, tasty and nutritious. It has been found also out that potatoes are good cure for gastrointestinal diseases: regulates digestion, treats stomach and duodenum, locks and dyspepsia.

Thanks to the high content of mineral components with alkaline properties, potatoes counterbalance acid impact on organism of grain and meat products, and the medical character has thanks to large amount of protein, carbohydrates, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium, and also C, A, PP, B1, B2, B6 vitamin. But the protein which is in potatoes is on the first place concerning quality among vegetable proteins and is perfectly acquired, the organism absorbs about 70%.

Potatoes fatten?

Many of us at this moment, will nod with belief. And here we make very big mistake. Contrary to bad thoughts potatoes not only do not fatten, but even help to grow thin. It has only 60 calories. However having added to potatoes of fat sauces, it turns into caloric bomb. Young potato as it contains more water is less caloric.

That potatoes have not lost the properties and did not become caloric, it is better to bake it in oven or to steam, it is better in uniforms as exactly here under crust there are many important components. If we cook the peeled potatoes, you should not keep it in water because useful components can be washed up.

Potatoes will be more tasty if to add to water garlic glove, bay leaf and several drops of olive oil. New potato is suitable for pastries, boiling, and also salads, but it will not manage to us with it to do vareniki, mashed potatoes or pancakes because it has not enough starch.

Why it is necessary to eat porridges?

Porridges are extremely valuable food product as contain all nutritional value of grain and seeds from which they are made. The less processed, the more usefully.

The diet rich with grain delivers to body significant amount of starch, cellulose and vitamins especially of group B. Grain is also valuable source of digestible proteins and minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Rough grain is recommended to the people suffering from locks, hemorrhoids and polyps of thick gut while small grain - for patients with heavy Qatar of digestive tract and for those who on strict diet.

What, as well as with what?

Coarse-grained porridges give with meat and vegetables, but small grain uses in soups. We do not rinse fine-grained grain, and coarse-grained always we wash out, and considering pollution as well we touch.

We throw millet after washing into the boiling water, we cook, we filter and we fill in with water. Thereof its bitter taste is lost. Grains of cereals will not stick together if when cooking to add butter tablespoon.

Not to lose valuable nutrients in preparation time, it is necessary to use the corresponding amount of water. On glass of buckwheat - 2 glasses of water, on glass of millet - 2,5 glasses of water, glass of pearl barley - 3 glasses of water.

To cook grain on weak fire about 20 minutes.