Fractional food

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The desire to grow thin, get rid of excess fatty deposits and to correct figure accompanies almost each modern person.

But often cardinal change of way of life is wrecked because fills daily occurrence with huge discomfort. For example, the majority of diets implies the most real hunger strike and deficit of useful substances that forces to feel the person suppressed and does not leave forces for such important component of weight loss as sports activities.

Fortunately, the solution has been found - it is fractional food which allows not only to derive pleasure at weight loss, but also to make organism healthier.

20 principles of fractional food

1. One of the main rules of this diet is meal every 2-3 hour.

2. Portions have to be small, that is all portion has to be located in glass.

3. There have to be 5-8 meals in day. These are the main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and having a snack. The most optimum food allowance is five times reception at interval no more than 4 hours.

4. The hot food has to be present at three meals.

5. The breakfast has to be the most nourishing and include complex carbohydrates (for example porridges) and to be within hour after awakening.

6. It is important not to forget to calculate food caloric content, in day you should not consume more than 1600 calories (for the woman).

7. Water and tea without sugar can be drunk in unlimited number.

8. It is necessary to adhere to power supply system even if there is no appetite.

9. The dinner also has to be hot, meat dishes or stewed vegetables best of all will approach.

10. Having a snack between the main receptions of food can consist from vegetables, fruit, grain bread, skim cheese, flakes and myusly without sugar, different grain, natural yogurt. Coffee, sweets, chocolate, nuts, fast food it is not recommended to use during having a snack as they contain too many calories, fats and sugar.

11. The daily diet has to consist of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates necessary for organism and other useful substances in certain quantity.

12. To begin to adhere to system of fractional food it is recommended from days off.

13. It is desirable to make prematurely the menu per day, at the same time it is possible to calculate the exact number of receptions of food, duration of intervals between them and food caloric content. It is so easier to adapt to new diet, without taking away time in the working day.

14. If is not systematized to use everything through some intervals of time, then it is already impossible to call it fractional food as this system means that the diet, is made taking into account the power value of food which has to be used in strict accordance with daily requirement of organism.

15. If the person does not hunger at three meals a day, then the fractional diet to it will be superfluous.

16. Also fractional food will not suit also those who aim to get rid of extra kilos as this system is expected very long period, but and stable result very quickly.

17. To promote weight loss and to keep body in tone at fractional food, it is necessary to combine diet with physical exercises.

18. It is recommended to use meat together with crude vegetables, it is desirable green color. But the volume of vegetables has to hang amount of meat three times. Useful properties of vegetables of green color are that they are long processed and at the same time promote removal of liquid from organism.

19. Vegetables or fruit in the raw do not recommend to have a bite as they will not provide necessary satiety, and fruit acids on the contrary will tempt bigger appetite. Also fructose promotes formation of fat in organism more than other types of sugar.

20. In fight against excess weight it is not obligatory to refuse completely sweet, it is allowed to eat in one of day meals a little zephyr or fruit jelly, but at the same time to have sense of proportion.

Not superfluous will be to remind that it will be correct to combine fractional food and sport. So, being engaged in physical exercises and eating often gradually, you will be able to put figure in three weeks in order.

Nutritionists assure that thanks to fractional food any woman can easily lose up to three kilograms a week. Without hunger, without diets, observing only diet and few times in week playing sports.

Advantages of fractional food to weight loss

☀ there are no rigid changes of food allowance - the menu of fractional food for weight loss includes products, usual for you, and does not impose serious restrictions for diet.

☀ diet caloric content without deterioration in health Imperceptibly decreases.

☀ Long effect of fractional food even after exit from diet - the dumped kilograms do not come back, and you get used to eat small portions.

☀ the Organism ceases to accumulate fats.

☀ there are no contraindications on health - fractional food is even appointed at some diseases. Under the leadership of the doctor even patients with diabetes can use such food.

☀ it is easier for you to digest small portions, after-dinner drowsiness disappears, you are vigorous and full of strength throughout the day.

☀ Flexibility and prisposablivayemost of system of fractional food under the specific person. According to reviews about fractional food for weight loss, it can easily become from diet way of life - so quickly similar diet becomes habit and is so comfortable for organism.

Minuses of fractional food

It is a little minuses, more precisely - one main, and even it is connected not with the system, and with shortcomings of our way of life.

To those people who work - and such the vast majority happens very difficult to observe such diet. It even to eat, properly, happens once and there is no place, but here it is not minuses of system of fractional food, and in shortcomings absolutely other system.

Of course, it is possible to try to cope also with it: to define for itself the specific list of the products accepted in different situations, to make the accurate plan of day, and to try to spend days off with the maximum advantage.

And it is the best of all to begin to get used to fractional food on issue: nothing will prevent you, and the organism will manage to get used to certain rhythm - after that it will be easier to cope with daily routine problems too.

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