House tea for weight loss

домашний чай для похудения
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Tea is really unique drink. It is impossible to imagine the person who does not love and does not drink tea. Tea invigorates organism, increases activity of brain, improves memory and even helps to grow thin.

With guarantee to lose couple of extra kilos, it is possible to use tasty and useful teas of special collecting. They are intended for improvement of metabolism which consequence splitting of the fat which is contained in organism will turn out to be. And it is very simple to prepare such tea even in house conditions.

We choose herbs for the tea for weight loss

To choose optimal variant of tea for weight loss, it is necessary to pick up its components correctly. For this purpose it is necessary to divide its making elements into several groups. For preparation of tea we take on one component from each group. Tablespoon of ready mix we fill in 200 ml of boiled water, we insist within 15 minutes and we drink.

The herbs helping to fight against appetite belong to the first group. These plants, getting into stomach of the person, bulk up, thereby causing false saturation. In this group it is possible to carry: spirulin, bran, mallow root, flax seeds, angelica medicinal.

The herbs bringing excess liquid out of organism belong to the second group. At obesity liquid and slags - constant satellites. Cowberry, burdock, plantain, bear ears, field horsetail will help with effective fight against them. These plants also clear organism of toxins and slags.

The third group is herbs which normalize activity of liver and gall bladder. Plants of this group help fast assimilation of food and accelerate exchange processes. Here it is possible to carry such herbs: immortelle, dandelion, corn stigmas, barberry, thorough-wax and thistle.

The following group is anise, bark of buckthorn and glycyrrhiza, sea-buckthorn, caraway seeds, fennel, rhubarb, mint. The use of these herbs clears intestines and normalizes its work. It is worth mentioning that these herbs have laxative property, but they affect organism softly.

The herbs promoting toning and directly weight loss belong to the fifth group. Help also with stimulation of metabolism. It is rosemary, ginger, turmeric, magnolia vine, eleuterokokk, ginseng. As these herbs are known for the power properties, it is worth understanding that they as well increase appetite.

As it is correct to make

The teapot before preparation of drink should be drenched with boiled water. Only then there dry mix is filled and filled in with hot water. It is important to make correctly tea to keep useful properties of herbs. It is known that boiled water destroys them therefore cool water of degrees to 70.

It is necessary to draw tea about 2 hours. And for its preparation it is better to use the filtered water.

правильное заваривание чая

It is possible to make large number at once. However it is necessary to store not longer than 2 days, otherwise all useful properties will be lost.

Recipes of house teas for weight loss

And so, we start studying of recipes according to which it is possible to prepare independently remarkable and very effective teas for disposal of excess weight.

Tea with bird cherry and cowberry

Take ten-twelve grams of dried berries of bird cherry and cowberry. Fill in all with boiled water (enough four hundred milliliters), and, having brought to boiling, you cook about five minutes. Broth has to be drawn after preparation fifteen minutes. Now filter drink and use it on an empty stomach. черемуха брусника

Tea with lemon, melissa and dushitsa

You need five grams of dried peel of lemon and on ten grams of marjoram and melissa. Make collecting three hundred milliliters of the boiling water. Having brought to boiling, you cook drink on weak fire about three minutes. Having removed tea from plate, give it fifteen minutes to be insisted then filter. It is the best of all to accept such tea for weight loss since morning. лимон мелисса душица

Tea in house conditions from mint and thyme

It is necessary for its preparation 10 gr mint and young escapes of thyme and one glass of water. Before preparation mint and thyme need to be washed out carefully and then it is good to dry up in shadow. After grass it is necessary to crush and fill in with one glass of boiled water, after to cook broth of 5-7 minutes on slow fire. After that to remove ware from fire and it is good to wrap up with towel for 10 minutes that tea was drawn. Further tea needs to be filtered and drunk. мята чабрец

Tea with blackberry leaves

листья ежевики We take 80 gr. blackberry leaves, 10 gr. leaves of birch and 10 gr. coltsfoot leaves, we mix and we fill in with boiled water in proportion 1:20, for 15 minutes.

After cooling broth is filtered and we drink on one glass before breakfast and lunch.

Tea from quince and hawthorn

The quince (15 g) is crushed, hawthorn fruits (12 g) are washed, all put in the enameled ware, fill in 600 ml of the boiling water and cook on weak fire of 3-5 minutes. Then tea is removed from plate, wrapped up, 12-15 minutes allow to stand, filter and drink on an empty stomach. айва боярышник

Tea to karkada for weight loss

каркаде Petals of hibiscus include in the structure 13 amino acids, useful microelements (iron, phosphorus, calcium), vitamins (B1, B2, C), and also fruit acids, bioflavonoids, meletin and routines. The hibiscus makes the antibacterial and all-strengthening impact (drink effectively increases immunity). Tea from petals of hibiscus makes diuretic, spazmolitichesky and febrifugal impact. Tea clears organism of slags.

Petals do not love boiled water therefore them it is necessary to make water 80 degrees and to insist minutes 10-15.

Drink has acid taste, but, you ate want to lose weight, do not add to it sugar. In several days you will get used and awake to enjoy taste of drink.

Having combined the use of the best tea for weight loss to karkada with the correct diet and sport, you considerably will accelerate the transformation.

Tea with St. John's Wort

зверобой To prepare this tea it is necessary to take 15 g of bark of buckthorn, herbs sea, leaves of blackberry and leaves of raspberry, on 10 g of hips and heather, 7 g of leaves of mallow, 7 g of leaves of nettle, 3 g of leaves of St. John's Wort and 2 g of yarrow.

All taken components to crush and mix. To take 5 g of the crushed mix and to fill in with glass of boiled water. Within minute to allow to be drawn. Then to filter and drink small drinks in warm look.

To receive necessary result, it is necessary to begin reception of tea with 200 g a day, then to gradually increase reception of tea to 600 g a day. In 45 days, after the beginning of reception of this tea, it is necessary to drink already 200 g 3 times a day.

It is the best of all to drink tea for weight loss after food. In several days it is necessary to reduce gradually reception of tea to 200 g a day.

After the end of treatment it is possible also to continue to drink this tea on 200 g a day to hold the weight normal.

The recipe of tea for weight loss on the basis of buckthorn

(components can be bought in drugstore)

  • buckthorn bark (3 shares)
  • dandelion root (1 share)
  • parsley fruits (1 share)
  • fennel fruits (1 share)
  • peppermint leaves (1 share)

It is filled in with glass of boiled water for 15 minutes. Broth from this mix is filtered and used on 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach (morning), within 2 months.

Tea from marjoram and melissa

This tea is very simple in preparation as actually, and the previous drinks. For it it is necessary to use escapes of marjoram or its leaves (10 g), melissa leaves (10 g), lemon dried peel (5 g), and also clear drinking water (1,5 glasses). All ingredients for tea are crushed (the melissa and marjoram are also dried up), mix up, filled in with boiled water and boiled on slow fire till 3 minutes. Then it is possible to remove tea from fire and to insist minutes 10 in heat (or to wrap up), then to filter and drink. душица мелисса

As you can see, recipes of effective teas for weight loss exists much, and among this variety it is possible to choose the most suitable for you without effort. Prepare teas and drink them regularly - it with guarantee will help to lose several extra kilos.

Contraindications to the use of tea for weight loss

At excessive hobby for tea for weight loss it is possible to achieve at all not those results which you expect, instead of loss of extra kilos it is possible to get organism dehydration, washing away of the potassium necessary for full warm and muscular activity. Long-term reception of tea for weight loss can cause exacerbation of illness in people with sore kidneys. Therefore it is better to choose tea with soft diuretic action.

Tea with laxative action is contraindicated to people with digestive tract diseases.

Anyway tea for weight loss is not intended for the systematic use, it is possible to drink it no more than 3 weeks in a row, and it is desirable to limit itself to 1-2 cups a day. Well and of course, it is necessary to get acquainted with the tea components listed on label, perhaps components on which you can have individual intolerance or allergic reaction enter it.

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