Down with fat!

долой жир

Many females received not pleasure from diets but only disappointment. You have sustained the next diet, weight has a little left, but looking at the figure, are surprised that to ideal still very far. The saying is remembered to this subject: lean cow – yet not gazelle. In you it is not necessary to fall in despondency. For many women harmonous to become very real, the most important is implementation of several rules.

Idea of the diet purpose at women not correct. The most important to get rid of the saved-up fat, but not to lose only a weight. At the same time it is desirable to keep muscles, only they create the tightened and beautiful figure. It is known that muscles weigh much heavier than the fat. The best council is here to throw out scales. Watch volumes of your body. If weight has jumped up on one two kilograms, and volumes have decreased, everything means at you well.

We cease to trust in such myths, such as, to limit in food fat, not to eat after six in the evening, only vegetarians do not grow stout. Nonsenses and forget all this about them. The tightened figure is result of the balanced diet plus loading physical culture. Of course, it is not only about aerobic, but also power loading.

For a start "we dry" figure. We adhere some time of protein-rich diet, but and fats it has to be poor. To carbohydrates (pastries) we find replacement on more difficult (nuts, vegetables, bean). You should not starve, otherwise the organism in horror will begin to provide stock against a rainy day. You eat in the small portions and in day four or five times. When athletes body builders prepare for competitions, they eat quite so. Main goal for them, lowering of percent of content of fat in their organism. If you have come to the treasured purpose, then here it is possible and to relax. You enter small amount of carbohydrates into the food and increase fatty consumption. Strongly we are not fond if we do not want that your achieved results have returned on initial.

That it did not happen, make the training plan. To be in shape, play sports three times a week on hour. If there are desire and time for disposal fatty excess, then it is necessary to increase the activity, accelerate metabolism. You will increase number of trainings to four or five weekly also on hour. At the same time divide occupations into two parts: twenty minutes power exercises, and then you pass on aerobic, such as swimming, run, the bicycle, the accelerated walking. Watch the pulse during sports occupations. For effective combustion of fat its frequency has to be maximum for 70-80% of yours. For trainings the best time is morning, but not after the working day.

Let's pay a little attention to the body, we will use cosmetology secrets. To bring excess liquid, toxins out of fabrics, skin we will urge to lift tone to the aid only clay. Before procedure, wrappings clay, take shower. It is on sale in drugstore and is only necessary to you white or blue. Make of hundred grams of cosmetic clay and water mix, on sour cream consistence. Add to it six drops of essential oil of grapefruit and cinnamon three tablespoons. Carefully mix and safely impose on problem zones. Densely we wrap them in film and be covered quickly with blanket. Weakened you lie minutes forty, and then you wash away water and after that apply cream on skin anti-cellulite or moistening. About two once a week are recommended to carry out such procedures, all course is ten procedures.

There is approximate day menu once again not to puzzle.

From 7 to 9 hours. pichnitsa from two eggs or as much soft-boiled, vegetables, coffee milk salad.
From 12 to 13 hours. The cottage cheese fat-free.
From 14 to 16 hours. Soup vegetable, stewed chicken fillet and green tea.
From 18 do19 hours. Low-fat fish to boil with vegetables and again green tea.
Before going to bed for hour drink kefir two hundred grams or apple.

Here so just to become slender gazelle. Agree that here no inhuman efforts are required. Work on yourself and be improved, be not satisfied with what has already been achieved. And only after that results will not keep you waiting long!