Photo of girls before weight loss

до и после похудения

Most of people begin to grow thin with enthusiasm, but quickly throw. Start over again - since Monday, new year, tomorrow.

So there pass decades: in dreams - slender body, in reality - excess fat.

We suggest to look at photo of people which long time were full, and then have grown thin and keep weight - have brought the matter to the bitter end.

The secret of their symmetry is simple! This healthy nutrition and physical exercises.

Find "the" sport. The benefit the choice is huge: yoga, Pilates, dances, exercise machines and though strip plastics. Circumstances can always be wrapped in own favor. And if your physical capacities put before you any limits - it does not mean that it is necessary to be given! Commitment and determination play very important role!

Teralin Maknitt

By the time of leaving school Teralin Maknitt (Taralynn McNitt) has so crept away in breadth that has ceased to appear in general on any school or cool actions. Has reached that Teralin did not even want to go on final and to receive the certificate. Mother has finished the daughter, having bought her for final smart dress. But final has even more disappointed her.

And then the girl has decided to change.

Daily, about 6 miles began to go on foot. Having studied the corresponding literature, it became is balanced, to eat properly. And has yielded result about itself zn

t in month. And here after exactly a year, instead of chubby "aunt", the girl, weighing 50 kg appears improbable beauty.

до и после похудения

до и после похудения

Sasha Versal

Sasha Versal: has fallen in love with the trainer (was - 73 kg, became - 63 kg).

How many myself I remember, always was large and dreamed of one - to grow thin. Therefore life was as roller coaster: I eat, I do not eat. 2,5 years ago with height of 176 cm I weighed 73 kg.

It would seem, rather small aberrations, but everything looked regrettably, extra kilos to me obviously did not go. The fat was postponed on stomach and on each side that could not but develop at me certain inferiority complex: "p I can look much better why not to use it???"

With stable frequency of diet missed chance, and weight did not departure anywhere. Instead of resorting to favourite actions of the majority, namely moaning and complaints to spiteful genes, I have found the cool trainer and... has fallen in love with him.

Since then has also begun - I do not represent the life without sport, and my trainer — my future husband — in everything supports me now.

до и после похудения

до и после похудения

Cler Nassir

The 40-year-old British TV host Cler Nassir has thrown down challenge to the body.

Photos of the running Claire in poisonous green bathing suit instantly became laughing stock for millions and incentive to grow thin for Claire.

до и после похудения

до и после похудения до и после похудения

After 6 months of the persistent trainings including kickboxing, exercises with dumbbells, squeezing, squats and run before the world community the new Claire who has lost 10 clothing sizes with 16 to 6 has appeared. After surprising and fast transformation Claire has told

"let I and 40-year-old mother, but at me am body of the 20-year-old girl"