The diary of the girl who kept to "the Japanese diet"

дневник девушки на японской диете
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Every day within three last years I thought that it is time to grow thin, it is time on diet. And every evening, having densely eaten, argued that since morning then - hop - I will go on diet. Thought in the morning that nothing terrible if to eat a little for breakfast. During the lunchtime it is possible to eat a little too. And … if ate dinner the whole day, and it is possible in the evening, and tomorrow I will precisely go on diet. And so from year to year.

And there was a wish to put experiment with himself: interestingly it will turn out at me or not. Having dug over a lot of information on diets has stopped on PPONSKAYA to the DIET IN 14 DAYS. Also is it seems it is possible and to suffer this "food" of only 14 days. And the most important, creators of diet is oath promised me that it upon termination of this term, me award will be not only slender body, but also guarantee that the dumped kilograms will not return to me in the next 3 years and is it will be possible anything. Invitingly?

p has printed out the menu for the next 2 weeks, has warned all that did not tempt with cake, and having last time shown the female weakness, was pies full.

pponsky miracle

No, I not that thick. In representation of many, I even, probably, harmonous (looking what to compare to). But so there is a wish that again almost all clothes which are bought not in the Toy Store to me became big (as was in youth). And these 7 extra kilos which have got to me in loading with two dear children nevertheless somewhere on me are. And so you look also the husband on hands will begin to carry again … And by and large, there was a wish to prove to himself that I can. I can sustain. At all I not the slave to stomach. Though there were moments when I thought the return: at night when all go to bed, I ran on kitchen and in the dark could absorb directly from pan food. Time nobody sees – means and did not eat at all. So I tried to deceive not only people around, but also myself.

The diet chosen by me was developed by the Japanese scientists from clinic of "PEKS". Many can incorrectly think that two weeks need to be eaten rice and sushi is not so. Is it is possible fish, meat, chicken and cabbage. The miracle is that within 14 days the organism passes to big turns of work. For short terms the diet regulates metabolism in organism, reconstructs it on other rhythm of work. Important condition: during this time it is impossible to use sugar, salt, alcohol, flour and confectionery. Between meals it is possible to drink mineral or boiled water without restrictions. The diet should be used precisely, without changing sequence since only in this case there is change of metabolism.

Day the first

Has got up on scales in the morning. 57 kilograms. Well, I without regret can leave with 7 of them. Breakfast - coffee. Not usual without sugar, but it is possible to suffer. Lunch - two eggs, salad from cabbage and tomato. Very much even tasty salatik. Dinner - fried fish, salad from cabbage. Fish fried!!! This objedeniye! With melancholy watched how the others have supper.

I am heated by hope that only 14 days, and I will be all such harmonous.

Day of the second

I do not know as into the account of will power, but I have such state today that I am do not want in general and even to think of food - already feels sick me. Breakfast - coffee and crouton. Lunch - fish, salad. Dinner - boiled beef of 200 g, glass of kefir. By the way, fish and meat without salt are very not bad. Cabbage too.

Today I am already the 55th kg. The husband today the whole day persuades me to refuse diet. Has told that I any am pleasant to it, and does not want at all that I grew thin. He is afraid that at me the breast will disappear at first, then the bottom, and stomach will remain. Also I will be the Japanese column. p I frighten him that at me and eyes will be narrowed.

Has asked the girlfriend to support me, she has excess kg after two sons too. It has held on in the afternoon, and then has eaten piece of cake.

Well everything, tomorrow boiled carrots with oil and crude egg. If I eat it, I will consider myself as the hero.

Day the third, I hope that not the last

Today there was the real check of will power. We were invited on a visit and by phone tastefully told about the pizza made for us, smoked fish and cheesecake. p has not sustained!

p just has not gone on a visit.

Breakfast – coffee. The son has helped me. p has poured to itself cup and has distracted. He has put sugar spoon. p has taken and already, I repent, could not come off. So tasty! For lunch - crude egg, 3 big boiled carrots with vegetable oil, 150 g of firm cheese. pytso even did not begin to try. I know, there are fans of crude eggs, but I do not treat them. Carrots have welded one instead of three (in advance has understood that I will not eat). Ate the whole hour on one spoon. Accepted as medicine. For dinner - apples without restriction. But I could eat only one again. Probably, it was not strongly hungry.

My weight still 55. But today several people have told that I have strongly grown thin. As balm for the soul. And thoughts in the head and dreams all the same only gastronomic: in 10 days I will eat … and further everything that it is only possible to imagine.

Day the fourth

p I keep so far. At children in plates remains so much tasty, but I fasten, I do not eat up though so there is a wish. I consider days, has marked in calendar treasured last day. Lived on diet - brightly I sketch red marker. Already almost I do not drink morning coffee. I do only several drinks. p boiled carrots – muck thought, but today for lunch there was vegetable marrow, fried without salt. p even starving could not push it into itself though he published such pleasant aroma. But the dinner was smart: eggs, salad and boiled beef.

p 54,5 kg. But, in my opinion, nothing the face and breast on site has grown thin still.

In the evening in shop has seen belyashes. At first has decided to eat while nobody sees, but in time has stopped. Leaving, said goodbye to it nearly with tears in the eyes.

Day the fifth and the most awful

This morning I weighed 53,5 kg. To me it is very bad! To me so never was, probably. Perhaps because to hunger the chronic sleep debt was added (children, work).

In the afternoon, instead of what to sit down to work while the child sleeps I have fallen down too. Has woken up from the fact that me the head shakes and is turned. Has hardly risen, has hardly kept balance (thanks to wall). Small shiver in all body and darkness in eyes. Terribly.

p, without hesitation, has poured to itself some sweet coffee. The piece of bitter chocolate - it always brings to me. Has lain down 15 more minutes, and I am vigorous and cheerful again! What and everything I wish.

But there are I do not want not only boiled fish and crude carrots any more, but at all anything. Dreams have come to an end. The satisfaction was brought only by glass of tomato juice, but it has seemed to me such salty.

Day of the sixth. Happy

Everything is great! Weight is 53 kg! There is no wish to eat also the main thing, I have decided that this grass (food which is ordered by "Japanese") can be not eaten, well unless absolutely slightly. At last the diet has begun to bring noticeable results. All want to meet me. Do me continually compliments. In spite of the fact that at this time with two children and the husband. It naturally raises self-assessment and understanding that my sufferings are not vain. There was a wish to make still honey massage. And still easy hairdressing. And still to increase breast … The husband has already begun to worry and has told that he will feed me violently soon.

Day of the seventh

What happiness – can be replaced disgusting coffee with green tea in the morning. During the lunchtime has solved beef on is, but to lean on fruit. Them it is possible any in any quantity today.

Day of the eighth

53,5 kg. p with hunger I swell? From frustration there was a wish to spit everything and to eat normally, but fitting of jeans has stopped me. Trousers hang on me. As I have not thought at once that it is necessary to change all clothes soon. It is additional incentive to diet.

Day the ninth (it seems, I have already got off with the account)

Has decided to communicate at forums to those who grow thin professionally. All have assured me that in week thirst for sweet disappears by itself. But I as could not look without shudder at different cookies condensed milks I cannot. But me have advised to drink droplets of pikolinat of chrome, allegedly they beat off thirst for sweet. Still it is promoted by vanilla smell. And yet not to drink coffee and tea. How not to drink if on my diet this every day for breakfast?

For all today I have eaten: two drinks of coffee, several leaves of cabbage (forces to make of it I have no salad). In the evening kefir and all. Though I have still smelled and have licked pie. By the way about this masterpiece of culinary art. All family ate pies my darlings with egg and onions, washed down with milk and staked: I will break or not. And I drank mineral water and thought: there are pies only food and no more than that.

But I walked with children today in shorts which do not cover bottom, and at the same time it was not a shame to me with this bottom.

Days are the subsequent

Days became similar one to another in the consumption plan of food. Boringly and monotonously I chewed this "silo". The quantity of products by itself at me was reduced to minimum. In day I could eat only one boiled egg. Even one thought that I need to have dinner bored. But in all body such ease what I had to wedding was formed.

Day 14 and the last

дневник девушки на японской диете

My result – 51,5 kg. Strange, thus that I almost did not eat anything at all, weight was lost on only 5,5 kg. Probably, it is simple there is no place to grow thin further. I admit to you that the last 2 days I do not keep to diet. p I do not eat just in general. So, reorganization of metabolism at me will not happen. Also it will be necessary to leave smoothly "Japanese" and to change on "kremlevka", for example.

But there was much more important event - I became happy with myself! I like to wear short skirts again. Today there was shopping. What high to come into fitting room and to see there in mirror of. Though is what aims at. The small tummy gives in me mummy. And as they say, thin cow yet not gazelle. It is advisable to pump up also press, and leg-armed....

Everything, since then I adjoin great number of ladies who keep to diet eternally. But it is worth it!

Elena Dobrynina