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The diet – it the word causes in all inhabitants of the planet generally only one association – weight loss. All people suffering from excess weight find rescue in modern diets which promise fast loss of hated kilograms and fatty folds though everything is far not so simple.

Unfortunately, nobody wishes to go deep into history, trying to understand that actually it for the word such "DIET". In translation from Greek this term is power supply system, certain mode which needs to be followed all life. Diets are directed not only to disposal of excess weight, but also to the general improvement of state of health, appearance change in general.

All diets differ from each other in such indicators as food caloric content, its physical and chemical properties, methods of processing of products, intervals between their receptions and other. Each people, certain race have principles of food which are exclusively individual, may contain in diet unique, special products.

Even if the person excessively eats, leans on greasy, caloric food - it is diet too, only it is directed to set of weight and accumulation of fatty layer (fabric). But often the many people give preference to easy, healthy food which at certain diet allows to have excellent health and the same bends of body.

And now it is worth forgetting about history, and will return to the modern world which propagandizes the diets directed to loss of weight. Especially actually the subject of diets costs at girls and women who wish to become harmonous, charming and desired, it is so important everyone. But having tried one diet, nobody stops, perfection does not have limit.

Not for nothing say that the diet is way of life and in order that this image brought pleasure, it is necessary to choose such diet and its further continuation in the form of the balanced power supply system which as much as possible would correspond to your preferences in food.

On our website all most popular and efficient diets which are checked not by one hundred people are collected.

The result is fine, the figure as a result smart, the main thing that diet was not vain, and weight kept most long.

For what diets are necessary?

First of all for your health which rectilinearly depends on the consumed food. If it too fat, sharp or sweet, then soon it is possible to see not only additional weight on scales, but also to feel it, so to speak, on the skin. People who are engaged in gluttony are doomed to problems with cardiovascular system, diabetes and other serious diseases can soon be connected to it.

If dietary food is the balanced and supported complex of power and breathing exercises, then the result will not keep itself waiting long, to you health and beauty which has been hidden under fatty layer will be recovered. However you should not be fond too of diets, for each person there is the ideal weight with which health simply excellent, sound sleep, and figure corresponds to all to desirable parameters.

That for what the diet everyone is necessary defines itself proceeding from the wishes and problems. The main thing is balance and reasonable approach in everything, the pursuit of "fashionable leanness" can turn back anorexia which has decorated nobody yet.

How it is correct to choose diet?

как правильно выбрать диету Many, getting on the website which offers and perfectly describes popular and effective diets begin to fluctuate, without knowing what diet to choose, their such big set. To simplify problem of the choice it is worth paying attention on below the given advice.

1. Originally it is worth being guided by those diets or power supply systems at which there are all products to which you and your organism have already got used. Food new, can negatively be reflected by dishes on health, ferment, uncomfortable health, worsen metabolism.

2. The second are personal preferences. In particular it concerns monodiets which suggest to eat only one (2-3) products. If you do not love kefir or cucumbers, then to take these products as basis there is no sense: if the result is seen on scales, then yours silovoly can be gone.

3. Determine the excess weight, from its surplus it will be possible to define what diet is necessary – short-term or, on the contrary, long. You do not treat figure too captiously, do not take for ideals those pictures and images to which you will not be able to come moderately specifics of the constitution.

4. Before diets very perfectly help to be adjusted on the necessary mode fasting days which to steam of kilograms it is forced liquidate and will train will power, diets come not to all easily.

5. How to understand that the diet suits you? In general – the understanding will come by itself in any way. You will feel ease in body, inflow of vital forces, the desire will streskat something harmful to be absent, and new aspirations will begin to visit you much more often. Something to change desire in itself also will go nearby.

What diets for weight loss exist and what they are directed to?

The most widespread group are low-calorie diets which have found huge popularity among the big mass of the population. The essence consists in reduction of the consumed calories which surely should be counted what the result would come quicker, and efficiency has increased many times.

How such system works? The organism which has got used will receive certain norm of food, for example, 2200-2500 calories in some state of shock when it begins to be content 1200-1500. As a result, to compensate shortage of diet it will begin to borrow it in fatty tissues which are laid "in store".

Advantage of diets is that they are often not limited in time, just right to acquaint them with way of life as it and has to be, but the main thing – without fanaticism. To you it is not necessary to cut down sharply and cardinally the food allowance, organism will not approve it. At reasonable approach and balance of food such diets will become your faithful companions to life.

The main thing – is strong to consolidate the received result, to lose body weight much more simply, than to keep it that for a long time.

All effective diets for weight loss often reduce consumption of fats to minimum, there is even such type of diets – low-fat. Their essence is that fats in diet are practically absent, at that time when there are no other restrictions.

Than low-fat diets are so good?

First of all easy portability, restriction is imposed only on greasy food, but here proteins and carbohydrates can be eaten much for support of health. Reducing fats, you considerably reduce diet caloric content, can regale on zephyr and fruit jelly, without thinking of effects. Such diets suit all and give where the best result, than low-calorie. There is opinion that low-fat diets are improved version low-calorie. The only minus is their long term, but the result stronger and is longer.

Low-carbohydrate diets are analogy low-fat, only now under restriction carbohydrates get.

The main motto – "sugar is white death!"

It is very difficult to keep to such diets, it is necessary to exclude all flour products (rolls, bread) without which some do not feel satiety that causes psychological and physical hunger from diet. It is also necessary to forget also about pasta, grain and rice dishes, potatoes and alcohol. About sugar exception, I think, you should not speak, it is the most furious carbohydrate in diet of each person.

Such diets can minimize risk of diseases of cardiovascular system, and also give fast loss of weight. But there are some "minuses": it is worth choosing such diets to quite healthy people who have no problems with liver, kidneys and stomach. Anyway it is desirable to consult with the dietitian, risk to worsen health it is very high.

For many effective diets are monodiets. It also is clear, loss of kilograms happens very quickly, and it very much pleases representatives of fine half of the globe. To choose product for monodiet very simply, the main rules is low caloric content and easy portability of product. Have special popularity of monodiet in the flying and in early autumn when the table bursts with abundance of useful vegetables and fruit – sources of vitamins and great mood.

Tasty monodiets, such as water-melon or cucumber are very easily transferred, but there are also shortcomings of such food: it is strong blow to organism and risk of receiving the dumped kilograms back with considerable additional weight. Not palatable perspective so and it is necessary to leave such diets intelligently.

Wide popularity was found also by proteinaceous diets which agitate to lean on proteinaceous food, reducing at the same time consumption of carbohydrates. Having sorted all pluses and minuses of such diets it is very simple to understand, you suit them or not.

Pluses: diets with the high content of protein are easily transferred and the feeling of hunger does not torment at all. At this menu it is possible to diversify very much, it will not be boring and prompt loss of weight will amuse. Having eaten tasty piece of meat for lunch, you will be full and happy.

Minuses will afflict those who very much love sweet, on proteinaceous diet the choice only one: either figure or sweets. Also the general will follow deteriorations in health that will be connected with imbalance of diet, vitamins and microelements will not come to organism, fruit and vegetables can be eaten in small quantities not to counterbalance squirrel with carbohydrates. Problems with cholesterol level are possible.

Surprise also fatty diets for weight loss which successfully exist for many years and sometimes they very much are even effective. But address them seldom, the attitude towards those often skeptical.

Any diets and dietary food cause trust in people, everyone wishes to believe that they at last will take desirable shape, the tightened tummy and will see arrow of scales on desirable mark. But many sacredly trust in some myths about diets which cast mass media and fashionable magazines for which popularity occasionally is more important than reliability of information.

Not to be deceived and to have excellent health study the main myths about diets that your process of weight loss was pleasant and without further complications.

9 main myths about diets

9 основных мифов о диетах
The less often you eat, the quicker lose weight

Dietitians claim that food should be eaten more often, but portions have to be small. If you eat seldom, then between meals will have strong feeling of hunger. And as a result of at one time food you will eat much more, than usually.

порции должны быть маленькими
It is impossible to use fats

Without harm for health it is only possible to limit the content of fats in diet because some irreplaceable acids contain only in fats.
ограничить содержание жиров в рационе
The most effective diet – the most rigid and strict

If you strictly limit the food allowance, your organism hard it transfers. The health as you receive less many useful substances worsens. Chronic diseases of digestive tract can become aggravated.
строго ограничиваете свой рацион питания
Complete starvation – fast result

Long ago it is proved that slow weight reduction is much more effective than fast. Besides, it is safe for organism.
медленное снижение веса
To eat only vegetables and fruit – pier, tasty and it is useful

Such diets are based on the low caloric content of fruit and vegetables. But this way of weight loss does not suit people 40 years, and also having gastritises, chronic ulcers, gastroenteritis, diseases of kidneys and liver are more senior.
низкая калорийность фруктов и овощей
The diet is longer, the it is more effective

Not for nothing the majority of diets is expected certain period, gradually the organism will get used to your food allowance and will begin to lay fats "in store".
большинство диет рассчитано на определенный промежуток времени
The diet, effective for your girlfriend Masha, will help also you

The diet has to be strictly individual, taking into account features of your physiology.
диета должна быть строго индивидуальной
"Fast diets" - the most effective

Such diets help to grow thin quickly, but weight returns then also quickly, and becomes even more, than to diet.
диеты помогают быстро похудеть MYTH:
Let's not stop, we will not find the best diet yet

You will bring yourself to such state that then you will not be able to recover normal metabolism.

Choose diets correctly, you do not aim to receive everything and at once – so does not happen. Loss of weight is gradual, easy physical activities and walks in the fresh air will make of you the beauty, the main thing to trust in the forces and to be optimistically adjusted!