Diets are unloading

Fasting days for weight loss

To yours the most popular fasting days for weight loss are presented, it is necessary to choose suitable option and to safely apply it.

Unloading 3-day diet

Quickly to dump couple of kilograms before important event.

4-day unloading diet

The four-day diet provides fast loss of weight – in short time you will manage to dump some excess of weight (2-3 kg).

Unloading week

This system of weight loss is expected 7 days, each of which will differ from previous and will include new products in food allowance. During this time you can grow thin from 5 to 9 kilograms.

Fasting days against diet

At some diseases against the corresponding diet periodically to 1-2 days to the patient appoint fasting day. Such switching of food exerts positive impact on metabolism and course of disease.

Proteinaceous fasting day

Proteinaceous fasting days are pleasant that you should not hunger as you will eat every 4-5 hours.

Water-melon diet

The water-melon perfectly clears organism of zashlakovannost, promotes improvement of thermal control of organism, and also helps to recover metabolism, in a word water-melon diet is that it is necessary for you if you wish to grow thin.

Cabbage diet

The cabbage is very low-calorie product which at the same time contains the majority of vitamins necessary for organism, minerals and the vegetable cellulose (stimulating intestines) therefore different cabbage diets are considered highly effective in fight against excess weight.

Milk diet

If to use milk for fasting days, then the effect will be fine: milk has easy diuretic effect and at you all hypostases will descend, together with excess liquid you will get rid of toxins and slags (the products of metabolism which have accumulated in organism). The dumped load will allow your metabolism to earn more actively, as will promote dumping of weight.