Milk diets

Milk diet

If to use milk for fasting days, then the effect will be fine: milk has easy diuretic effect and at you all hypostases will descend, together with excess liquid you will get rid of toxins and slags (the products of metabolism which have accumulated in organism). The dumped load will allow your metabolism to earn more actively, as will promote dumping of weight.

Kefiric diet

The diet purpose as much as possible to reduce the caloric content of the consumed products. Sugar, bread, pastries, potatoes are completely excluded. Not less than a half of fats in diet have to be vegetable. Meat and fish — low-fat, milk and dairy products — fat-free. The fruit and vegetables which are not containing starch can be eaten in unlimited number.

Cottage cheese diet

One of the most useful diets and them by right it is possible to call cottage cheese diets rescue for those who dreamed of slim figure long ago.

Cottage cheese very often is one of the main components of many diets and it with an ulterior motive, cottage cheese contains very impressive amount of the useful substances necessary for organism so during tvorogosoderzhashchy diet your organism will not lack for useful elements.