Diets are medical

Menu of medical diets

We provide the menu of the medical diets applied in sanatoria, and also recipes of several dietary dishes.

Diet from spots

The correct diet from spots will help to recover work of sebaceous glands and to clean pores. However it is necessary to begin fight against eels it is comprehended. Cleaning of intestines will become preparatory stage upon transition to healthy and healthy food. Thanks to modern technologies and ways of production of medicines, it is quite possible to do without wearisome procedures of cleaning of digestive tract today.

Diet at gastritis

Today in drugstores a lot of the most various medicines by means of which it is seemingly possible to get rid of such unpleasant disease as gastritis are offered. Actually all tablets and syrups are only capable to clean some symptoms – swelling, heartburn, stomach pain. But forever it is possible to eliminate inflammation of mucous membrane only if to follow rules of food and to adhere to certain diet. Gastritis – illness which means change of culture and habits of food, and also way of life in general.

Diet at pancreatitis

The diet at pancreatitis per se begins not earlier, than from the fourth day (only complete starvation before). Food needs to be eaten in the small portions of 5-6 times a day, having excluded having a snack in intervals between the main receptions. Diet essence – refusal of all products strengthening kislotoobrazovaniye in stomach and provoking active work of enzymes of pancreas.

Diet at gout

Most often treatment of gout assumes which includes minimum of proteins, due to restriction of the use of fish, bean and meat products. During observance of this diet, animal protein has to make half from total quantity of proteins. Also, it is necessary to reduce considerably the use of refractory fats, that is culinary, pork, beef and mutton as they considerably slow down release of uric acid kidneys. The use melted and butter is recommended.

Diet for health and clarification of liver

First of all, it is necessary to avoid products which negatively influence this body. As seldom as possible use smoked, spicy, greasy, marinated food - it is the main enemies of liver. Do not use products which have undergone processing - sterilization, pasteurizations, and the containing dyes, preservatives.

Dietotherapy at diseases of nervous system

Do not forget, nervous cages are not recovered and diseases of nervous system will very hard respond to treatment. Therefore take care also the nervous system. Eat properly and good luck.

Medical foods at disease of diabetes

First of all, at disease of diabetes it is desirable to limit considerably the use of all carbohydrates which are easily acquired, such as: sugar, jam, jams, honey, fancy bread, candies and other sweets, sweet products and fruit and berries.

Diet during pregnancy

During pregnancy it is necessary to pay special attention to food. Not only the safe course of pregnancy, but also health of her future kid depends on diet of the pregnant woman. At the normal course of pregnancy it is necessary to eat food 4 - 5 times a day, better at the same time.

Water diet

The water diet is based not on any sverestestvenny doses, and on simple and long ago the known calculations. In day it is worth drinking about 1/20 weights. The approximate norm of water diet is 2,5 – 3 liters of water a day. And if you actively play sports or outside there is hot summer, then the amount of liquid can increase slightly.

Fractional food

Fractional food is the special mode of meal at which there is crushing of daily diet on small portions. Fractional food means very frequent meals – usually at least in 3 hours. Anyway, the interval between meals should not exceed 4-4,5 hours.

Medical diet No. 0

The diet is appointed in the first days after stomach and intestines operation; and also at semiconscious state (violation of brain blood circulation, craniocereberal injuries, feverish diseases).

Medical diet No. 1

- stomach ulcer of stomach and duodenum during recovery after sharp aggravation and at unsharp aggravation;
- unsharp exacerbation of chronic gastritis with the kept or increased secretion;
- sharp gastritis during recovery.

Medical diet No. 1b

Indications to appointment and the purpose of purpose of diet same, as well as for the DIET 1a. General characteristic of diet 1b the same, as for diet 1a. But add to the products specified in the characteristic of diet 1a: crackers from white loaf, dry biscuit, cottage cheese from milk kitchen in the wiped look, increase quantity of meat and fish steam dishes.

Medical diet No. 2

Chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency at unsharp aggravation and in recovery stage after aggravation; sharp gastritises, enterita, colitis during recovery as transition to balanced diet; chronic enterita and colitis after and out of aggravation without associated diseases of liver, bilious ways, pancreas or gastritis with the kept or increased secretion.

Medical diet No. 4

- chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency at unsharp aggravation and in recovery stage after aggravation;
- sharp gastritises, enterita, colitis during recovery as transition to balanced diet;
- chronic enterita and colitis after and out of aggravation without associated diseases of liver, bilious ways, pancreas or gastritis with the kept or increased secretion.

Medical diet No. 4b

Sharp diseases of intestines during improvement; chronic diseases of intestines after sharp aggravation or at unsharp aggravation, and also at combination to defeat of other digestive organs.

Medical diet No. 5

Acute hepatitises and cholecystitises in recovery stage; chronic hepatitis out of aggravation; cirrhosis without its insufficiency; chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis out of aggravation (in all cases - without the expressed diseases of stomach and intestines).

Medical diet No. 5a


  • Sharp cholecystitis or aggravation of chronic
  • Sharp pancreatitis or aggravation of process, chronic at zatikhaniye
  • Chronic cholecystitis in the presence of stomach ulcer, gastritis or colitis
  • First days of illness of Botkin
  • For the 5-6th day after operation on the bilious ways

Medical diet No. 6

Sharp diseases and sharp exacerbation of chronic diseases of intestines with strong ponosa. At gout, pochechnokamenny illness with otkhozhdeniye of the stones consisting mainly of urates.

Medical diet No. 7

Sharp nephrite during recovery. Chronic nephrite with a little expressed changes in urine draft. Hypertensive illness and other cases when the electrolyte-deficient diet is necessary. Nephropathy of pregnant women.

Medical diet No. 7a

Sharp glomeralonefrit in severe form with the phenomena of renal failure after fasting days and average weight with insufficiency of kidneys from the first days of illness, chronic glomeralonefrit at sharply expressed renal failure.

Medical diet No. 7b

Sharp nephrite after diet No. 7a. Exacerbation of chronic nephrite with hypostases, the increased arterial pressure, but with the kept function of kidneys.

Medical diet No. 8

At obesity it is appointed at the alimentary obesity arising owing to systematic overeating and metabolic disorder. Purpose of this diet: decrease in body weight, recovery of the broken lipidic exchange and water and electrolytic balance.

Medical diet No. 9

Acute hepatitises and cholecystitises, exacerbation of chronic hepatitises, cholecystitises and cholelithiasis, cirrhosis with moderately expressed its insufficiency, chronic hepatitis or cholecystitis in combination with stomach ulcer, the expressed gastritis, enterokolity from ponosa.

Medical diet No. 10

Diseases of cardiovascular system in stage of compensation or at unsharply expressed insufficiency of blood circulation (I-II And degree).

Medical diet No. 10a


  • Heart troubles in stage of insufficiency of blood circulation of II and II-III degrees.
  • Hypertensive illness with insufficiency of blood circulation or violation of brain blood circulation.
  • Myocardial infarction during the sharp and subacute period.

Medical diet No. 10s


  • Atherosclerosis of arteries with preferential defeat of vessels of heart, brain or other bodies.
  • Myocardial infarction in scarring stage.
  • Hypertensive illness.

Medical diet No. 11

Tuberculosis of lungs, bones, lymph nodes at aggravation zatikhaniye; lowering of the general food and reactivity of organism in the period of reconvalescence after infectious diseases, injuries and operations; anemia. In the specified cases it is used in the absence of diseases of gastrointestinal tract.

Medical diet No. 13

Acute infectious diseases, including quinsy. After operations on soft fabrics, bones. After operations of thyroid gland.

Medical diet No. 14

Urolithic illness with alkaline reaction of urine and loss of deposit of phosphorus-calcium salts (fosfaturiya).

Medical diet No. 15

It is shown at the different diseases which are not demanding special medical diets and without violations of condition of gastrointestinal tract; transition of diets to usual food during recovery and after use of medical diets.

Diet without salt

Doctors appoint low-salt diet to people who have obesity. Daily the human body at such diet has to receive: 130 gr. proteins, 90 gr. fats, 120 gr. carbohydrates.

Honey water for exile of parasites

Digestion is normalized, immunity Increases, blockages in intestines Are digested, fecal masses is dissolved, there is cleaning of all organism at the cellular level, work of thick gut Is normalized...

Milk diet

If to use milk for fasting days, then the effect will be fine: milk has easy diuretic effect and at you all hypostases will descend, together with excess liquid you will get rid of toxins and slags (the products of metabolism which have accumulated in organism). The dumped load will allow your metabolism to earn more actively, as will promote dumping of weight.