Diets and councils for weight loss LYUBITELPM SLADKOGO

диеты и советы для похудения ЛЮБИТЕЛпМ СЛАДКОГО

Among the people suffering from excessive weight, nutritionists have allocated separate category for a long time – sweet teeth. These people dream to get rid of excess weight, but all diets go ashes because of innocent weakness. They are ready to refuse from fat, salty and sharp in favor of sweets.

The love to sugar and sweet on the force is comparable with alcoholic, tobacco or drug addiction. Difference only that the love to sweet does not cause such social censure. Only excess weight which is consequence causes censure and gossips.

For such people there are special councils for weight loss, even separate diets exist! However in everything there has to be measure, and it should be taken into account that it will not turn out to sit on one barmy cakes and to absorb in tons baklava. Sweet harms figure, but also too you should not forget about useful properties of sweets! There are sweets which are very useful, do not force down diet cycle, and even promote weight loss, improve state of health.

In this case, case with sugar and carbohydrate dependence, tendency not only to the traditional diseases connected with excess weight is distinguished but also the mass of others is added. Among them: diabetes and other diseases of pancreas, caries and deterioration in health of teeth generally, dysbacteriosis, vitamin exhaustion, peeling of skin and many other things.

Loving the diet best of all works then when on it you are all the remained life. Diets are created to reconstruct metabolism at human desire, and if not to understand it, then the lost kilograms will not keep themselves waiting long and will return again. For this reason first of all it would be necessary to exclude or replace one products with others.

As for the diets developed especially for sweet teeth, they, as well as any other, have the contraindications. Among them: diseases of inflammatory character, rash, peeling, itch of face skin and body. In this case it is the best of all to stop the choice on fruit and vegetables.

Coffee and tea

Try as it is possible to force out stronger useless and even harmful sugar from the diet, in tea it can be replaced with honey. By the number of kcal it is almost equal with sugar, but wins that in it there is large amount of iron, magnesium and manganese, and also that honey is irreplaceable in fight against colds.

Cookies and candies

It is possible to achieve very big results in weight loss if to replace candies and cookies with fruit and dried fruits.

It is possible to continue to use fruit jelly because it is rather low-calorie, and it is very useful to work of digestive tract, brings toxins and cholesterol out of organism, strengthens hair and improves condition of skin.

It is also possible to leave zephyr in the diet because it increases immunity and is less caloric, than dried fruits though is also the real treasure of proteins, phosphorus and iron.

From sweet it is possible to leave popcorn and fruit candy.

By the way, especially it is not recommended to lean on dried fruits, in day no more than 100 grams because due to high concentration of minerals and other substances useful to organism, their caloric content sharply increases are recommended.

Now in more detail about diets

Диета от Рейчел и Ричарда Хеллер First of all about emergence of sugar dependence, primary sources, and about the basic principle of work of diets for sweet teeth.

To fight against excess weight, it is necessary to understand the prime cause. If not to make it, then productivity of all and each of attempts to grow thin will be reduced to zero.

If to consider love to sweet from the parties of physical and mental dependence, then it is necessary to know that carbohydrates are very quickly soaked up and split. Exactly thanks to the speed, the high dose of insulin which extends glucose on all organism is thrown out blood. This process also causes feeling of pleasure in organism and human mentality.

And to rejoice really early because the organism receives necessary glucose much, and just does not know as as with it to do.

This IZBYTOCHNAP glucose in huge doses comes to hypodermic and fatty cellulose.

Besides, insulin also stimulates mad appetite and leaves feeling of hunger even after food, i.e. stimulates appetite for the following meal. For example, if the lunch consisted of continuous carbohydrates, then it is no wonder that the dinner will be more generous. However, if for dinner not to receive carbohydrates (for example is only proteinaceous food - meat and fish), then hunger will have an effect on very fast time again.

The only exit though to get rid a little of this dependence – to be more resistant in the desires. For breakfast and lunch to refuse flatly inclusion in food of sweet. For dinner it is already possible to prepare for itself anything. However in dinner there are several strong minuses too. The food is processed not with that heat any more that during breakfast or lunch. But, if to refuse sweet and other carbohydrates in the first half of day and during lunch, then in the evening the feeling of hunger will strongly not disturb any person. Even completely dependent on sugar. It is not just council or temporary diet, this golden rule of uglevodogolik, under this mode reconstruct organism once and for all.

As if terribly these words sounded, but very quickly you get used to this rule, in two weeks people is dumbfounded think as they could eat in kilograms chocolate. The main thing not to violate the rule because risk to get again to sugar dependence it is very big.

Diet from Rachelle and Richard Heller

Диета от Рейчел и Ричарда Хеллер The diet is constructed so that on it it is really possible to sit until the end of the days and not to feel strong discomfort. The minimum term of diet to achieve result – 14 days. In this diet there is no menu for every day, there are some mild instructions:

To make the food less chaotic, to eat three times a day according to the schedule. Meals have to be fuller because between them is it is forbidden. If it was not succeeded to appease hunger after meal, it is possible to drink boiled or mineral water, but it is strictly forbidden to eat!

The breakfast is considered the main source of energy for the whole day and therefore, for breakfast it is possible to afford all anything, sweets including. The menu of lunch and dinner has to be as less as possible fat, spicy, caloric. For example: fish, cottage cheese, kefir, cabbage and other vegetables, fast meat, etc.

Sweet teeth in essence people very kind, darling,s but weak. To them own approach is necessary. When the person keeps to diet he has stress. Internal stress in connection with unsatisfied primitive desires of food, and mad hunger, because that the favourite and usual food became unavailable, it was succeeded by strict restrictions. All this is followed by complexes concerning the appearance.

The diet Heller has considered this awful psychological pressure, and has whenever possible weakened it. The breakfast becomes rescue, on its background boring lunch and dinner fade. Over time, the person is reconstructed and gets used to such daily routine. On the first two weeks it is quite real to lose from five to ten kilograms. After the first two weeks weight will not be lost so promptly (1-2 kg a week) until the end result is finalized.

Three-day sweet diet

Трехдневная сладкая диета This fast diet is expected business, busy and mobile people. For the term it will help to burn order 3 kg. But you should not be fond too strongly of it and to eat too much to entrance and after exit from diet. In this case, the lost kilograms will not keep themselves waiting, and will very quickly return.

Its principle consists that it is not necessary to limit itself in kilocalories, minerals, vitamins and nutrients, it is worth refraining only from excessive fats and harmful carbohydrates. Below the menu is provided.

First day:

The breakfast in comparison with diet Heller is rather avaricious, it consists of cup of green tea and fruit salad. It is possible to add to tea honey, but not sugar, and lemon. Fruit in salad can be the most various, fill with any low-calorie syrup. Salad also has no certain weight category, but you should not abuse permitted too. After meal there has to be easy feeling of hunger.

The lunch, as well as any, business lunch consists of two sandwiches (rye bread and low-calorie stuffing, for example: cheese with low interest of fat content or vegetables) and green tea with honey.

Dinner: chicken broth and same fruit salad. It is possible to add a few dried fruits to it, the keyword is "a little" because at the expense of the high content of vitamins and useful minerals dried fruits are several times more caloric, than fresh.

Second day:

For breakfast - green tea with honey and lemon and egg flip from quail eggs. On four eggs one teaspoon of sugar. Quail eggs it is several times more useful chicken, they improve memory, and enrich organism with useful substances.

It will be possible to bring to lunch to itself easy indulgence and to taste a little (no more than 150 g) low-calorie ice cream. Low-fat milk without any additives or fruit ice. Except it, for lunch any vegetable salad filled with sour cream is put.

The same vegetables are recommended also for dinner, but only in boiled look, together with small amount of dates, piece of rye bread and glass of kefir.

Third day:

For breakfast green tea (with lemon and honey) and porridge with raisin which can be sweetened with honey teaspoon too.

For lunch cottage cheese with jam teaspoon (it is no more than 150 g) and big apple.

The dinner consists from: boiled fish (150 g) and vegetable lemon juice salad. It is possible to sweeten existence in the last day with milkshake, having mixed skim milk with two channy spoons of favourite jam.

Diet on outcome, but if there is desire to consolidate result, then it is necessary to leave it very accurately.

Day of ice cream

День мороженого Fans of ice cream were very lucky because nutritionists recommend to ustaivat in the flying DAY MOROZHENNY! But no more than two weekly.

One day on ice cream allows to lose about a kilogram!

It is caused by the fact that calcium well influences not only hair and nails, but also assimilation of fats therefore it is possible to call safely ice cream cornerstone for any diet. Morozhennoye shall be as less as possible caloric, and without any additives. Fruit ice is ideal. Such weight loss is not recommended to people who are inclined to throat diseases.

Each of us it is deep in soul the child, and at many stressful work. And all of us in risk group of carbohydrate dependence, you should not humiliate and laugh at really unfortunate people. They find the happiness in powerful antidepressant, thereby showing "I to themselves the psychologist". Even this independence causes accidental admiration.