диеты для быстрого похудения

The exhausting fight against excess weight was always ordeal. What the well-known statement about magic figure 6 – it as barrier between desires of stomach and reflection of extra kilos in mirror only is on guard duty. And there are still favourite series and movies in the evening – these television projects will precisely provide several jogs to the refrigerator and back. Most of representatives of Extra kilos Association cannot independently refuse membership.

Meanwhile, there are various ways and methods thanks to which it is possible to provide weight loss.

Recently popularity was gained by so-called "fast diets". This name by the fact that they are expected fast weight loss is caused. There are even such diets which can give positive effect of all for two-three of days. Naturally, it is not necessary to expect that you will lose big weight, however if you are faced by task to dump several kilogram quickly, then it can quite achieve.

Other important factor characteristic of "fast diets" is that they will allow to keep the lost weight only if you adhere to certain mode further. That is, having made the decision to return to traditional food: rich with calories, fats, you will quickly get that weight which managed with such work to be dumped before.

And still.... it is strictly contraindicated to apply "fast diets" longer than that time period which they are expected. Then your organism will very quickly adapt to insufficient intake of much-needed nutrients and will gradually switch to economy mode, filling up the available fatty deposits even from those remains which feed organism. The reflex instinct which has been put by long fight of the person for survival, expressed in principle works: "heavy time of hunger strike therefore it is necessary to prepare for it to the maximum begins". And weight all the same will gradually grow, even despite of the fact that the person eats already less food.

Today there is a lot of "Fast diets". They are called differently: beginning on behalf of their creator and finishing with name of the actor who has published it, convincing the public that it has incredibly helped it. Each type of "fast diet", time it takes place to be, makes certain impact on human body. But it is necessary to consider as well the fact that incorrectly picked up diet can negatively be reflected in human body.

In total "fast diets" can be divided into three big groups: proteinaceous, low-carbohydrate and monodiets. These types of diets can be considered the most popular.

Proteinaceous diets

белковые диеты The main principle of "fast diet" of this kind is practical full refusal of carbohydrates and transition to proteinaceous food.

There are different interpretations of this diet, but most often wishing to grow thin quickly on this diet recommend to eat during the day low-fat meat, eggs, low-fat fish, skim cheese, kefir. It is necessary to drink unsweetened coffee, mineral water, green tea. In order that the organism ate vitamins, it is allowed to include in food allowance and grapefruit.

The proteinaceous diet is rather effective, because of shortage of carbohydrates the organism gets necessary energy from protein. It is impossible to observe such diet more than five days, otherwise the organism will test weakness: there can be dizziness, general malaise, loss of concentration of attention, energy is necessary as well for brain.

Low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diets

Similar diets for fast weight loss are more various according to the contents. In addition to restriction of volume of caloric content any meal has to be in very small doses. Most often include the following products in daily food allowance:

- green tea
- unsweetened coffee
- crouton
- orange
- grapefruit
- egg
- fish
- boiled meat
- vegetables
- kefir
- unsweetened fruit

It is necessary to exclude all salty, fried, milk. Similar "fast diets" are expected one or two weeks and help to lose to seven kilograms at once.


Within so-called monodiets it is necessary to eat only one product throughout the entire period of diet. It is allowed also is on one product for every day for several days.

Traditionally for strict monodiets use such products as kefir, apples, rice, buckwheat. However, lack of such diet is the psychological aspect. In particular, it is psychologically difficult to perceive the same food and organism for several days counteracts such reception.

The principle is based only on strong lowering of caloric content of daily diet and exception of fats. The organism will suffer also acute shortage of vitamins and microelements, therefore only three days are admissible to apply monodiets literally.

Shortcomings of "fast diet"

"Fast diets" have negative sides.

- Weight reduction results from application of "fast diets", first of all, because water is removed from organism. Besides, loss of muscle bulk can be noticed. As for combustion of fats, it takes place in the last turn.

- Deficit of some substances, microelements and vitamins can provoke emergence of side effects. In particular, the lack of carbohydrates affects essentially the general health and work of brain. Together with the removed water, in organism the level of potassium and calcium - much-needed components for teeth, muscles, hair and bones decreases. Because during observance of "fast diets" not enough fat gets to organism, fat-soluble vitamins are not acquired properly.

- The weight lost in in the period of "fast diet" quickly enough returns, the organism tired of such stress begins to reserve mechanically fat if such situation to repeat further.

To minimize all risks connected with use of this or that type of "fast diet" it is necessary to accept mineral complexes and vitamins, not to reduce the general indicators of caloric content below one thousand calories a day, not to keep to "fast diet" longer than that term for which it is ordered. Moreover, not to gain again lost weight, it is necessary to complete diet correctly: in all cases it is forbidden to increase sharply amount of the consumed carbohydrates and fats, and ideally it has to be followed by physical activity.

And now we will consider some recipes of "fast diets":

Jockey diet

Such type of diet is applied if you need urgent weight loss. The effect can be strengthened by massage and sauna.

First day of diet

One baked chicken divided into three parts.

Second day

It is necessary to eat 300 grams of the veal fried on lattice. At preparation, the piece of meat should be divided into 3 parts. To try to choose meat without fat.

Third day of diet

Drink from three to five cups of black strong coffee.

Fish diet

рыбная диета The fish diet is kept two-three of days and practically guarantees weight reduction on 3 kilograms.

It is necessary to accept in food five times a day 100 grams of the boiled unsalted fish seasoned with vegetable garnish (cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes).

By breakfast and lunch it is possible to drink tea without sugar, broth of dogrose or coffee with lemon.

Three-day "fast diet"

This diet for fast weight loss is expected three days after which four days usual (without overeating) food will follow. The diet, is how convenient, is so and easily transferred. Also the psychological aspect is important, understanding that after three days of scanty food four days of normal food will follow allows it easier to sustain. As it was noted above, it is important and to eat within four days properly, to hold itself "in hand" that all that you have endured has not been deprived of sense.

1st day of diet:

For breakfast:

tea without sugar or black coffee, one slice of bread
2 tablespoons of jam or peanut paste

2nd breakfast

half of grapefruit


half banks of tuna in oil
one piece of bread
4 radish

For lunch it is necessary to accept

100 grams of chicken without fat and skin
one glass of green boiled beans
one glass of boiled beet
one crispbread

Chicken should be cut, added one teaspoon of soy sauce and to fry quickly on teflon dry frying pan.

Just before dream it is necessary to eat one small apple.

2nd day dienes

For breakfast:

tea without sugar or black coffee
one egg
one piece of bread

Second breakfast:

one banana


one glass of granular skim cheese
four radish
five crackers

For lunch:

two sausages
glass boiled broccoli
half of glass of carrot
one slice of crispbread

As option, it is possible to change broccoli for portion of dietary borsch.

Before going to bed drink tea, eat two prunes.

3rd day of diet

For breakfast:

tea without sugar or black coffee
five crackers
one piece of cheese

Second breakfast:

one small apple


one boiled egg
four radish
bread piece


half of glass of tuna
glass of boiled beet
one glass of cauliflower
crispbread slice

As the additional option can be replaced tuna with chicken with a gross weight of 200 grams (in the raw).

Just before dream it is possible to eat either small apple, or half of small melon.

Despite the fact that this diet low-calorie (about 900 calories a day) at the expense of that products are balanced, is transferred by organism rather easily. And if you still accept in parallel vitamin complex and minerals, then everything will be even simpler. Such diet can be repeated many times in a row until you do not achieve desirable results. During this diet it is necessary to drink relatively much - to 8 glasses of water a day.

Four-day diet

First day of diet:

for breakfast:

one orange with two hard-boiled eggs
one cup of strong black coffee

The lunch consists of eight chernoslivin which have been previously wetted in water.

For dinner to eat one egg and one orange.

Second day of diet:

for breakfast:

one cup of coffee with piece of low-fat cheese

For lunch one egg and one orange follows.

The dinner has to consist of one pear and one glass of milk.

Third day of diet:

For breakfast drink glass or two teas

For lunch it is necessary to eat one tomato one cucumber and small piece of cheese.

The dinner will consist of usual glass of milk.

Fourth day of diet:

For breakfast eat muesli in milk or juice.

For lunch it is enough to eat one tomato and one cucumber.

The dinner will consist of two oranges. Instead of orange it is possible to eat grapefruit.

And here example of diet of doctor Herman Tarnover from Skarsdeyl

Tarnover's diet is in great demand and brings results in fight against extra kilos, but, unfortunately, can sometimes bring also problems with health. Duration of diet of 14 days, it is possible to repeat diet again only in 14 days.

The main recommendations for the best effect are listed below:

- Full refusal of digestible sugars;
- Restriction use of carbohydrates;
- Grapefruit – obligatory element in daily diet;
- Use of large amount of proteins;
- The use is a lot of liquid: teas, coffee, compotes, grass infusions.

The menu of so-called skarsdeylsky diet have included the following products:

- Grapefruit;
- Low-fat meat products;
- The fat-free dairy products;
- pyets;
- Not starchy vegetables;
- Drinks without sugar;
- Croutons from grain bread.

For simplicity of observance of diet, we will provide to you the approximate menu for one day:

- Breakfast: bread piece, half of grapefruit and tea without sugar;
- Lunch: crouton, skim cheese, 2 boiled eggs, boiled haricot and tea without sugar;
- Dinner: chicken without thin skin, paprika, tea without sugar.

As well as any other fast diet for weight loss, skarsdeylsky diet of doctor Tarnover comprises both pluses, and minuses. Let's consider in more detail. диеты для быстрого похудения

Pluses of skarsdeylsky diet are:

- Extra kilos quickly leave that is important in need of fast weight loss;
- There is no feeling of hunger;
- Easy portability of diet.

And here minuses of diet of doctor Tarnover are as follows:

- Strict food which not everyone can sustain;
- Small contents in diet of carbohydrates and vegetable food that can break work of stomach and intestines;
- Can bring problems with health.

Choosing these or those effective diets for fast weight loss, accurately observe it and you do not go beyond the designated framework if you want to keep health in the future.