Diets for weight set

Approximate diet for growth of muscle bulk

Still popular belief on the fact that simple increase in the quantity eaten provokes also increase in muscle bulk. However incorrectly picked up diet during trainings can be harmful to organism.

Sports food for weight set

Sports food is the balanced and concentrated complex consisting only of natural substances. In other words are additives which integrate merits and components of food, usual for us.

How to gain missing body weight

The main thing – to observe moderation both in food, and in power trainings. The basic rule of set of weight at the expense of muscular component is observance of medical norms of set of weight which define safe set of body weight from 0,5 to 0,7 kg a week. Everything that goes beyond this norm will be either fat, or water.

Food for weight set

Basis of any muscle bulk is protein, more precisely proteinaceous molecule. Increase in quantity and the sizes of proteinaceous molecules in your muscles also gives us our treasured increase in muscle bulk. In other words, to grow up own muscular tissue, the person should use "others" protein - animal and vegetable.

Daily menu of set of weight