Dietotherapy at diseases of nervous system

диетотерапия при заболеваниях нервной системы

Diseases of nervous system share on:

- diseases of peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, sciatica, neuritis);

- diseases of the central nervous system (the encephalomeningitis, arakhnoidit, poliomyelitis, brain concussion);

- pathology of vessels of brain (atherosclerosis, encephalopathy hypertensive and atherosclerotic, state after violation of brain blood circulation);

- functional and other diseases of nervous system (neurotic and asthenic states, vegeto-vascular dystonia);

- Reynaud I's illness and II stages, chronic current.

At diseases of vessels various food with restriction of extractive substances, exception of hot spices, alcohol which excite nervous system is recommended. Surely products and dishes, vitamin-rich groups B, ascorbic acid join.

The dietotherapy physiologically full contains normal amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, table salt, liquid. It is necessary to use different ways of culinary processing, for example, to fry meat and fish without breading after preliminary boiling. Extent of crushing of products does not matter. Food has to be 4-5 times a day.

Join in diet of the patient: bread wheat and rye, pies, cheese cakes, biscuit. Soups, borsches on vegetable broth with different grain and vegetables. Low-fat grades of meat and fish are allowed boiled, baked and even fried without breading.

Vegetables are recommended in different dishes in the boiled, stewed, baked look (vegetable marrows, pumpkin, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beet, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet pepper). Kashi from different grain, macaroni boiled, in baked puddings, puddings. soft-boiled pyets, omelet natural. Any fruit and berries crude and after thermal treatment. Fruit and vegetable juice. Milk and cottage cheese, kefir and curdled milk.

For improvement of taste fennel, parsley, vanilla, bay leaf are used. Sometimes boiled sausage, not strong cheese, low-fat ham. Rather weak tea, dogrose broth, barmy drink. Oil creamy and vegetable.

To exclude: strong meat and fish broths, strong tea and coffee, chocolate, cocoa, fat grades of meat, liver, kidneys, brains, radish, onions, garlic, bitter pepper, mustard, horse-radish.

At atherosclerosis of vessels of brain the diet is directed to normalization of exchange of cholesterol, permeability of walls and tone of vessels, normalization of arterial pressure. The diet which contains the increased amount of vitamins C, P, groups B, salts of potassium, magnesium, normal amount of proteins, fats, but limiting carbohydrates and table salt is recommended to such patients.

Patients have to eat 6 times a day. To include salt-free bread, low-fat grades of meat and fish, milk and dairy products, different vegetables and fruit except grapes in diet, grain, especially buckwheat and oat, fruit and vegetable juice, dogrose broth, weak tea, vegetable oil, butter it is limited.

Do not forget, nervous cages are not recovered and diseases of nervous system will very hard respond to treatment. Therefore take care also the nervous system. Eat properly and good luck.

Approximate one-day menu

1 breakfast: salad vegetable with vegetable oil without salt, omelet proteinaceous steam with meat without salt, baked, tea.

2 breakfast: apple is fresher.

Lunch: borsch vegetarian on vegetable oil without salt, beef Stroganoff of boiled meat without salt, potatoes boiled without salt, juice fruit.

Afternoon snack: dogrose broth, roll.

Dinner: fish boiled without salt, mashed potatoes without salt, apples pie, tea.

For the night: kefir.