The dietotherapy - science about food of the sick person is under construction on the basis of knowledge of physiology of digestion, food physiology, understanding of role of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral elements and waters, and also influences of ways of cooking on the course of pathological processes.

Food of the patient according to disease and character of course of disease is obligatory method of complex therapy. The dietotherapy in combination with other methods of treatment increases their efficiency. Feedstuffs exert impact on exchange processes, on vitamin balance of organism, on functions of separate bodies and systems, and also on some symptoms of illness. Food of the patient is based on the basis of food of the healthy person which has to correspond to age, work, climatic conditions and seasons.

The attending physician, appointing dietotherapy to the patient, charges to the nurse performance of diet. Therefore the sister has to be well familiar with dietotherapy bases, technology of preparation of dishes and the organization of medical foods in hospital.

The dietitian has supplied the information on role of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral elements and water in medical foods. The dietotherapy statement at diseases of internals, metabolism and other processes is given with short data on character of illness which are necessary for justification of influence of medical foods.

Material is stated in relation to the level of knowledge of the nurse.

The process engineer has stated bases of technology of cooking and the main methods of preparation of dishes - for medical foods, and also some questions of catering services in the conditions of hospital. All these data are necessary for the average medical personnel and cooks working in medical institutions.